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It Is A Vaxx Damnit, Not A Mass Poisoning!

Or is it? Big Country talks about the apparent spike in all sorts of medical problems in the young and generally fit ranks of the U.S. military….

It seems smart to force the people we train to be killers to get a “vaccination” that causes serious and permanent health problems. I am sure they won’t be pissed about that.


  1. Anonymous

    way back in 1976, I was with the 101st airborne, we where to get the swine flu shots like in 2 days or something- training plan, board whatever it was in the hallway. didn't happen. because I think 6 people die because of the shots. and the powers that be, said no. we need to check this shit out.
    I think they cared more for the troops back then compared to now. now is all about the money.
    I really think the people pushing this shit will get burned by it in the end.
    it will not be pretty to see too.
    on the other hand, the chinks HAVE NOT GIVEN THE VAX to their people, so maybe they coming over here to take over or something ? either way, the next few months and years will get sporty here soon.

  2. Anonymous

    The Chinese went full retard mark-of-the-beast with the jabs last year. You can't do much of anything over there without showing proof of vaccination.

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