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A Pair From The Zman

For your reading pleasure, The Zman has a post up today at American Greatness:

American Greatness is kind of a NormieCon outfit so I was surprised to see him being published there but also pretty pleased. Perhaps /ourside/ is getting back in the door of the normie publications tired of the same old shtick from Beltway generic conservatives. Give his post a click and leave a comment as a show of support. If it draws lots of traffic and  that seems to be the case based on the comment count, it might encourage more normiecon outlets to feature /ourguys/.
His other post is on the main site:
He was at the America First PAC meeting, sort of a hipster answer to CPAC, the “conservative” PAC that is a gatekeeper. Still it is telling that Trump went to CPAC, not AFPAC. I loved this line about CPAC:
Therein the lies the second observation about AFPAC that is important. There is something happening here. CPAC gets all the beautiful people in their finest to tell one another everything if going to be okay. AFPAC draws the Dirt People in their finest, who know everything is not going to be okay. CPAC only lacks the smell of fresh cut flowers to feel like a well attended funeral for a rich man. AFPAC has the smell of revolution in the air and the energy that comes with it.
Great line about CPAC. On the other hand I am far less enthusiastic about AFPAC primarily because the guy running the show, Nick Fuentes, is a child. Not his age, his maturity. What the hell has he ever accomplished besides getting some clout on social media? Has he ever had a real job? Z compares him to Pat Buchanan and that is a deeply flawed comparison. I see a Richard Spencer level meltdown from Fuentes in the near future and once again the Dissident Right will have to pick up the pieces after the latest savior lets us down.
Anyway, enjoy both read and please do leave a short, positive comment at American Greatness.

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