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Woke AI Public Radio

As someone who once listened to NPR, and I mean all the time, it was initially distressing to see it so diminished by endless purity spiraling about “climate change” and “gay rights” but since the election of Orange Man Bad? NPR has gone completely off the rails into cartoonish wokeness. Watch this clip from Tucker and see just how bad it is, I agree that it often seems like they are creating stories using a woke AI algorithm to hit as many talking points as possible. NPR was once moderately serious and interesting, now it is just hilarious. 

The best part? That NPR’s audience is 84% White. The NPR audience is the most privileged White community in America, people who listen to NPR with a mask on in the car, nodding sagely as the host deconstructs the racism inherent in pudding. 
One of the great failures of “conservatism” was failing to defund NPR when it had the chance. 


  1. Anonymous

    my mom used to listen to it years ago. like over 50 plus years. they used to be good back then from what I do remember of it. ralph collier (?) I think he name was. but like I said, it WAS A LONG TIME AGO. I have not listen to them in years, like since 1972 (?) maybe. do not own a tv set or even watched the news in years now. learned a long time ago they where lying to us.

  2. Greg

    I can thank Bill Clinton for weaning me off of NPR. I used to listen to All Things Considered way back when, and when Clinton was elected president, the mere sound of his voice made my skin crawl. So every time I tuned in ATC, I'd listen until the obligatory sound bite from BC, and then *click* off went the radio. It got so that it was every day within the first minute of the show. It took a long time for my redneck roots to come out, but boy howdy, they have with a vengeance.
    I dearly love classical music, and as most classical radio is NPR, I will listen, but not one thin dime of contribution to the communist public broadcasting.

  3. Anonymous

    It's a shame that the most conservative musical tradition, classical, is saddled to the most leftist drivel to be found on the air.

  4. George True

    I first started listening to NPR some 35 years ago when I was in grad school working on a master's degree. I thought it made me sophisticated. Gradually, over a period of several years, I began to feel increasingly uneasy whenever I was listening to their news coverage. It eventually dawned on me that in their reporting, America was always a bad country, with bad people, who always did the wrong thing. (This was during the Reagan years and the GHW Bush years.)

    Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day, and even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while. And I eventually realized that America, if only by accident, had to have done one or two things right over the generations, right? But not according to NPR, and especially not during a Republican presidency.

    Once I identified why their reporting made me feel uneasy, my full revulsion kicked in. Nobody likes to discover that someone they trusted has been lying to them for a long time. I realized that NPR had been engaging in all manner of lies all along. Not only out and out lies, but also lies by omission. I finally saw NPR for what it really was, which was nothing but a slick leftist confidence operation from start to finish. (Thank God I never donated to them.)

    My epiphany about NPR was some thirty years ago. Since then, as noted by other commenters, it has gotten far, far worse. What concerns me most is this. I was raised by two parents who always voted Republican and who had traditional, mainstream, Midwestern American values. (The kind of values that are falsely labeled as far-right extremist values today.) If NPR was able to fool someone like me for a period of years, how easy must it be for them to completely brainwash and indoctrinate your typical young person today? In my case, my upbringing eventually kicked in, and I was able to see that I had been conned. But the average youngster today does not have the kind of solid values instilled into them from an early age like some of us were lucky enough to have. And it is these NPR listeners who become the NPC's that no amount of incontrovertible evidence can sway, and no level of cognitive dissonance can reach.

    NPR is a highly effective brainwashing operation, funded by our own money extracted from us under duress, which broadcasts anti-American, anti-Christian, and pro-Communist propaganda. The damage that has been done and which continues to be done by them isincalculable. I pray daily for their destruction.

  5. daniel_day

    The morning after Kip Kinkel took a Ruger 10-22 into his high school cafeteria and murdered 2 of his classmates, wounding 25 others, the local NPR reporter described him as using a "machine gun".
    They never got a penny from me.

  6. Levi Garrett

    I hate NPR. It seems like radio for liberal sophisticates that want to be perceived as hip or enlightened. As stated above, they are anti-trad. Whenever I listen to it (not by choice anymore, like in a co-worker's truck), they seem to always be running stories about oddball people/groups like underpaid transgender lesbian migrant cotton pickers in Indonesia, or some such nonsense. Aside from their crappy content, the very sound of the station grates on me. The "men" have nasal, high-pitched voices, and the "women" sound like men. Half the time, I have trouble determining the sex of the one doing the talking (except for Click and Clack of "Car Talk"…they were actually useful and entertaining). NPR is the soundtrack of dystopia.

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