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What Do We Know That Is Truly True?

It is not just liberals….

Ron, your first mistake was considering liberals as friends…..
One of the most startling and uncomfortable discoveries that have accompanied middle age is that rather than being more wise and settled in my knowledge, I am instead discovering more and more that a great deal of what I have known all of my life to be true is in fact not true or at least I don’t have the full story.  It is also becoming quite apparent that all of this is intentional. It isn’t just sloppy reporting done by low IQ media types, it is willful misrepresentation. 
The “Kamloops Indian school mass graves in Canada” story is a great example. If you prefer to read, here is an in-depth look: In Kamloops, Not One Body Has Been Found
If you prefer to watch, here is a great video that references the same information:

The basic gist is as follows: some bimbo “academic” declared that there *could be* graves of *up to* 215 Injun kids at this school from last century. Or the could more likely be tree roots. No one seems to know and not one single body has actually been discovered. That hasn’t stopped the government of Canada from rending their garments and donning sackcloth and ashes and of course it hasn’t stopped the Injuns in Canada from demanding money. The grift never stops and it is likely no one will ever investigate to see if this is true, nor will any retractions be made. Nevertheless, most people who are aware of this story will assume it was true because the government acted like it was true and because it fits with what the *know*, namely that White people were mean to innocent Indians. 
Fortunately many people had their bullshit monitor going off from the get-go on this story. Anytime a story seems too perfectly suited to the narrative it is almost certain that it is bullshit (see: Smollett, Jussie). Unfortunately too many people don’t have a functioning bullshit monitor and they just believe whatever they are told.
There are plenty of other examples of “facts” that *everyone knows* are true that are in fact not true and often the opposite of the truth. A personal favorite example is that it is common knowledge that mass shooters are most often White men. Of course that is also not true, not even close, as you know if you read here very often. The vast majority of mass shootings are committed by black men and White men at best come in a very distant second despite Whites being the majority in America. Based on what I was seeing last year it is quite likely that mestizos have supplanted Whites in second place on the mass shooting hierarchy. 
Or everyone knows that the buildings that collapsed on September 11th were caused by plane hitting them but few people wonder why a 47 floor building known as “7 World Trade Center” collapsed not from being struck by planes but as a result of debris hitting it and causing a number of fires. For some reason a massive structure between two other buildings collapsed in on itself thanks to some fires, not fires caused by burning jet fuel which allegedly was sufficient to collapse the two towers, but regular fires caused by debris while all of the other buildings surround the WTC were damaged but didn’t collapse.

Not to go too far down the rabbit hole but according to reports in the BBC, 7 WTC remains “the first and only steel skyscraper in the world to collapse because of fire.”. Weird huh? But we all know that it just collapsed because of the planes that hit two different buildings. 
There are plenty of contemporary examples but as you go farther back into history, when records become sparse and we lack things like video evidence, it becomes apparent that there are just a lot of *indisputable historical facts* that are anything but indisputable or facts at all. 
Oddly, there are an awful lot of things that fall into this category that you are not allowed to question at all.
Whether it is something now or something in the past, when you are not allowed to so much as ask a question about it, that should set off warning bells. It is a reliable saying that something that is true does not fear examination. In fact it is only by critical examination that anything can be considered true in any sense. 
Ask yourself what you really know for sure is true. Then ask what you aren’t allowed to question. See where the lines cross. 
Question everything. Test everything. Especially what you aren’t supposed to test and question. You might just find, as I am finding, that there is a lot that is not what you have been told.


  1. Anonymous

    it kind of funny in a sick way, but dear old dad told me about the jap planes hitting our ships during the last part of ww2. he was there. funny how a plane with some gas in it and a 550 pound bomb would hit the ship and the ship kept going, they did kill a LOT of men though. never really bought the whole plane crash and falling building thing myself. I done both building and destroying things. takes a hell of a lot to destroy steel and concrete. and the other building, number 7 ?
    that came down like it was wired to go. here the thing, airline stocks dropped like a rock, but defense stocks went up like a rocket right afterwards. see who bought and sold what stocks and you find out some things people do not want you to know. like that thing with the nut case mcveigh or whatever his name was, we to believe anfo blew that hole ? right.
    and the patriot act was written BEFORE the planes hit. they need the planes to hit to get it passed.
    read your history and you never trust any gov't.

  2. Anonymous

    Word. Any time I hear the phrase "the science is settled" it tells me that the 'science' is anything BUT settled. Like an old jewish man putting up his hands and insisting "Fertig!" all it means is, I am done discussing this subject and will no longer listen to reason.

    People are phucking stupid, and they latch on to whatever fantasy they wish to believe. It might hurt or contradict favored beliefs to investigate further, so most will not even bother. The notion of "knee-jerk" liberals very ably describes numerous [female] members of my own extended family, none of whom will EVER grasp the truth about base human nature and the evil that non-Whites do until it is forcibly thrust upon them.

    I really do not wish ill on ignorant innocents, but how else will they ever learn?

  3. Anonymous

    In high school there was an incident that I witnessed and then the media reported it completely different. Thsts when i reslized that they lie like a cheap whore. Another 30+ years of life experiences has not changed my mind.


  4. James M Dakin

    Believe me, I still share everyone's outrage over ignorant scum covering the planet surface like maggots on meat. But, because isn't this what we are supposed to be doing, being honest with ourselves, you do have to acknowledge that basic human nature is to lie to ourselves. Being honest requires training and practice and goes against that. The average Barely Close To Three Digits IQ human lies to themselves all day long to get along in the hive of monkey's. They lie to themselves about a spouses love ( when the facts speak otherwise ), they lie about their job security, and etc. Self delusion is the best propaganda. We need to try to not get too worked up over their stupidity, because they worked hard to cultivate that and keep it going, and will just resent your efforts to make them uncomfortable around reality. Lord, the absurdity! Got to learn to enjoy it.

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