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Canada Is A Silly Country

Or in fairness, the people running Canada are silly, unserious people. Lots of regular Canadians are great people.

It makes this look like sane, sober times in the Great North…


  1. 3g4me

    While the number of Canadians I've known personally is not large, on the whole I rather like their more low-key, unassuming manners. They're not as loud or brash or boastful as the average 'murrican (particularly as those 'murricans have become both darker hued and have less and less to boast about). They built a capable, first-world country in a challenging climate. Fills me with sorrow and anger that they have been flooded with pajeet, han, and noggers. Their truckers deserve more support and far more publicity than they're getting everywhere, particularly from the DR. Not because I support working within the system (I want to burn it all down) but because they're putting their futures on the line to break the power of the Branch Covidians. There's no 'normal' I want to return to, but this is a vital step in resisting the globalist behemoth.

  2. Arthur Sido

    It takes a lot to get Canadians riled up which is why the trucker thing is so scary for the powers that be. When I travel to Canada it generally is a very pleasant time, most of them are very friendly but even in small towns you run into blacks and other assorted foreigners who strut around like they own the place.

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