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Comment Chaos

A comment was left saying that prior comments were visible and then disappeared so I looked in the spam folder and sure enough one was there, along with a bunch of other comments from people who comment all the time. Some of those I am sure were published and then somehow ended up in the spam folder. No idea how that happened, unless Blogger (owned by Google) has some sort of backdoor moderation. It is weird because the comments in the spam folder were pretty random and not really offensive at all. 

If you leave a comment and it disappears, let me know. I do not delete or censor comments, unless you are advocating for something illegal because I don’t need the blog shut down by some bogus comments from antifag, so if your comment disappears it wasn’t me. 
I really need a better comment system than the blogger default. 


  1. ChuckInBama

    I had a comment a couple days ago that was "waiting for moderation". It was there, just tagged that way. I was confused, especially since there was no profanity in it, but it was clean a few hours later.

  2. FSK

    If you're serious about having a blog that discusses controversial subjects, you need to get off Blogger. Pay for a domain and hosting and set up WordPress yourself. It's worth it as an educational exercise on how to do it.

  3. Arthur Sido

    I already pay a pittance for the domain name but I don't know how to migrate everything over. I certainly would like to, I guess I need to figure it out because my account will get nuked eventually.

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