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Cringeuary aka blaque hist’ry momph

Every year in February we are treated to the cringe-fest known as “black History Month“. It used to be “Negro History Week” which still seemed to be 8 days too long, but in the 70s it became an entire month. 

If blacks possessed a little more self-awareness, they would understand that the whole exercise is just pandering. The same people who post dumb shit about “the contributions of black Americans” are also living in all-White neighborhoods, maybe with some Asians and Jews for flava, because they know that the primary contributions of black Americans has been urban violence and shitty schools.

So corporations change their profile to add some colorful faux African emblems and some fat White dork in a cubicle surrounded by other fat White dorks and Indian code monkeys posts some stuff on their social media accounts and everyone pats each other on the back. I saw a great example on Amazon a couple of days ago….

black is truth? Pardon my French but what the fuck does that even mean?
The beauty of it is that it doesn’t mean anything. That is the point, it just an empty slogan so ridiculous that it doesn’t even warrant explanation. Just being real, how many of Amazon’s Audible book customers are black? That is the other critical point. None of this is aimed at blacks, it is all aimed at guilty Whites who think that if they patronize businesses that pander about black History Month it will give them some cover for avoiding blacks like the plague. That is what this is all about. Africans living in America are 13% of the population and generally speaking are some of the poorest people in the country. The consumers that corporations are trying to lure with their pandering are White people, especially upper middle class Whites in suburbs. Generally speaking, it works. 
Many later White immigrants have a similar story. Our people came in the 19th century or early 20th century, in my case from Poland and Ireland. They were poor and had nothing but dreams. When they arrived they didn’t even speak the language in many cases and were dealing with prejudice and hostility from the current residents of America. Despite the obstacles, they learned the language, worked their asses off, saved and scrimped so their children could have a better life. And they did, as each progressive generation of Irish and Polish and Italian families built businesses and proved their value to this nation, they became Americans. Sure I can’t trace my lineage back to the Mayflower but then again many of those genteel patrician families on the East Coast turned out to be some of the worst enemies of White people in America. 
But blacks? 150 years after slavery they are for the most part little better off than they were. Their history in America has been an endless series of tragedies and the further we get from slavery, the more the tragedies are self-inflicted. Other than the small percentage of blacks who have escaped from their ghettos, most blacks in America seem perpetually stuck in a declining state of ignorance, anger and violence marked by incarceration, poverty and chimping out at Golden Corral….

Mmmm, dat Golden Corral steak is worth fighting over! 
Other than a few exceptional individuals, what is worth commemorating in the black experience in America? 
Perhaps if blacks had an honest accounting of their history they could see it as something to overcome and get better from, like many European immigrant groups, instead of trying to recreate their history to be something it was not. Instead of falsely laying claim to the achievements of others (We Wuz Inventorz An’ Sheeit), recognize that they have been an anchor holding America back for 150 years but striving to do better in the future. That will never happen as long as liberal Whites convince them that they are victims and even convincing blacks that they were the real driving force for everything America achieved and built. The cognitive dissonance must be intense when you think you are part of a race that invented and achieved so much but you look around at your people and see nothing but misery and violence. 
Behind their backs, most White people think this whole black History Month is a joke but blacks aren’t in on the gag.
That all sounds harsh and hateful but no one has ever been helped by a comforting lie. If we were allowed to tell the real history of blacks, they would cancel black History Month immediately. 


  1. Anonymous

    If blacks actually built this country, no one would have to shout it from the tops of every tenement in da 'hood. If the 'holocaust' really happened as we've been told, the facts would not need to be protected from closer scrutiny. If health at every size was truly possible, the waddling landwhales from HR would not need to silence any disagreement on the matter.

    We're only livin' the lie because of those smarmy, unctuous, virtue-broadcasting goodwhites you called out, and I am disgusted to say that there are too many of them right here in my own fambly (nearly all of them women, no surprise). But a liberal is just a conservative who hasn't been mugged/raped/diversified yet, so there is hope.

    Those self-negating goodwhites give themselves away through their very own words, their condescension thick enough to cut with a knife. They are so eager to point out black "contributions" to the modern world. But you don't merely "contribute" to something that you allegedly created from whole cloth. No one ever talks about the White man's "contribution" to the modern world. We ARE the modern world.

    If you are old enough, you may remember an ancient TV commercial for a horrible product called "Shake 'n Bake". This was some sort of bread crumb concoction that you coated your chicken with and then baked in the oven to simulate fried chicken, without the mess. After ideal suburban White housewife presents this epicurean delight to handsome, affluent White husband, their two perfect little twin daughters chime in unison, "And we helped!" I am always reminded of that ad whenever we are lectured about black "contributions" to the modern world.

    Sure thing, Shit'avious, you "contributed". Just ask Karen in HR.

  2. jl

    Personally, I appreciate our fine woke capitalists aggregating the (other) "chosen people" into one very easy to avoid/ignore category.
    When I see a whole section devoted to "blaq voices" or "blaq artists" or "blaq heroes" or whatever they decide to lump them into, I know that's a section I can completely ignore. It's a big time saver when scrolling for content. Same thing goes for LBTQXYZLMNOP. Makes avoiding them much easier. Though to be honest I would LOVE to see the stats on say Amazon or Netflix, I'd be willing to bet they are not nearly as popular as they'd have us believe they are.

  3. Anonymous

    I always stay away from any meal joints like that one. any cheap all you can eat joints are full of clowns you do not want to see or be near. as for the chimp out, they do shit like this all the time.
    it just with cell phones it gets recorded a lot more now. I very happy living in the backwoods these days. too old to fight any more like I used too, so. distance is the thing. don't want to get into a shooting either anymore, they cost money I no longer have being retired. besides the courts are stacked against you anyway these days. as for the history month goes, I remember being told too many times I was the wrong color to get hired for jobs. so, I don't feel sorry for them one bit.
    they have the same and better chances than I ever got, if they didn't use them, it their fault.
    but I will say ramming this shit down everyone throat is not going to end the way they think it will. a whole lot of younger guys are getting really pissed at this shit. they beginning to realize just how fucked they are these days and it seems like it will only get worse for them.
    just glad I am on the way out and not 20 years old these days.

  4. Arthur Sido

    It is not just that they didn't help. Even if they had been just passive observers that wouldn't have been so bad. No the truth is that at every turn they have made things worse and that trend is just accelerating.

  5. 3g4me

    But I can't do a search function when looking online for books to read to specify only White, male authors. They can insist on colonizing any White interest or action, while simultaneously enjoying parallel groups or institutions or celebrations just for themselves. Same goes for Juice other other special people. If they were all in an easy to ignore area – a la segregation – life would be a lot more pleasant. Alas . . .

  6. 3g4me

    Must somewhat disagree with you in regard to advertising dollars. With Whites down to about 55% of the US population and significantly less than that in the under 40s, cultural trends and impulsive consumer purchasing is increasingly driven by blacks and other non-Whites. The clothes teens are wearing (or barely wearing, in reality), the noise they listen to and call music, the appalling garbage they eat – it's all driven by non-White dollars. Blacks and Asians continue to drive the purchase of 'luxury' labels (why I won't ever buy anything with someone's name on it, why I will never buy a BMW or Jaguar even if I win the lottery, etc.). Blacks consistently spend more of their dollars on movies, eating out, clothing, and other transient consumables than Whites of even similar income/social status.

    While the advertisers are certainly appealing to White guilt and demonstrating their social piety, they're also pursuing the increasing share of their customers – non-White people.

    I also disagree that black history in America is nothing but tragedy. Slavery has happened to every race in history and while not something I want to participate in on either end, it's hardly the worst thing that man has done to other men. Blacks in White nations live longer and more comfortable lives than blacks in their home countries. Their population has increased dramatically; as slaves they were of far greater value than White indentured servants and studies have clearly shown they ate a better diet, on average, than White immigrant laborers up north.

    Finally, by suggesting that somehow things would change if the average black accepted his biological differences and the truth of his condition you are imputing character and self-reflection and intellect that the vast majority of them lack. They don't want to work and contribute and build; they want money and fame and acclaim and a life of endless sensory stimulation, all at others' expense. A pox on all POX.

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