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I Never Had Any Doubt

The keyword alert for “mass shooting” showed up yesterday morning with a story of five people shot, one fatally, at The Melody Hookah Lounge in Blacksburg, Virginia. 
A hookah bar you say? A mass shooting you say?
Who can it be now….
A day later the news has moved on quickly and little wonder why.
Here be Jamel…
He killed one Isiah Robinson, an 18 year old student at Patrick Henry High School. Here be Isiah…

There was apparently a private event, an “altercation” broke out and Jamel started shooting. I went to the Facebook page of the lounge and the first picture including people was this one:

Seeing the picture developing yet? I could have drawn it for you just from “mass shooting” and “hookah lounge” but still it always is a useful exercise to follow the evidence. I figure it out, record it and pass it on to the world. Few see it but those few get it. 

The same pattern keeps repeating over and over and the main commonality isn’t that the people involved are Republicans.

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  1. Anonymous

    Jeez, is EVERYTHING in their lives a comical farce? You can't make this shite up.

    Break it down, yo'…

    "Melody" Hookah Lounge. There ain't been no 'melody' in popular blaq music/culture since Luther Vandross stroked. Could such an establishment exist anywhere else but in 'Blacksburg'?

    Simian, neck-tatted Jamel Flint and the lounge itself being "near Virginia Tech" draws as much actual connection with academe as Critical Race Theory does to Quantum Physics.

    Recently deadified choirboy Isiah Robinson wearing a feetsball jersey proclaiming 'Patriots' hardly encourages comparisons to the fife and drum images of Revolutionary War lore. But if those aren't bulletholes in the sainted homelad's helmet in that photo, they sure oughta be, under the circumstances.

    Patrick Henry must be spinning like a top in his grave for any association with such creatures and their monkeyshines. I can just imagine the old boy shaking his head in disgust for his dishonored memory, muttering, "I risked my life and my liberty for THIS?!?"

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