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How Do They Live Like This?

A local news story caught my eye and once I got into it, honestly it baffled even a calloused heart cynic like me. Here is the headline:

I will give you the basic gist of the story.
– Three years ago an 18 year old named Demarcus Hale, Jr. was murdered in Fort Wayne.

– His mom, unnamed in the article but I found her name in his obituary as LaShawndra McDowell, apparently fled Fort Wayne due to “the mess” and threats against her.

– The father of Demarcus Hale, Jr., Demarcus Hale, Sr., was murdered at age 25 back in 2006.

– Demarcus had a slew of siblings with three different last names: Alesia McDowell, Isis Hale, Mar’Twain McDowell, Jayda Whitsett, Detreveon Hale and Avonte Hale
The obit pictures are about what you would expect from a black guy murdered at 18, some pictures of him as a little boy and then the obligatory adult photos of him flashing what I assume are gang signs. 

All in all a pretty standard tale of woe from the ghetto. Then it gets worse.
His mother, LaShawndra McDowell, came back to Fort Wayne at some point still under threat of violence, apparently from people somehow connected with the murder of her son. At a party to commemorate his murder, shortly before midnight, at least three masked gunmen walked into the house and shot LaShawndra McDowell to death, also striking two men who apparently will survive. 
Shooting an 18 year old guy, presumably because of gang affiliation or some personal slight he caused, is one thing but shooting his mom? At a party to commemorate his life? It sounds like she was targeted in the killing, this wasn’t random. Now the six remaining children are without a mother and at least the three who share his last name are also without their father who was murdered in 2006. 
The details from the story came from a family friend who had been at the party, Timika Bonner. Ms. Bonner also has a son who was murdered in Fort Wayne, De’Onta Bonner, in 2012. The story said that Demarcus Hale, Jr. had looked up to Mr. Bonner and it appears likely that he followed his role model into a life that led directly to his murder.
The local media thought it was newsworthy to add this line:
The witnesses at the party said the police were rude and insinuated that the partygoers knew the perpetrators.

“All you all here know who it was,” the police reportedly said.
That is almost certainly true, this wasn’t a random shooting so it is likely that the shooters were known. I can imagine the cops are frustrated as they often are when black people bitch about unsolved murders but their culture against “snitching” prevents them from identifying the shooters. Apparently cops can solve any murder without evidence or witnesses but they just don’t want to because of racism or something.
I don’t personally know anyone who has been murdered but here we have a party with at least two women in attendance who had sons murdered, and in the case of LaShawndra McDowell a baby daddy to four of her children who was also murdered. 
This is in Fort Wayne, Indiana for crying out loud. For the average White person in our region as long as you stay away from the Southeast of town, a warren of tightly packed urban streets where most of the blacks in town live and also not coincidentally where most of the violence occurs (Demarcus Hale, Jr., his mother LaShawndra McDowell, and De’Onta Bonner were all killed in the SE of Fort Wayne), this is a perfectly safe and pleasant city. Yet here we have the mother of a murdered son and the mother of four children with a murdered father who was in turn murdered. For what exactly? 
How can black people live like this? They have the power to do something about this but their steadfast refusal, encouraged by their “community leaders”, clergy and White leftists, to take any responsibility at all for their actions keeps the cycle of violence going. Prominent black voices who do speak out about personal responsibility are called Uncle Tom or mysteriously have their lives shattered by unprovable allegations against them. 
It is baffling to most people, especially those who still cling to the blank slate theory of humanity and refuse to recognize group racial traits. 150 years after the end of slavery and more than half a century after the end of Jim Crow and blacks in America are inarguably worse off than they have been for over 100 years.
What is worse, there is no solution. No amount of free government money or reparations or “representation” in movies about White people or any of the other myriad responses will fix this. We could write a check for a million bucks for every black man, woman and child in America and it wouldn’t diminish the violence, it would simply be a financial boon for the sellers of rims and tattoo parlors. 
Meanwhile more and more of the positions of power and authority in America are being held by the same people who are unable to control their passions and anger in their own neighborhood. This is accelerating the spiraling of violence we have seen over the last two years as cities set new records for murder and mass shootings take place by the hundreds while no one is allowed to point out the obvious: the violence is only happening in neighborhoods where blacks (and mestizos) are concentrated. For example:
The five cities in question are Camden, Jersey City, Newark, Paterson and Trenton. Camden is 38% black, 52% mestizo and only 4% White. Jersey City? 24% black and 28% mestizo plus a whopping 25% Asian. Newark is around 52% black, 34% mestizo and only 11% White. Paterson is 31% black and 57% mestizo as well as the second highest Muslim percentage in America. Finally Trenton, 42% black, 45% mestizo and less than 10% White. 
You can easily spot what all of these New Jersey murder hotspots have in common.
Of course the article linked by VDare is full of the usual responses from “community leaders”:
Community leaders said they believe the concentration of shootings in the state’s main cities stems from chronic problems that have afflicted urban areas for decades, such as poverty, drug addiction, unemployment, ineffective schools, inferior housing and institutional racism.

“Black and brown communities have experienced a significant divestment of community resources, and that has compounded over the decades,” said Brooke Lewis, associate counsel for the Newark-based New Jersey Institute for Social Justice. “If you don’t have access to quality education, if you don’t have access to quality housing, if you don’t have access to quality health care, all of that impacts public safety.”

Jason Williams, a professor of justice studies at Montclair State University and a Black Lives Matter activist, said structural weaknesses in the inner cities, such as a poor educational system, persistent poverty, the reverberation of the war on drugs and social inequality, have contributed to the surge in violence.
They know that isn’t the real problem but using that language is a way to encourage White politicians to funnel cash to these groups and “activists” to keep them quiet.
It is a lifestyle that most Whites, even those raised in the poorest of conditions, cannot begin to understand. There is a wide gap between a White guy smacking around his girlfriend in a drunken fit at their trailer and black men assassinating the mother of a young man they or their friends murdered just a few years earlier. Our poorest have their social ills but rarely do those rise to the level of wanton murder. 
The black question has haunted America for centuries and there is no end in sight, no possible solution for a problem that cannot be solved. The only coping mechanism is to avoid it wherever possible and hope you don’t get caught up in the crossfire. That rubs Americans the wrong way, we are people who want to fix things but as we are learning both here and abroad, there are simply a lot of problems without solutions no matter how much money you spend.


  1. jl

    Throwing money at a problem is one of the biggest errors we make in this country. All this is nothing more than "feel good nonsense" that fuels corruption. We've been throwing good money after bad at the "problem communities" for decades, now well into the BILLIONS since Civil Rights, and the divide is now wider, the problems more severe.
    The ONLY good "community projects" I've ever seen get results are the ones both organized and funded by the citizens that want said project. The charlatans that coax funding out of the public coffers never accomplish anything worthwhile, much less any kind of ROI for the taxpayers.

  2. Xzebek

    The disfunction in the black community has intensified with the emergence and adoption of "hip hop" culture. This is a civilization destroying disease that needs to be eradicated. Until the black community adopts the values of western Christian civilization it will remain a pit of self destruction. Instead of denigrating those in your community that "act white", you all need to act white.

  3. Anonymous

    I would love to know what your Amish neighbors think of the black community and their wanton violence. If we can't understand the American-African worldview, surely the cloistered Amish can't possibly fathom such a people. Have you ever discussed chronic black dysfunction with any of them?

  4. Arthur Sido

    Many (most?) Amish still call them niggers as casually as most White people did when I was growing up, and see them as people to avoid and certainly not to employ as they see them as lazy and dangerous. On the other hand they hire lots of Mexicans as workers and drivers, although that has led to more than a couple of incidents involving young Amish girls.

  5. Anonymous

    I guess I don't know much about the Amish. I was certain that you would report that they are very circumspect and tight-lipped, refusing to insinuate anything negative about another group (even about this, the absolute worst group). It is reassuring that they are not so naive as to hire or 'brother' up to the savages, though I have not seen a black man out looking for work in…forever?

  6. Arthur Sido

    Keep in mind that I know a lot of Amish very closely, I am not sure they would be that open with some random English person. Also for Amish being perceived as lazy is about as bad as it gets, they have no tolerance for that. Even other Amish who are seen as being less than industrious can be pariahs so to the Amish blacks appear to be disinterested in work and mostly interested in government handouts.

  7. Robert Wood

    This is the sort of issue that should be resolved in-house, yet no-one seems to want to make a concerted effort to do anything. Plus there's plenty of people living high on the hog perpetuating the violence and division, and will literally fight to prevent any real change occurring.
    A similar thing is occurring here in Australia with the Aborigines. A few voices clamoring for change, yet drowned out by the grifters growing fat on government-supplied largess.

  8. Arthur Sido

    That is the most grating part, the people they rely on and trust are the ones who are screwing them over. They look at me and think I am their enemy but I have never done a thing to harm any of them, while their own people shoot them and steal from them.

  9. 4hawks

    LMAO, forwarding this to Zeus (THIS IS SPARTA!) Leonardo (<-JFC what a handle) Surely, that Berkeley Brainiac will have solutions rivaling Marcus Aurelius. Yeah, I know.:/

  10. Arthur Sido

    Primarily because blacks are responsible for the majority of violent crime in Fort Wayne, and everywhere else, and this is even more pronounced when you consider it on a per capita basis. Without black violent crime the U.S. would have murder and other violent crime rates at or below European countries.

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