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He Was Right In 1994

He is right in 2022. Jared Taylor old school from ’94 where he was asked to testify as an expert witness to the violent tendencies of young black men. The more things change, the more they stay the same….

Can you imagine a mainstream media outlet doing an interview with Jared Taylor today?


  1. Xzebek

    An interesting statistical exercise is to remove the crimes,particularly violent crimes,of black males from 15 to 35 from the total US crime statistics. One will see US crime levels reduced to those of the least crime ridden countries in the world. It is denial of reality to argue that young black males are not an inherently violent and criminally inclined cohort.

  2. Xzebek

    I notice that as well. I split time between rural Montana and New York. Montana has almost no crime near me and the City of New York is a cesspool of crime.

  3. Anonymous

    growing up in philly, I got to watch how the great war of whatever fucked up a good city. back in the 1960's there where machine shops all over the place and tons of small stores, blue collar working households. then they built a housing project. inside of 2 years over half of the small stores shut down. same for machine shops and garages. crime went up by the day. blacks kids ganged up on white kids every chance they got. I learned to fight the hard way there. so. to me this is nothing I didn't learn before high school. got a edge over them by learning the teaching of fairbain and applegate
    before those books got removed from the public library. had my older sister sign them out as I wasn't old enough at the time. looking back on it all now, I glad I taught my kids the same methods as I teaching my grandson as well. this summer we start on blade work. he has the shooting part down pat. out shoots his dad ! you never go wrong teaching your kids to handle themselves that way.
    sad to say, but it is the way of the world.

  4. Arthur Sido

    Our hometown of Toledo was the same way, blue collar Catholic and White. Rough spots but decent people. Now those areas are full of blacks and mestizos and crime has gone up as it always does.

  5. Badelve

    My aunt & uncle lived in the Polish section of Toledo until they passed in the mid 90's. As a young boy, I used to walk a couple blocks to the Polish market when we would visit them on weekends. Those days are long gone and those neighborhoods have turned to shitholes. We moved our business down to B.G. in the mid 80's to escape increasing crime, utilities and taxes. It's a shame what has happened to those neighborhoods….

  6. FredLewers

    Van Texas is a small town on I-20. Quiet, relatively safe. Predominately Caucasian and Hispanic. A couple of nights ago there was a middle of the night burglary of a convenience store. The perpetrators were recorded by the surveillance cameras. Two black men…
    Recently I was getting fuel at a truck stop and I was accosted by a black woman who wanted help airing up her tire. I was in a rush so I attempted to tell her to put the coins in and put the house on the valve stem. Hey eyes glazed over and she started looking around for her next mark. The entitlement mentality in the black demographic is staggeringly large…
    America has two problems: democrats and negroes.

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