Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Joe Will Save Us!

Busy day for me with work but things are getting spicy over Eastern Europe way. Trying to keep our vehicles full of gas plus a few extra cans around with spare gasoline just in case. Who knows what those idiots might do.

Maybe nothing happens, likely nothing happens but something might happen and ought to be enough for you to raise your personal DefCon up a notch. 


  1. I don't think they will let a crisis go to waste, but then again I thought Putin wouldn't go in. I think he caught alot of folks off guard by the way he did it. They’re already sounding the alarm about gas pump shock and cyber attacks on infrastructure. The trucker convoy could be an excellent time for Martial law. I hear AOC has got her rape whistle ready this time.

  2. Joe can't save us, he can't remember what he had for dinner last night.