Monday, February 28, 2022

Can We Stop Talking About It And Just Get It On?

Not getting any younger here. 

Behold one of them being a little too open about what they intend.

The guy sounds like he has trouble forming a sentence without a dick in his mouth but to his notion of "abolishing White people"? 

Hey "Zeus", I am as White as you can get. I embrace and love my Whiteness. I love being White and have no interest in being an African. I love White people. Likewise I would welcome you attempting to "abolish" me. In fact I would be glad to send you my home address.

"Zeus Leonardo", a name that culturally appropriates from Whites twice, is clearly a fag and is also a Professor in the Graduate School Of Education a UC Berkeley, meaning he is teaching this crap to teachers and administrators. According to his bio which sadly lacks his direct phone number or email address (I wonder why?) he is the author of all sorts of really important books and essays like:

Some of his essays include: "Critical Social Theory and Transformative Knowledge," "The Souls of White Folk," "The Color of Supremacy," "Contracting Race," and "Dis-orienting Western Knowledge." His most recent books are Race, Whiteness, and Education (Routledge), Race Frameworks (Teachers College Press), Education and Racism (with Grubb, Routledge, 2nd ed), and he is the editor the Handbook of Cultural Politics and Education (SensePublishers).

"The Souls of White Folks"? Other than sucking on some White cock, what the hell does this guy know about actual White people? 

I would expect his books are read by all sorts of angry blacks learning to be prison guards/teachers and even more guilty White liberal teachers-in-training who believe this crap. All the more reason why you are better off having your kids stay home and play HALO all day instead of going to a public "school".

They keep talking and letting slip what their endgame really is, but I wish they would stop talking and do something. Let's get it on.

A Pair From The Zman

For your reading pleasure, The Zman has a post up today at American Greatness:

American Greatness is kind of a NormieCon outfit so I was surprised to see him being published there but also pretty pleased. Perhaps /ourside/ is getting back in the door of the normie publications tired of the same old shtick from Beltway generic conservatives. Give his post a click and leave a comment as a show of support. If it draws lots of traffic and  that seems to be the case based on the comment count, it might encourage more normiecon outlets to feature /ourguys/.

His other post is on the main site:

He was at the America First PAC meeting, sort of a hipster answer to CPAC, the "conservative" PAC that is a gatekeeper. Still it is telling that Trump went to CPAC, not AFPAC. I loved this line about CPAC:

Therein the lies the second observation about AFPAC that is important. There is something happening here. CPAC gets all the beautiful people in their finest to tell one another everything if going to be okay. AFPAC draws the Dirt People in their finest, who know everything is not going to be okay. CPAC only lacks the smell of fresh cut flowers to feel like a well attended funeral for a rich man. AFPAC has the smell of revolution in the air and the energy that comes with it.

Great line about CPAC. On the other hand I am far less enthusiastic about AFPAC primarily because the guy running the show, Nick Fuentes, is a child. Not his age, his maturity. What the hell has he ever accomplished besides getting some clout on social media? Has he ever had a real job? Z compares him to Pat Buchanan and that is a deeply flawed comparison. I see a Richard Spencer level meltdown from Fuentes in the near future and once again the Dissident Right will have to pick up the pieces after the latest savior lets us down.

Anyway, enjoy both read and please do leave a short, positive comment at American Greatness.

How Do They Live Like This?

A local news story caught my eye and once I got into it, honestly it baffled even a calloused heart cynic like me. Here is the headline:

I will give you the basic gist of the story.

- Three years ago an 18 year old named Demarcus Hale, Jr. was murdered in Fort Wayne.

- His mom, unnamed in the article but I found her name in his obituary as LaShawndra McDowell, apparently fled Fort Wayne due to "the mess" and threats against her.

- The father of Demarcus Hale, Jr., Demarcus Hale, Sr., was murdered at age 25 back in 2006.

- Demarcus had a slew of siblings with three different last names: Alesia McDowell, Isis Hale, Mar'Twain McDowell, Jayda Whitsett, Detreveon Hale and Avonte Hale

The obit pictures are about what you would expect from a black guy murdered at 18, some pictures of him as a little boy and then the obligatory adult photos of him flashing what I assume are gang signs. 

All in all a pretty standard tale of woe from the ghetto. Then it gets worse.

His mother, LaShawndra McDowell, came back to Fort Wayne at some point still under threat of violence, apparently from people somehow connected with the murder of her son. At a party to commemorate his murder, shortly before midnight, at least three masked gunmen walked into the house and shot LaShawndra McDowell to death, also striking two men who apparently will survive. 

Shooting an 18 year old guy, presumably because of gang affiliation or some personal slight he caused, is one thing but shooting his mom? At a party to commemorate his life? It sounds like she was targeted in the killing, this wasn't random. Now the six remaining children are without a mother and at least the three who share his last name are also without their father who was murdered in 2006. 

The details from the story came from a family friend who had been at the party, Timika Bonner. Ms. Bonner also has a son who was murdered in Fort Wayne, De’Onta Bonner, in 2012. The story said that Demarcus Hale, Jr. had looked up to Mr. Bonner and it appears likely that he followed his role model into a life that led directly to his murder.

The local media thought it was newsworthy to add this line:

The witnesses at the party said the police were rude and insinuated that the partygoers knew the perpetrators.

“All you all here know who it was,” the police reportedly said.

That is almost certainly true, this wasn't a random shooting so it is likely that the shooters were known. I can imagine the cops are frustrated as they often are when black people bitch about unsolved murders but their culture against "snitching" prevents them from identifying the shooters. Apparently cops can solve any murder without evidence or witnesses but they just don't want to because of racism or something.

I don't personally know anyone who has been murdered but here we have a party with at least two women in attendance who had sons murdered, and in the case of LaShawndra McDowell a baby daddy to four of her children who was also murdered. 

This is in Fort Wayne, Indiana for crying out loud. For the average White person in our region as long as you stay away from the Southeast of town, a warren of tightly packed urban streets where most of the blacks in town live and also not coincidentally where most of the violence occurs (Demarcus Hale, Jr., his mother LaShawndra McDowell, and De’Onta Bonner were all killed in the SE of Fort Wayne), this is a perfectly safe and pleasant city. Yet here we have the mother of a murdered son and the mother of four children with a murdered father who was in turn murdered. For what exactly? 

How can black people live like this? They have the power to do something about this but their steadfast refusal, encouraged by their "community leaders", clergy and White leftists, to take any responsibility at all for their actions keeps the cycle of violence going. Prominent black voices who do speak out about personal responsibility are called Uncle Tom or mysteriously have their lives shattered by unprovable allegations against them. 

It is baffling to most people, especially those who still cling to the blank slate theory of humanity and refuse to recognize group racial traits. 150 years after the end of slavery and more than half a century after the end of Jim Crow and blacks in America are inarguably worse off than they have been for over 100 years.

What is worse, there is no solution. No amount of free government money or reparations or "representation" in movies about White people or any of the other myriad responses will fix this. We could write a check for a million bucks for every black man, woman and child in America and it wouldn't diminish the violence, it would simply be a financial boon for the sellers of rims and tattoo parlors. 

Meanwhile more and more of the positions of power and authority in America are being held by the same people who are unable to control their passions and anger in their own neighborhood. This is accelerating the spiraling of violence we have seen over the last two years as cities set new records for murder and mass shootings take place by the hundreds while no one is allowed to point out the obvious: the violence is only happening in neighborhoods where blacks (and mestizos) are concentrated. For example:

The five cities in question are Camden, Jersey City, Newark, Paterson and Trenton. Camden is 38% black, 52% mestizo and only 4% White. Jersey City? 24% black and 28% mestizo plus a whopping 25% Asian. Newark is around 52% black, 34% mestizo and only 11% White. Paterson is 31% black and 57% mestizo as well as the second highest Muslim percentage in America. Finally Trenton, 42% black, 45% mestizo and less than 10% White. 

You can easily spot what all of these New Jersey murder hotspots have in common.

Of course the article linked by VDare is full of the usual responses from "community leaders":

Community leaders said they believe the concentration of shootings in the state’s main cities stems from chronic problems that have afflicted urban areas for decades, such as poverty, drug addiction, unemployment, ineffective schools, inferior housing and institutional racism.

“Black and brown communities have experienced a significant divestment of community resources, and that has compounded over the decades,” said Brooke Lewis, associate counsel for the Newark-based New Jersey Institute for Social Justice. “If you don’t have access to quality education, if you don’t have access to quality housing, if you don’t have access to quality health care, all of that impacts public safety.”

Jason Williams, a professor of justice studies at Montclair State University and a Black Lives Matter activist, said structural weaknesses in the inner cities, such as a poor educational system, persistent poverty, the reverberation of the war on drugs and social inequality, have contributed to the surge in violence.

They know that isn't the real problem but using that language is a way to encourage White politicians to funnel cash to these groups and "activists" to keep them quiet.

It is a lifestyle that most Whites, even those raised in the poorest of conditions, cannot begin to understand. There is a wide gap between a White guy smacking around his girlfriend in a drunken fit at their trailer and black men assassinating the mother of a young man they or their friends murdered just a few years earlier. Our poorest have their social ills but rarely do those rise to the level of wanton murder. 

The black question has haunted America for centuries and there is no end in sight, no possible solution for a problem that cannot be solved. The only coping mechanism is to avoid it wherever possible and hope you don't get caught up in the crossfire. That rubs Americans the wrong way, we are people who want to fix things but as we are learning both here and abroad, there are simply a lot of problems without solutions no matter how much money you spend.

A Good Rule Of Thumb

Not to oversimplify things but if your position matches up with Zioclops Dan Crenshaw, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden and David Frum? You probably are on the wrong side of an issue.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Gee I Wonder Who It Could Be

Let's see....

- Shooting at a hookah lounge

- Started as a fight, escalated to gunfire

- No description available for the suspects

- Virtually no coverage on the national media

- The dead giveaway, 14 people shot and only one killed.

Yep. The only real question: did they shout "This is MAGA country!" before opening fire?

Blogroll Updated

The old blogroll gadget on here on Dissident Thoughts wasn't letting me update my reading list so stuff that I wasn't reading anymore kept showing up and sites I wanted to add like Eaton Rapids Joe couldn't be added. I finally got pissed enough about it to recreate the whole thing and delete the old one so it is a better representation now. Hopefully I can keep adding to it as needed because redoing the whole list was a pain in the ass.

The Rightest Man In America

Being the smartest and most often correct person in American public life is a pretty low bar. If you have any experience with observing American politics for any length of time, you will know that it has been a rogue's gallery of idiots, perverts, scoundrel and devils. Even the Presidency has been marked by imbeciles and fools since the first Reagan admin. Talking heads on cable news and radio are little better than carnival barkers, with one exception. Is there anyone in American politics today that you would trust with something more important than the assistant manager job at a truck stop?

There is one name that stands apart for being right on most issues. One guy who was right at the time and has a knack for being proven right afterward. Over and over and over. That guy is one Patrick J. Buchanan.

Now Pat hasn't been right about everything and he doesn't talk about some of The Big Issues that guys on /ourside/ consider important, at least not as much as we might like. Pat is someone who has worked from within the system most of his life, even running for President a couple of times. He appears on TV and his columns used to be in major papers around the country. He was speaking to millions of people long before the internet and was using the basic language of America First long before Trump became a political power, and doing so more consistently and obviously more eloquently. 

Pat is often forgotten in the hubbub of modern social media. He is an old school analog guy in a digital age. At 83 his days are coming to a close and it is easy to forget about him. At least until something actually serious happens and then he is proven right once again. Ukraine is the latest reminder that when the idiots on social media are spewing ignorance, you can almost always count on Pat to write brief, pointed pieces like this:

When Russia’s Vladimir Putin demanded that the U.S. rule out Ukraine as a future member of the NATO alliance, the U.S. archly replied: NATO has an open-door policy. Any nation, including Ukraine, may apply for membership and be admitted. We’re not changing that.

In the Bucharest declaration of 2008, NATO had put Ukraine and Georgia, ever farther east in the Caucasus, on a path to membership in NATO and coverage under Article 5 of the treaty, which declares that an attack on any one member is an attack on all.

Unable to get a satisfactory answer to his demand, Putin invaded and settled the issue. Neither Ukraine nor Georgia will become members of NATO. To prevent that, Russia will go to war, as Russia did last night.

While most "conservatives" are yammering about supporting Ukraine, a nation they couldn't locate on a map without assistance, and doing asinine stuff like this...

....take THAT Putin!...

...Buchanan asks the question "Why did this happen?" and considers it more deeply than Vodka Man Bad.

Even at his advanced age, he is still sharper than 99.9% of people who are paid to give their opinions on TV and the internet. It helps that Pat understands something of the historical context in Ukraine including this:

In 2014, a democratically elected pro-Russian president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, was overthrown in Kyiv and replaced by a pro-Western regime. Rather than lose Sevastopol, Russia’s historic naval base in Crimea, Putin seized the peninsula and declared it Russian territory.

More about this here by Eric Zuesse back in 2018 before most people were paying attention to Ukraine:

The "democracy" in Ukraine that we are supposed to pray for and support doesn't have the same origin story as the U.S. but you would think that it did. Ukraine has had a super corrupt government pretty much since it was freed from Soviet domination but do you think it is a coincidence that 2014, the year of the coup, is also the same year that Hunter Biden was given a million bucks a year seat on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma?

Back to Pat. He gets these issues, he does the basic research, he bases his takes on what he has learned, not on what will get the most clicks on social media. Pat is too old to worry about what Zoomers think about his opinions. 

At his age he likely won't be around much longer and even as sharp as he is now, that can't last. Soon enough he will stop being a voice of reason and we will all be poorer for it. Will a new voice rise that can fill his shoes?


Tucker Carlson is not in the same league as Buchanan intellectually, although he is smarter than he lets on during his TV show. His is a contrary voice for the digital age. He does write and surprisingly well (see my review of his book Ship Of Fools) but his real talent is being on camera. Buchananites will bristle at the suggestion that Tucker is the heir apparent for Buchanan and I am not really saying that. Tucker still parrots back some critical talking points, like reducing race to "skin color", but who else is out there that will push back on the tide of current opinion and has the clout to take unpopular positions, as he has been doing on Ukraine? The Fox News Youtube channel has been a steady stream of cringe about Ukraine, mostly women crying and bullshit stories of heroism, but Tucker says things that gets the right people upset, both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Will Tucker be that voice crying in the wilderness like Pat? Maybe although in a different way. Regardless, if there are ever histories written about the late 20th and early 21st centuries and the authors are honest, they will recognize that Pat Buchanan was right far more often than not and we ignored his voice to our own destruction.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Speaking Of SCOTUS

While Biden slips in his diversity hire black wahmen nominee for the SCOTUS, Ketanji Brown Jackson, quietly behind the scenes there is more movement going on. Check out this post from Ian Huyett writing for The American Mind:

Packing the Court has been a leftist dream going back to FDR. That is more true than ever right now. While Ketanji "Biden's Brown Sugar" Jackson is a leftist, she is just replacing another leftist and that leaves the court with a 6-3 "conservative" majority. That majority is poised to do some stuff like overturn Roe v Wade/Casey v Planed Parenthood and strengthen 2nd Amendment protections. 

You probably didn't hear about the Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court but it released a report in December and reading between the lines it is providing a framework to add Justices to the SCOTUS, under a Democrat admin of course, thereby undoing the "conservative" majority and giving carte blanche to the Left to run wild, either by allowing legislative and executive overreach to remain unchallenged or by simply making up laws like abortion on demand and "gay marriage" out of whole cloth. 

Right now the Left is in disarray. Biden is unravelling more every day and is incredibly unpopular, especially impressive since he hasn't actually done anything other than undoing some stuff Trump did. They are clueless what to do about Putin so they aren't doing anything. At least doing the wrong thing loudly and proudly would be something but they are just looking around befuddled even though they have been talking about this for months. The looming election cycle is looking like a disaster for the Left but never underestimate the evil of the Left and the stupidity of the "Right". There is plenty of time to fuck this up. Besides what would be different if the GOP has a huge victory in November other than things going badly a little more slowly? They mostly seem to be threatening to hold a bunch of useless hearings, that should get the voters fired up.

If the Left manages to pull off a win in November against the odds, something quite possible, don't think for a second that that they have not been working behind the scenes to prepare to take advantage. Biden is a dolt but there are plenty of evil and smart people who are pulling his strings. One of the pillars of their strategy is to pack the SCOTUS to give them a free hand to do what they want. Right now that 6-3 majority is the biggest obstacle in their path, not surprisingly because that is precisely what the SCOTUS and the third branch of government was intended to do, separation of powers and all that. 

Don't get too distracted by the latest shiny object dangled in front of us, in this case Ukraine. The real war is not being fought in Eastern Europe but right here at home, in the shadows, and we are losing ground every day.

Friday, February 25, 2022

Trying To Sneak One By Us

The degradation of America's political system continues to accelerate as Biden's handlers announced the affirmative action choice for the Supreme Court, black wahman Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Try to imagine the Founders as they drafted the Constitution finding out that a seat on the Supreme Court would be filled by a woman named Ketanji Brown Jackson who has as her stellar "qualifications":

1. She is African

2. She has a vagina (I assume)

She might be quite the legal scholar, although I have my doubts, but those two items were the make or break. Over 95% of the population was automatically excluded but that is OK because representation and systemic racism and such. 

What convenient timing to roll this out on a Friday when there is a war in Ukraine, perhaps hoping nobody notices the appointment.

This won't change the political make-up of the court of course as she will replace leftist Stephen Breyer. It does change the ethnic make-up, now the court will have two blacks out of 9 justices and "only" one Jew with Breyer leaving, Kagan being the only Jew on the court going forward. That means blacks will now be dramatically over-represented at 22% of the court, vs 13% of the population, while Jews will be a little less over-represented at 11% of the SCOTUS while being only 2.5% of the overall population. Still no Asians and no one seems upest about that and also no gender fluid Muslim trannie refugees in wheelchairs but that is probably in the works.

We already have one diversity appointment on the court with Sonia Sotomayor, the "wise Latina" that is dumber than a bag of hammers who was chosen because she is mestizo and for no other reason. Ketanji Brown Jackson might be a perfectly qualified candidate but she will always carry the taint of having been chosen because Biden promised to only choose a black woman. You would think that would be humiliating but I doubt it will be to her.

I would hope that enough Republican Senators oppose her nomination for no other reason that her being chosen because of her race and gender but I won't hold my breath. My two Senators are useless but will be getting emails anyway expressing my opposition to her nomination. Regardless, this nomination is another reminder of how degraded America has become but it is only the next step in the collapse of a once great nation.

My Current Favorite Putin/Ukraine Meme

Those Wacky Neocons!

"Tell me you don't understand nationalism without telling me you don't understand nationalism"

Tip o' the hat to John Wilder. Read the post, lots of good memeage. 

You might think Jonah is stupid and doesn't really understand nationalism. That would be wrong. Jonah is pretty stupid and evil to boot but he understands the nationalist position. Jonah also is a big believer in nationalism but just for two nations a) Israel and no cost is too high to protect Our Greatest Ally™ and b) anyone who is fighting the Russians. There is a long history of bad blood between neocons and Russia that has little to do with Communism and a lot to do with Khazars and pogroms a long time ago. The neocons have a long memory for insults.

It is also important to continually point out that "Neo-Conservatives" are by and large not "conservative" in any meaningful sense (assume quotes around every use of conservative going forward). However they control the Republican party and almost every outlet that is considered conservative so there isn't an alternative voice. If you paid attention in 2016 you saw the rapid rise of the "alt-right", an alternative right-wing movement that opposed a lot of the neocon agenda, and then you watched it implode in a matter of months. That was not because of antifa, it was mostly sabotage from within the movement by the megalomaniacs and weirdos and the ostracism from the neocon gatekeepers. The public Left in America has never been a formidable adversary but the traitorous fifth column in conservatism? That has been deadly effective for more than half a century. 

Jonah Goldberg doesn't support American nationalism, or nationalism for most White nations, because he doesn't like America and he really dislikes Americans and wants to see us replaced. This is true for most of the neocons, people like David Frum....

Was it something I said?

...and li'l Ben Shapiro, Jonah Goldberg and others. It is a pretty neat trick that the political party that relies on the votes of conservative working and middle class White people is run by leftist elites who hate White people. 

Make no mistake, Jonah Goldberg doesn't care about Ukrainian nationalism or sovereignty and he certainly doesn't care about the people of Ukraine, other than a couple of fellow tribemates in political leadership. He just hates the Russians more and like all neocons is always eager to see young White people killing each other, even more so if their deaths serve the purposes of Israel.

The enemy standing behind you is always more dangerous than the one in front of you and the neocons have been standing behind the American people, stabbing us in the back while pointing their fingers at the Left for my entire lifetime. Never forget this, it will be on the test later. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Welcome To The New Post- Pax Americana World

As World War II ended, the world was in tatters. Europe was destroyed, the Soviet Union had been badly hurt by the Reich, Japan was hammered and China was dealing with a civil war after a brutal occupation. Sitting all alone, mostly untouched and in the catbird seat?


The end of the Second World War ushered in the Pax Americana, the peace ensured by America. Sure there has been precious little actual peace since 1945 but most of the Western world has prospered quite nicely in the interim between 1945 and now. America, Western Europe and Japan became wealthy, advanced nations. 

As Eastern Europe emerged from the Iron Curtain they saw a world that had left them behind. We had Levi's and nice cars and color TV, they had crappy cars and awful clothing. It has been an ugly and sometimes violent reintroduction of Eastern Europe to the world created by their Western cousins. 

With the Soviet Union gone, there really was no military force on Earth that could compare to the U.S. and that has been the reality for most of my adult life. While we struggled with insurgent wars, none of the larger nations would mess with us and our overwhelming superiority in carriers, nukes and technology. Europe had two major conflagrations over the course of 30 years but was mostly peaceful in the 75 years since. This is true in large part because of the Pax Americana that promised overwhelming force in response to an attack on any of our allies. If a nation stepped out of line, like Libya for example or Iraq, we would smash them flat with overwhelming force. No despot wanted to be the next Kaddafi or Saddam Hussein. We kept the peace.

As the world woke up this morning and "President" Joe Biden stayed in bed until lunchtime it became clear:

The Pax Americana is no more.

What that means for us in America is that the world is about to change and we are not going to be in control of how and when it changes.

While I didn't and don't have any interest in picking sides in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it is without question that this never would have happened in the recent past. This is a different America today.

In truth this has been going on for a long time. Reagan for his faults was the last strong President we had. His successor George H.W. Bush was an out of touch pussy. Bill Clinton was a buffoon who couldn't stop chasing tail even in the White House. George W. Bush was an imbecile and an evil imbecile to boot. Obama was and is a globalist puppet. Trump was a loud mouth and braggart who was led around by the nose for four years.

Biden is different. At least Obama would have been on TV last night condemning the attack on Ukraine. He wouldn't have done anything but he would have been visible. Biden disappeared, went to bed and finally emerged this afternoon after a nice bowel movement that apparently required his full attention all morning. 

The world saw clearly what it had long suspected. America is a hollowed out shell, a paper tiger. We are gutted internally and are completely leaderless. Our "President" is an elderly man suffering dementia who was pretty dumb even when he was younger. The VP is a literal whore that no one likes or takes seriously and everyone is trying to force out. Next in line for the Presidency is Nancy Pelosi, a decrepit old gin hag who is sloshed during every waking hour. The guy after that is the Senate president pro tempore, Senator Patrick Leahy who is a sprightly 81 years old. He took office in 1975 when I was 4 years old and has been lurking around ever since. 

America isn't over quite yet, we still have a ton of military firepower and the small matter of thousands of nukes (that we hope would work if we launched them). But our run as the world's only superpower is over and everyone knows it. 

What will replace Pax Americana? No idea but it will likely be multi-polar in nature with a growing dominance in the Russia-China alliance of convenience. Western Europe will begin to rearm, as will Japan, as they no longer feel confident of the protective umbrella paid for by the U.S.. In other words, we will be getting back to where we were on the eve of World War II. That worked out well for everyone, a bunch of nations armed to the teeth and eyeing each other.

Whatever happens we are in a new world order, although maybe not the one George H.W. Bush envisioned. Then again, maybe it is. Either way, we are witnessing the twilight of the Pax Americana and the end of the American century in real time. What comes next will almost certainly be worse for regular Americans and the world.

Please Stop Being Stupid Online

Being a moron online makes it harder for the rest of us and can land you in jail.

This was in the news around here because of an Indiana and Ohio connection....

Three young knuckleheads got tricked, presumably by some Feds online, into plotting to start a race war by shooting up some power stations.

 An Indiana man was among three men who pleaded guilty in conspiring to attack power grids throughout the United States in a plot Justice Department officials said was meant to sow hate, create chaos, and stoke division “all in the name of white supremacy.”

Jonathan Allen Frost, 24, of West Lafayette, Indiana, and Katy, Texas, joined Christopher Brenner Cook, 20, of Columbus, Ohio and Jackson Matthew Sawall, 22, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin in pleading guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists.

“These individuals wanted to carry out such a plot because of their adherence to racially or ethnically motivated violent extremist views,” said Assistant Director Timothy Langan of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. “When individuals move from espousing particular views to planning or committing acts of violence the FBI will investigate and take action to stop their plans.”

Notice that these guys are all relatively young, 20, 22 and 24. They were in an online chat apparently along with likely a ton of FBI glowies plotting to shoot up substations with "powerful rifles" including one identified in the article as an "AR-47". Solid journalism here. The single count they pled guilty to of "conspiring to provide material support to terrorists" could land them in jail for a maximum of 15 years. They didn't do any actual terrorism other than allegedly spray-painting swastikas in Columbus, Ohio, just talking about it and planning it and that could get them 15 years. 

The really concerning thing is that "conspiring to provide material support to terrorists" is awfully vague. Since "Domestic Terrorism" can include things like not liking how much you pay in taxes or protesting peacefully in public, material support is a pretty big umbrella. 

Ultimately these sound like three young guys who were likely egged on by Feds in online chats with people they didn't know and were entrapped into stepping over the line from grumbling about the Great Replacement and into making statements that can be construed as legit threats. Don't Fedpoast and for fuck sake stop chatting about illegal shit with anonymous people in online chats. 

Guys, you aren't going to wake up White people and kick off the boogaloo if you are in prison because an obvious Fed plot ensnared you into saying stupid shit. The Feds are desperate for more arrests to "prove" how dangerous "domestic extremists" are. Don't make their job easier please.

The Fog Of War

One curse of the internet age is that rather than having too little data to work with, the situation for much of my youth where you had to dig through dusty volumes in libraries to find what you wanted, instead we find ourselves drowning in data. Worse, much of it is bullshit.

So what is going on in Ukraine? The reports are incredibly muddled right now. We have some preliminary casualty numbers but those seem awfully low. Where are the Russian troops? Are the Ukrainian forces even fighting back? How long will this go on?

Right now those questions are impossible to answer sitting in front of a computer in Indiana, or anywhere else in the U.S. with some high clearance types excepted. That isn't stopping lots of speculation and general idiocy. 

We have Ukrainian Jew Alexander Vindman demanding that Americans go die to protect Ukraine. Mitt Romney is somehow blaming this all on....Trump and "America First" even though this happened after Trump left office and Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 when Obama was in office. 

Also worth pondering. Since the U.S. is pretty much doing nothing other than finger-pointing at Orange Man Bad, it is confirmation of what most people already knew: the U.S. is rudderless at this point. No one is in charge. While Trump was speaking about the invasion in his usual Trump-way last night, Biden was...apparently in bed. We might hear from him for real this afternoon while some staffer sends vague, meaningless tweets out on his behalf in the interim. What could a leaderless U.S. lead to?

That could be a major flashpoint. The ChiComs (rightly) sense weakness, so if they are going to take their shot at Taiwan, now is the time. Not only is Biden compromised on Ukraine thanks to his crackhead kid getting millions for selling access to the Obama White House, he is also owned by the ChiComs. You probably didn't see this story.....

I am sure that when Da'quandidlio punched some random Asian on the street, it was because he was upset about Chinese spying and not just an innate tendency to random violence. 

"Our goal with this strategy is to take a comprehensive approach that draws on the full extent of our tools and authorities to address the alarming rise in illegal activity from hostile nations," Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olsen of the DOJ's National Security Division said. "This includes growing threats within the United States and to Americans and U.S. businesses abroad."

Instead of countering the widely documented spying by China, the Biden DOJ is pivoting right back to the real threat: White Americans. But a full-scale assault on Taiwan might force the Biden admin to do something and that is a much greater threat than a regional squabble in Eastern Europe. 

Gas prices are sure to rise, Bitcoin and other cyrpto is getting hammered, precious metals are having a good day. All predictable. This guy gets it.

As always, be skeptical, check your sources, don't believe everything you see on social media. Lots of reports of Ukraine using old footage to claim mighty victories against the Russians. Most of what you see is bullshit, treat it as such. Also as always, this is a good time to check the pantry and the gas tank and see what you might need to bolster. This could blow over quickly or it could get awfully ugly, we are only 12 hours into this and Biden hasn't even had his first Ensure/Metamucil cocktail of the day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

That Escalated Quickly

It is hard to know what is true and what is not but it sounds like Russia just curb stomped Ukraine with both feet.

We haven't seen a military action like this, assuming this is true, for a very long time. Maybe since the Korean War?

Reports are coming in of Russians in Odessa...

That is in on the southern coast of Ukraine:

So this is not a limited attack but a knock-out blow.

Predictably this is causing chaos around the world financial markets....

Say hello to $4/gallon gas or higher by the weekend, or $7/gallon gas in California. 

At least we are spared any mean tweets....

Here. We. Go.

I hope you filled your gas tank tonight, I did....

News reports are all over the place but it sounds ominous...

Being Fat Is Bad For Your Health? Who Knew?

Lots of these sorts of "news" stories cropping up this morning, no doubt driven by the need to hit a certain quota of black-interest stories in celebration of "black history month". 

Notice the highlights. Talk about coming out and basically saying this is all bullshit without actually saying this is all bullshit. Also, note the term "pregnancy-related". What does that mean?

Overall in 2020, there were almost 24 deaths per 100,000 births, or 861 deaths total — numbers that reflect mothers dying during pregnancy, childbirth or the year after.

Emphasis in red is mine. If a woman dies within a year of having a baby, it can be counted as "pregnancy-related"? My wife has had 8 children so I know a little about the topic and it seems to me that the only way a woman dying 11 months after giving birth can be considered "pregnancy-related" would be if she was bludgeoned to death with her baby. Otherwise how meaningless can this term be?

Anyway, the story dances around, making innuendos about "structural racism" and a lack of health care for poor people in America, one of the most pampered groups in the world when it comes to access to health care. You have to go all the way to the end of the story to get the real story:

The U.S. maternal mortality rate has more than tripled in 35 years. A decade ago, it was 16 deaths per 100,000 births. It has climbed along with rising rates of obesity, heart disease and cesarean sections, which all increase risks for people giving birth.

Oh, so this is just part of a trend that has been in progress for at least 35 years and is being driven primarily by being lard-asses? Why didn't they just come out and say that?

Obviously because saying people are fat and this is bad for their health isn't useful for a story during "black history month". It also raises another uncomfortable fact: black people are generally speaking more likely to be obese than other races. This was a different story today from the same "news" outfit, WTOL in Toledo. Apparently they didn't notice that the family shown is full of morbidly obese black wahmen, and that might have something to do with their risk of heart disease. I am not a doctor or anything so that is probably just me being racist.

I covered this is a prior post, Pandemic Of The Fat Women Of Color, so I won't rehash the whole thing here but the bottom line is that blacks tend to be the fattest significant racial group in America and it isn't even close. In 35 states, black obesity rates are at least 35%. I wonder if that has anything to do with their health problems?

Nah, it must be the genetic memory of trauma from slavery and Jim Crow laws. Just tear down more statues and name more streets in bad neighborhoods after MLK and this will all go away.

There is no small amount of irony in the realization that people trying to celebrate blackness are actually hurting blacks by attributing their health problems to "racism" instead of to poor lifestyle choices that are easily corrected. 

Don't be a fatass and a lot of your health problems will disappear, from heart disease to maternal mortality. I guess reporting on the obvious isn't all that interesting for the media.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Let's Play "Guess The Mugshot" From The Headline!

The headline:

A few more clues....

Twin sisters in Wisconsin are facing attempted homicide charges while the restaurant worker they are accused of shooting and beating is recovering in a neck brace.

Anthony Rodriguez, 26, says he was the only server working around midnight Jan. 30 at a George Webb location in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He says a few customers became upset over an incomplete order and were asked to leave, but instead, one of them opened fire.

Shot in the face over a $3 hamburger, Rodriguez says he thought his life was over. One of the customers stomped his face while he was on the ground after the shooting.

Give up yet? Who could it be?

Aw, you already figured it out.

Police arrested 20-year-old twin sisters Breanta and Bryanna Johnson.

The lovely ladies in question....

What a pair of charmers!

Not bad enough to have a fit about a missing burger. Not even enough to shoot the poor bastard in the face. Nope, one had to stomp on his head after he was down and on the ground with a bullet hole in his face.

You knew who it was before you even read the post. Only one racial group consistently is responsible for these temper tantrums that turn into lethal violence. All of us have had orders screwed up at restaurants but we don't shoot people in the face and then stomp on their heads afterward. That is because we possess a level of basic human decency. These two? They would have killed a man because of a shitty burger.

Look at their faces and see the utter lack of any humanity. 

Joe Will Save Us!

Busy day for me with work but things are getting spicy over Eastern Europe way. Trying to keep our vehicles full of gas plus a few extra cans around with spare gasoline just in case. Who knows what those idiots might do.

Maybe nothing happens, likely nothing happens but something might happen and ought to be enough for you to raise your personal DefCon up a notch. 

Monday, February 21, 2022

30 Years

Thirty years is a long time. Three decades. 30% of a century.

It is also to the day how long I have been married. On February 21st, 1992 I said "I do" to my best friend and love of my life.

Man, a lot has changed in 30 years. The optimism of 1992 as we came out of the Cold War and into what we thought would be a world marked by peace and freedom has evaporated. The internet wasn't really even a thing yet for most people. We were living in a pretty nice apartment in a pretty bad neighborhood. Less than 18 months later we would welcome the first of our 8 children into the world. 

Since that cold, snowy day in February when my bride had a terrible cold we moved a whole bunch of times, had a bunch of kids, saw ups and downs but always had each other. Some said we were too young to get married with me only being 20 and still in college but despite the doubters and naysayers we have persevered because we believe in each other.

It has rarely been easy and that has almost always been my fault but it has always been worth it.

Two Must Read Posts

First from John Wilder: 

Canada, Lies, and Videotape

It appears some Bolshevik shenanigans have been going on because I had to turn off my virus protection to load his page. I always archive his posts so if you can't load it from the actual url you can go to the archived version here.

As I commented, the lesson from Canada is that the same people in the U.S. want to emulate the Canadian crack-down, going after *actual* peaceful protestors and trampling old ladies with horses. The main thing stopping them are the one billion plus guns we have. That is why they want to take them, not to keep the blacks from gunning each other down but to keep the uppity Whites from defying their edicts. I better stop before I Fedpoast.

The other from Aesop:

Things are in motion. I don't know if this Ukraine thing is going to happen or not but it is a good exercise for checking your preps. Are you ready for a global interruption in communications, food and fuel? I am not as ready as I ought to be, time to look over my own preparedness.

Read both of these, and then maybe read them again and certainly share both of them far and wide.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Links You'll Like

Just a few for your perusal. 

One of the least surprising headlines you will ever see:

A group of Senate Republicans has joined Senate Democrats to demand President Joe Biden import more H-2B foreign visa workers to take working-class, blue-collar American jobs.

On Monday, 17 Senate Republicans signed a letter with 17 Senate Democrats that urges Biden to “release the maximum allowable number of additional” H-2B foreign visa workers to inflate the labor market despite more than 12 million Americans remaining jobless, though all want full-time employment.

The senators also asked Biden to speed up the process so U.S. employers could get foreign visa workers quicker into blue-collar American jobs, often in construction, landscaping, the tourism industry, and other occupations.

If you wonder why Trump never accomplished anything, it was partly because he underestimated how much resistance he would get from his own party. Note also that Rand Paul is one of the signers. This should remind you that libertarianism is a suicide cult

Another story you can figure out just based on the headline:

Another White supremacist no doubt!

Last Friday, someone wrote the words “White” and “Colored” over water fountains at McClatchy High, a reference to the Jim Crow era. The district’s race and equity monitor, Mark T. Harris, told CBS13 a Black female student confessed to the vandalism and cameras caught her in action.

Oh. Don't worry though, it wasn't racially motivated....

Harris stopped short of calling it a racially motivated act.

“I don’t believe those words that were on those water fountains were racist,” Harris said. “I do not believe they were hate crime or hate speech. Part of it quite honestly is because the admitted perpetrator is a young African American woman.”

At least he admits that there is a different standard for White students and black students. A White student would have been immediately expelled for doing this.

A war in East Europe would go great for us.

This is the money quote:

The US National Military Strategy is as much a defense industry-driven wish list of combat systems they want to build, as opposed to a threat-defeating strategy based on US Ground Forces out-matching our peer military adversary. 

The U.S. military buys gear based on what they are told to buy by the MIC with apparently little consideration for whether the gear a) actually works and b) is what is needed for future wars. That is a great way to run an armed forces. I still suspect that in an extended war the U.S. technological superiority would eventually win out but at what cost? We haven't had a steady stream of planes coming home packed with flag draped coffins for a long time, not since Vietnam, and I don't think Americans have the stomach for that in 2022. 

If I didn't know better, I might suspect that we have been getting scammed all along.

You don't say?! No wonder this guy is banned on Twitter.


Deism: Don't Be That Guy

Religion is for most people their most important defining characteristic, something that speaks deeply to who they are as a person. Your religious faith defines how you relate to the world, the rest of humanity and even how you view yourself. Needless to say, when something shakes or changes your religious faith it causes a seismic change in people. Deciding to change the football team you root for isn't quite the same as rethinking your place in the cosmos. 

Different people react differently to these changes. Many fall into apathy and depression. Others wander aimlessly trying different stuff only to discard the latest and greatest when they find something else new. They try to replace their former certainty with a new certainty.

Of course we all probably know "That Guy", the guy who leaves his religious faith and then sees his life's mission as telling everyone he meets that he left that faith and why they should too. It typically is exhibited in an obnoxious, know-it-all attitude. No one likes That Guy and no one really listens to them either. In religious circles they are the equivalent of vegans. You know the joke "How can you tell someone is a vegan? Just wait a minute, they will tell you". The same holds true with That Guy, no matter what he will find a way to work into the conversation that he used to be ignorant but now is super smart.

In my own religious journey I was That Guy for a while, specifically when we got out of mormonism. My opinion of that religion hasn't changed much, I believe it to be a very polite and wholesome appearing religious cult. I spent a lot of time and effort after we left mormonism and joined the evangelical Christian faith telling people that mormonism was an anti-Christian cult and helping to equip people to witness to mormons in an effort to get them to leave their faith. I still think you should leave mormonism, not because it is a heretical sect that denies basic Christian truths, but because it is a genuine religious cult that engages in mental and emotional manipulation. 

Anyway, when I walked away from organized religion I quietly decided on my own to not be That Guy. I am not interested in convincing anyone to abandon their faith, rather I am simply exploring my own in this public forum. While I am happy to talk about why I have turned my back on organized religion, I am not seeking out people to tell them why they should too. 

Far too often what I see from people who have changed or abandoned religion is a grotesque overreaction in the opposite direction, the "I used to be a fundamentalist evangelical but now I support homosexuality, abortion and feminism. Oh, and Orange Man Bad!". If you leave what you see as the cult of fundamentalism and replace it with the cult of wokeness, you aren't any better off and probably are in a worse place. 

Being angry and resentful and mocking people for their deeply held faith might help fill the void in your personality but it doesn't help anyone else. No one is interested in the opinions of an insufferable asshole. I can say that with some authority. 

It doesn't really matter what the specific circumstances are. If you used to be a liberal but now are a conservative or vice versa, or grew up Catholic and then became Protestant or vice versa, or were a fundamentalist but now you're an atheist. Whatever, just don't be That Guy. 

Saturday, February 19, 2022

But Muh Crypto Will Save Me!

This isn't intended to be insulting to anyone, but I simply don't get how cryptocurrency is seen as this silver bullet to smite The Man. While it does provide a certain level of anonymity at the most basic level, it still has to travel over the intrawebz and that means there are chokepoints where the people who ultimately control the internet can get involved.

As police worked to arrest organizers of the convoy blockading Ottawa in downtown streets, a different kind of enforcement was playing out in court, where a group of citizens secured an order freezing millions in assets belonging to convoy fundraisers and organizers.

Convoy leaders are now restricted from moving as much as $20 million in assets tied to the occupation, from bank accounts to fundraisers to cryptocurrency assets, in what’s known as a mareva order that is in effect worldwide, according to the order issued by Justice Calum MacLeod.

“It’s the first time in Canadian legal history that bitcoin and cryptocurrency has been subject to a freezing order,” said the lawyer for the class action, Paul Champ.

I am not sure how the mechanics of seizing crypto would work but I imagine it is possible to accomplish depending on how you purchased and hold your cryptocurrency. 

While I am not saying the crypto has no utility, it certainly has limits and those are on display. If the government of Canada can seize your bank accounts, which is easy, and your crypto, which is harder I assume, then it really should change your notion about how much of "your money" is really "your money". 

There is a reason that they have been pushing so hard to get us to stop using cash and do all of our business electronically and it isn't for your convenience nor is it a fulfillment of some goody eschatology. It just makes it really easy to control people by controlling their ability to buy groceries and gas.

Do you have a moment to talk about Our Lord and Savior Tangible Assets? 

An Wild Bison Appears!

Feast your eyes on the February post from Bison Prepper:

James needs to work on his snappy post titles. 

Welcome To Haiti 2.0: Now With One Billion Guns!

In 2011 I went on a "mission trip" to visit the island nation of Haiti about a year after the earthquake that destroyed so much of the country. I wrote pretty extensively about the experience on my old blog. When I figure in airfare, the trip expenses and the money I donated both before and for years after my trip, my financial investment in Haiti comes to a couple grand.

It is more than a decade after I went on this trip and things are in some ways even worse in Haiti. Just last year Jovenel Moïse, the latest "President" of Haiti was assassinated and in October a group of 17 American missionaries with Christian Aid Ministries were kidnapped and held for ransom, before eventually escaping in December. It is a disaster that never ends, like a perpetual car crash repeated over and over. 

During that decade since my trip the world, most significantly White Christians in America, has poured untold billions in aid and manhours into trying to help this country achieve some semblance of civilization. It has been in vain. The problems in Haiti are not economic or political, they are demographic. 

The only real industry in Haiti is the orphanage-industrial complex, and it is mostly a farce as the overwhelming majority of "orphans", around 80%, have at least one living parent. But orphanages are money magnets. Slap a churchy sounding name on your outfit, plaster pictures of little black kids on your website and add in a few heartstring-tugging stories and watch the money pour in. Some estimates are as high as $100,000,000 annually being dumped into a country with a GDP of under $20 billion annually, with 90% of government revenue coming from some shady "treaty" with Venezuela called Petrocaribe. Apparently this deal allows Haiti to borrow oil and sell it with the promise to return the oil later on but as is always the case in Haiti, the political class has been robbing the fund blind and none of the promised benefits to the Haitian people ever materialized, leading to massive rioting a few years ago. This is the same story over and over as a new President comes into power, promises reform and then loots the foreign aid sent by gullible White people. 

Meanwhile the "orphanage" system is rife with abuse. The same outfit that had missionaries kidnapped last year, Christian Aid Ministries which is an Anabaptist group (Mennonites and Amish mostly), had a missionary named Jeriah Mast who was molesting Haitian kids (and it later was discovered the same guy was molesting Amish and Mennonite boys in Ohio) and leaders in CAM allowed him to keep serving and molesting. As an aside this is a significant problem in "conservative Anabaptist" groups because their closed nature often leads to trying to deal with sexual abuse "in house" and that seems to mean not dealing with it at all. 

I don't consider the money and time I spent trying to help the Haitian people to be wasted because it provided a valuable experience for me to understand some irrefutable facts of human biology. But I also invested a lot of myself emotionally in Haiti and the dawning realization that I was trying desperately to convince myself that what I knew to be true was in fact not true and I should know better. This emotional investment is a major reason why I often return again and again to the subject of Haiti. 

That brings me to the latest video from Jared Taylor and American Renaissance, I reuploaded it to Youtube below but if they nix it, and they might because Jared is pretty based in this video, here is the link to the original video on Bitchute

If you prefer reading you can check it out here: Building Haiti Right Here in the United States. Money quote at the end of the article:

What happens when black behavior becomes the standard? You can coast for a while on the rules white people set up for themselves, but who wants to be the last chump to pay for groceries when everybody else is shoplifting? That way lies Haiti. Even people in El Salvador can see it.

I love that line, who wants to be the last chump paying for groceries? You can bet it will be a White person.

You might be jealous of my enriching experience in Haiti where other than other White missionaries I was the only non-black I saw for days on end. Don't worry if you haven't had a personal experience with life in a third-world country, the third-world is coming to you!

Haiti is considered the only nation to achieve a "successful" slave revolt. At the close of the 18th century, the Haitian Revolution freed the Haitian slaves and essentially emptied their country of Whites. Two hundred years later and Haiti is a basket-case, one of the worst places in the world by almost any measure. While the descendants of freed slaves in America have a standard of living unlike anything in any black-run nation and limitless opportunities, regardless of how rarely they make use of them, Haitians have been mired in an endless cycle of corruption, poverty and violence broken up occasionally by intervention from White nations.

As I have often said, the problem with Haiti is that it is full of Haitians. The few more-clever-than-average Haitians tend to find a way to grift from the donations of gullible Whites, in much the same way clever blacks in America gravitate toward careers in grifting like the clergy, "community activists" or corporate "diversity officers". The rest live lives of hopeless poverty and ignorance, and no amount of mission work or money will fix it. 

The significance of Haiti as Jared points out is that our own country is rapidly taking on similar demographics but with a couple of added twists.

While Haiti is almost entirely populated by people of black African descent, the U.S. is turning into a hodge-podge of different demographic groups that come from a variety of the worst places on Earth: Africa, Mexico, El Salvador, South Asia, the Middle East. These groups all have proven unable of being successful in their own nations and all of them not only hate White people, they also hate the other groups that they see as competitors for the massive looting of the corpse of White America. In other words, all of the bad stuff from around the world inflamed by a racial mix that is incendiary. 

Of course there is also the added bonus of a billion guns. While those guns are of little danger to anyone else in the hands of heritage Americans, as more and more new "Americans" get their hands on them, it becomes ever more likely they will be put to nefarious uses. 

Import the Third World, become the Third World.

This is a truth that all of us are going to become quickly acquainted with.

Friday, February 18, 2022

He Was Right In 1994

He is right in 2022. Jared Taylor old school from '94 where he was asked to testify as an expert witness to the violent tendencies of young black men. The more things change, the more they stay the same....

Can you imagine a mainstream media outlet doing an interview with Jared Taylor today?

The Change In American Gun Culture

Turning 50 is a great excuse for retrospective posts.... 

One of the things that seemed anachronistic to me in my journey through Lucifer's Hammer are the firearms. Written in the 70s there is very, very little detail on the guns other than "shotgun" or "pistol". Later in the 80s we started to see more focus on the specifics of guns as firearms like the Uzi and MAC-10 became really popular in movies like Chuck Norris in Invasion U.S.A., and Arnold in the Terminator movies and untold numbers of other 80s action flicks.

By the way, how can you hope to survive what is coming if you can't pull off this look?

As a kid in the 1970s and 80s I was surrounded by the contemporary gun culture of that era. One of the enduring memories I have as a young kid is my uncle Greg re-enacting shooting a deer each year at Christmas at my grandma's. Later when I was in my teens I would go bird hunting with my dad, my uncle Greg and uncle Bill and my dad's best friend and my namesake. We shot sporting clays and would shoot targets in the sand pits of northern Michigan. I became comfortable with shooting at an early age and learned firearm safety as a rite of growing up.

Our house had a wooden, glass front gun cabinet that wouldn't have withstood a firm yank but it kept me out of my dad's guns until I was old enough to know where the key was kept. I saw it every day and the guns it held. That same gun cabinet is sitting in our house right now, we use it for other stuff and keep the guns in the safe, but I still have it. 

I also remember what was in the gun cabinet. My dad's .22 semi-auto rifle, the 20 gauge 'Matador' Spanish AYA (Aguirre y Aranzabal) side-by-side he bought as a young man with money he earned, and his Ruger semiauto .22. Later he would add a S&W .357 to the mix and I remember the night we went to the local gun gun and bought it. In the 80s a stainless steel .357 magnum revolver was about as cool as it got. Eventually he acquired some nicer shotguns and purchased a gun safe but I can still picture the gun cabinet and the firearms he had.

That mix of guns was pretty typical. Almost everyone I knew had a dad who owned guns, usually at least one pistol, a rifle (often a deer rifle of some sort) and a shotgun. I didn't know anyone who owned an AR-15. No one had a striker fired polymer 9mm with a 15,17 or more round mag capacity. Most home defense pistols were revolvers of some sort or maybe some hammer-fired 1911s or Browning Hi-Power type of guns. In fact I don't think I ever even held an AR until fairly recently.  

My own collection as an adult was heavily weighted toward a similar mix. I had shotguns for hunting and sporting clays. My wife who is a little older than me purchased a .357 stainless revolver when I was still in high school. Later in college I bought a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson Mod. 411 like this one, my first semi-auto pistol.

I didn't even own a single rifle until I bought a Browning A-Bolt in .300 WinMag after college and a Ruger Mini-14 in response to the Clinton era gun ban.

Again, that was fairly typical of gun ownership in the 70s and 80s. This is reflected in a book like Lucifer's Hammer that is far more interested in character development than in lengthy descriptions of tactical gear and weaponry. 

I don't know when to pinpoint the era when gun ownership moved away from "revolver in the nightstand and 30-06 for deer hunting" mode and into "half dozen AR-15s and enough handguns to equip a small city police force" but it has been a gradual change. Look at the NICS check annual data for background checks....

Under 10 million a year from 1998 through 2005, the first year of the Shrub administration's second term. Then it starts to climb. And climb and really, really climb. There were more background checks last year than the first four years of NICS checks combined. And there were even more in 2020. 

People started to buy a shitload of guns breaking 20 million background checks in 2013, the beginning of Obama's second term and there haven't been fewer than 20 million per year since.

Not only are people buying a shitload of guns, the guns they are buying a very different from what I grew up with.

Of course people are still buying hunting rifles, shotguns for bird and clay shooting and wheelguns for the nightstand but that isn't most of what they are buying.

AR-15s, AK-47s, 9mm handguns with mags holding 15+ rounds, cheap and reliable magazines for all of the above. The reliability of even cheap handguns is remarkable. The amount of restrained sheer firepower in civilian hands is unlike anything ever seen. There isn't a precedent for the level of civilian armaments owned in the modern era and you can bet that weighs heavily on the mind of our would-be overlords. 

Not only that but concealed carry has exploded in America. No one I knew carried a gun when I was a kid but today? According to the USCCA, over one million permits for concealed carry have been issued in my state of Indiana, a state with a population of under 7 million or around 16.7% of the population. 
Since about one quarter of residents are under 18, that mean that there are around 5 million adult Hoosiers so more than 20% of all adult Hoosiers have a carry permit. Utah has a 21% license percentage so we need to pump our numbers up.

Even though we have perhaps a million Hoosiers carrying legally at any given time, there has not been the often warned of bloodbath in the streets. There has been a significant uptick in murders, especially in Indianapolis, but almost all of those are committed by blacks who are generally illegally carrying, not by the licensed carry holders. In most states the push is to increase the ease of concealed carry, not make it more restrictive, although in the usual states like California, New York and Washington state there are new gun restrictions endlessly popping up.

Regular law-abiding Americans are armed to the teeth and carrying those firearms with them in public. No longer are guns something relegated to a rack over the fireplace or the nightstand.

Gun culture in America has always had something of a rugged individualist streak to it but in 2022 people aren't buying rifles to shoot a big buck in the fall and a pistol "just in case". The average gun owner is now more akin to the most rabid survivalist of the 90s. It is less about being an outdoorsman and more about expecting that some people are going to need to be shot.

The people we sell to typically have the same basic attitude: things are coming apart and they want to be ready for anything when it does. I rarely speak to an optimistic customer, everyone who has something to say is saying something ominous. This is important: they aren't excited about it or eager for it to happen but they are just being realistic based on what they are seeing. 

Regular Americans are terrifying to the elites and with good cause. We are law abiding and long suffering but not endlessly. We are also in possession of the greatest arsenal of small arms mankind has ever seen. They are right to fear us.