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Your NRA Dues At Work

If you missed this, good old Wayne LaPierre of the NRA is in some trouble, hopefully like jail time trouble, for treating the NRA like his own personal piggy bank including paying some chick to arrange flights for him to the tune of millions of dollars. Just to book flights. Check this out:

Not one red cent to the NRA, not until they purge literally everyone in the executive ranks. All of them, even if there might be a good one, they all have to go. Maybe then they can re-earn the trust of the firearms community but until then they are dead to me and ought to be to you as well. 


  1. Anonymous

    this reminds me of something my mom said about them a very long time ago, "if they a gun rights group, why are they help write the gun laws to restrict our gun rights ? " didn't hit me at the time.
    but looking back into history of it all, THEY did help draft the gun laws going back to the one in 1934 that everyone hates today. again in 1968 (mom quote) and then again in 1986 .
    so where are they helping ? seems to me they more on the side of the dc clowns than us

  2. 4hawks

    Them Bison's is everywhere, including a new article out, crew. LaPierre missed his calling as an evangelist. I never did like talkers that use their index finger all the time.

  3. Salth Cracker

    I made it to Endowmment member level before Wayne backed down from his "jack booted thugs" comment. I saw then that he was a pussy and have not sent them a dime ever since. (used to send thousands to the ILA every year) What would John Bowman do?

  4. Tactless Wookie

    I've been a Life Member for years. Like others here used to donate regularly. Not a dime of my money will ever go to the NRA until they both clean house and regain my trust will real work on behalf of our 2A rights.

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