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Gee I Wonder Who It Could Be

Let’s see….
– Shooting at a hookah lounge

– Started as a fight, escalated to gunfire

– No description available for the suspects

– Virtually no coverage on the national media

– The dead giveaway, 14 people shot and only one killed.
Yep. The only real question: did they shout “This is MAGA country!” before opening fire?


  1. Anonymous

    Coincidence, or a sign?

    Just as I was reading your post, my wife informed me that we've been invited to the wedding of one of her former underlings, a very unstable young woman who my wife had taken under her wing and talked down from the ledge more than once. I only know the woman by name, a very Irish-sounding name, and I agreed to make the trip north for the affair later this year.

    Then my wife dropped the bomb…

    It's a black wedding.

    "Kathy is marrying a black guy?!?" "Well, Kathy is a black girl…"

    Stunned. I had no choice but to ask the obvious questions. Do I have to bring a gun? Is the reception going to be held at Chuck E. Cheese? Or the Waffle House? Are we going to be the only White people there?

    I've got a really bad feeling about this.

  2. LGC

    You couldn't pay me to go to that wedding. A mentally unstable black woman and a black man and thus many many black guests. Yeah no chance of drama there. (/sarc) I might send a little gift and a note declining the invitation. But NO WAY would I be going and neither would the wife.

    Stay away from crowds, esp those kind of crowds.

  3. Arthur Sido

    Concur with LGC, that sounds like you need to make an excuse and send a nice note and gift. If you have to go, make your apologies and leave early before the malt liquor starts flowing and the bullets start flying.

  4. Anonymous

    going to something like that is the same as putting your dick in a car door and then slamming it shut.
    you know you going to get hurt there. question is why would you ?
    that makes a much sense as driving a new car/truck in philly or any other shithole these days.
    again, why would you ?
    worked 3rd shift at a major hospital in philly for a few years, early 1990's even back then the EMT'S wanted some sort of scoop thing to pick up the "patients" so they didn't have to get out.
    and all of the female staff got a escort to and from their cars back then.
    tried taking the subway for a week or two myself, found out a sig sauer 9mm was my best friend on it. never had to shoot any one, but I did pull it out a few times before giving up on taking the subway to work. just not worth it. after 2 years there, the job and pay where not worth it.
    moved out over 10 years ago and never looked back. it a wonder any white people live and work there at all anymore. crime is the reason why so many are leaving the cities over the past few years.
    and with these assholes in charge, it will only get worse. great times are coming for us all !

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