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Jewish Control Of Mass Media And Entertainment Is A Myth

Just ask Whoopi Goldberg!

Oh gawd!
What we are seeing on display here is one of the most overt examples of something that happens all the time. A famous black person forgot her place in the pecking order. She forgot that blacks are tolerated in the entertainment world as long as they don’t get uppity. They didn’t build Hollywood and the mass media complex, and while they are allowed to get rich being amusing on TV and the silver screen, what they absolutely cannot do is forget who is in control. Whoopi received a lesson in that this week.
But what did she say? These are the hate words she dared utter on the sacred View.
Goldberg went viral on Monday when she argued that the Holocaust “isn’t about race,” stunning her colleagues at the table. 

“What is it about?” co-host Joy Behar asked. 

“It’s about man’s inhumanity to man, that’s what it’s about,” Goldberg said.  

“But it’s about a White supremacist going after Jews and Gypsies,” guest co-host Ana Navarro said as Goldberg attempted to speak over her. 

“But these are two White groups of people,” Goldberg said as her colleagues disagreed.

Jewish groups condemned the comments, accusing her of minimizing Jewish suffering.
Is what she said factually incorrect, other than saying that Jews are White? If you accept the general narrative of the Holocaust, it still isn’t. The concentration camps had lots of people in them, Jews and Gypsies, Catholics and homosexuals. The Nazi Generalplan Ost called for the eradication of Slavic people from Eastern Europe to create more room for German expansion. You might have noticed that Slavic people are White, very White in fact. Hitler wasn’t a “White supremacist”, he was a German supremacist. If you weren’t German, you had to go to make room for the German people. 
I don’t think Whoopi Goldberg could explain it like that or even know what I am talking about. I am sure she has never heard of the Holodomor and the 7-10 million Whites murdered by intentional starvation by the Bolsheviks a decade before the Holocaust. You can’t blame her, almost no one has heard of it just as they don’t know about the tens of millions of other people killed by the Soviets and the Chinese Communists in the 20th century. We are only allowed to talk about one genocide and then only in the exact terms that have been dictated to us.
You don’t have to be a “White supremacist!” or “Holocaust denier!” to ask why it is that this one historical event is off-limits for any sort of questioning or critical examination. The answer is plain and simple: the people who control what we are allowed to discuss and how we discuss it are also the same people that rely on the narrative of the Holocaust and “antisemitism” to deflect any and all questions when it comes to any Jew anywhere. 
It really is fascinating to see such a small group of people wielding such absolute control over their host nation. It is also infuriating but as a sociological experiment it is quite amazing. After being kicked out of country after country for being terrible guests because of antisemitism, Jews land here in America, are given the opportunity to thrive and did so in spades. Now in 2022 you can’t criticize Jews, you can’t notice Jews are overwhelmingly represented in many of the positions of power, you can’t mention that Jews control most of the media and you sure as shit can’t stray from the accepted narrative about their signature historical event, The Holocaust. 
This is something I talked about in a prior post, The Power Of The Persecution Myth For Minority Populations, that looked at how the Jews, Amish and Mormons have thrived in America. In that post I wrote:
Jews embody this better than the other two groups. While Mormons have their faith-affirming stories and lots of apocryphal anecdotal tales, the Jews have thousands of years of myths to lean on. From the Exodus to the Holocaust, their mythology reinforces their sense of otherness and persecution. Please note carefully, I am not saying the Holocaust didn’t happen, but simply pointing out that to so much as question an accepted detail of the events surrounding the Jews in World War II is to invite frothing-at-the-mouth fury and accusations of hating Jews and being anti-Semitic. Such is the power of the mythos of Jewish persecution. Not only do they not question it internally but they respond viciously if someone outside of their group questions it. For the Jews their entire existence as God’s Chosen People™ is replete with persecution. One group after another conquered them and then treated them poorly, from slavery in Egypt to the Roman destruction of the Temple and the resulting diaspora, to the Inquisition to Hitler. Even today in America 2021 when Jews are untouchable (except by blacks) there are entire organizations dedicated to sniffing out any whiff of “anti-Semitism” and using it to raise funds to pay for them to keep looking for Neo-Nazis under the couch cushions. 
There is no better example than one of their pet minstrels being slapped down for forgetting her place.
It is important to point out that Whoopi was only suspended for two weeks, so she will be right back on the air and no doubt will offer a tearful, groveling apology on her first episode back. She is being placed in the equivalent of a toddler’s “time-out”. This is right out of the playbook. She is going to be back on TV but first she must be ritually humiliated in public, a spectacle to warn others against stepping out of line. That is about the worst thing you can threaten the entertainment world egomaniac with, being made to look foolish and forced to grovel. Being a celebrity is cool because you feel better than everyone else but when you are forced to demonstrate that there are people better than you, it is humiliating. 
The ritual humiliation is the whole point. It really wasn’t about correcting Whoopi so much as it was about reminding everyone in the halls of power who is running the show and where they are on the grievance totem pole. There is only room for one group at the top. 
It isn’t “anti-Semitic” to notice the patterns and that one group seems to be both controlling a lot of our most powerful institutions and also that you are not permitted to criticize this or even notice it out loud. In fact, it is critical to understand. You can’t win a fight if you don’t understand who you are fighting.


  1. Anonymous

    I've loathed that racist hag for decades, doubly so after she defended dogfighting as a black cultural thing when evil Michael Vick got bitten back. But now that the initial surge of schadenfreude for the left eating its own has passed, I am rooting for this POS to stand her ground and NOT grovel.

    First of all, I have no issue with what she said, in all points other than insisting on joosh 'whiteness'. Far more important, though, her punishment is a direct attack on the 1st amendment. Although she is certainly a very unlikely candidate for defending anything that the right holds dear, I desperately want to see SOMEONE come out swinging for our God-given right to speak our minds.

    Maybe when all the cancelers get canceled there can be a return to sanity and we'll each be entitled to our own thoughts and opinions.


  2. Mike Wallens

    WG is a racist old hag that has said a lot of nasty stuff about white gentiles but it's this bit of truth telling that gets her in trouble. There is no doubt in the scientific community that Jews are not a separate race. How many times have we seen a liberal jew say "speaking for my fellow white people.." usually in regards to how we are all racist. I guess Jews are also engaging in the flight from white.

  3. McNasty

    Funny thing about the upcoming war in Ukraine, there was a blurb in the news the other day where some person from my countries gov was in Ukraine and was laying a wreath at the holdomor memorial. First time I've ever heard the media mention it.

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