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Can We Stop Talking About It And Just Get It On?

Not getting any younger here. 

Behold one of them being a little too open about what they intend.

UC Berkeley education professor Zeus Leonardo: “To abolish whiteness is to abolish white people. That’s very uncomfortable perhaps, but it asks about our definitions of what race is and what racial justice might mean.”

This is what teachers are

— Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ (@realchrisrufo) February 28, 2022

The guy sounds like he has trouble forming a sentence without a dick in his mouth but to his notion of “abolishing White people”? 
Hey “Zeus”, I am as White as you can get. I embrace and love my Whiteness. I love being White and have no interest in being an African. I love White people. Likewise I would welcome you attempting to “abolish” me. In fact I would be glad to send you my home address.
“Zeus Leonardo”, a name that culturally appropriates from Whites twice, is clearly a fag and is also a Professor in the Graduate School Of Education a UC Berkeley, meaning he is teaching this crap to teachers and administrators. According to his bio which sadly lacks his direct phone number or email address (I wonder why?) he is the author of all sorts of really important books and essays like:
Some of his essays include: “Critical Social Theory and Transformative Knowledge,” “The Souls of White Folk,” “The Color of Supremacy,” “Contracting Race,” and “Dis-orienting Western Knowledge.” His most recent books are Race, Whiteness, and Education (Routledge), Race Frameworks (Teachers College Press), Education and Racism (with Grubb, Routledge, 2nd ed), and he is the editor the Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education (SensePublishers).
“The Souls of White Folks”? Other than sucking on some White cock, what the hell does this guy know about actual White people? 
I would expect his books are read by all sorts of angry blacks learning to be prison guards/teachers and even more guilty White liberal teachers-in-training who believe this crap. All the more reason why you are better off having your kids stay home and play HALO all day instead of going to a public “school”.
They keep talking and letting slip what their endgame really is, but I wish they would stop talking and do something. Let’s get it on.


  1. Anonymous

    not a guy who would do a stand up fight anyway. but you right, let them start some shit and we see how it works out for them. assholes like him want numbers on their side before doing anything. if they do anything at all by themselves. seems more like the type to get "others" to do what he wants done.
    if you or someone where to face him, how fast do you think he hide behind some cops or something ?
    playing call of duty is not the same as going thru a war in real life, they going to be in for a shock when they think they going to win. just like they going to be shocked when the blacks they have been filling up with this shit turn on them. and we all know it will happen.
    kind of wish they would start something before I get too old to enjoy the coming fun and games.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    That's kinda funny.

    NASA's not putting living creatures of any sort on the moon in 2025. That's less than four years from now. The only way they put Dantequs, Shaniqua, or Trigglypuff on the moon in 2025 is if they pay the Chinese or the Russians for tickets.

    And that's assuming the Russians or Chinese are foolish enough to spend the money to do so. Which I doubt.

    NASA? Given unlimited funding, I doubt NASA can even return to manned orbital flight by 2025. Unless, again, they buy a ticket, from Ivan, Chong Li, or Elon Musk.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    OT Indiana Judiciary Committee Guts Constitutional Carry Bill

    Sorry Mt. Sido. Some stupid cunt heads the judiciary committe and a bunch of lying pigs (but I repeat myself) helped kill the bill

    Re: the topic

    ….I would expect his books are read by all sorts of angry blacks….

    Blacks reading? Hahahaaaaaaaaaaahahaha
    your point stands however .

    Everyone wants to be white. How many $ do niggers spend on hair straighteners so they dont look so they look more white. Why aren they proud of their afros.

    ….NASA's not putting living creatures of any sort on the moon in 2025…..

    Exactly. I bet Artimas doesnt fly this april. I bet they fly it once and call it a day. When I read that they were using already engineered space shuttle engines, I was wondering why the fuck it was taking so long.
    If Musk can get his new rocket engine going, it,ll be on his ship that we return to the moon…excuse me Latasha and Joqueen.

    Remember those 2 navy ships that crashed because the cunt in charge on deck and the cunt in CINC were not talking? Which killed 6-7 men by the way…. I can just imagine the mission go bad when Dantequs kicks Shaniqua out of the airlock. "But that 'ho dissed me "

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