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We Wuz Inventorz An’ Sheeit

This is just funny stuff….

As usual, they come across like idiots by claiming that blacks “invented” these 15 items when in fact at best they only improved an existing invention in 14 out of 15 cases, with the one legit invention being the ice cream scoop with the little handle that pops out the ice cream. What is worse, this diminishes the actual work done by the blacks in the video because now their “inventions” have been debunked. 
The low self-esteem you have to have to take credit for the work of others is awful. 


  1. Karl

    Excellent video. A shame someone has to take the time to correct the dumb statements of others.

    And I find it racist that the guy in yellow focused only on skin color of patent holders.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry, couldn't watch past the point where Poopypants spreads the manure about a member of the race that never discovered the wheel or developed a written language somehow conjuring the light bulb.

    Couple of things here. First, since I haven't watched TV in a decade and as a rule skip any and all videos online, this was the very first time I ever heard asshole biden's voice. It's about what I expected.

    Second, it made me laugh to hear the kneegrow insist that some soopergenius homeboy came up with the light bulb. It reminded me that one of my son's early contemporaries, way back when we lived in a "diverse" community, told me with a perfectly straight face that Thomas Edison "stoled" all of his inventions from his slaves, who were the actual innovators and geniuses. Still get a chuckle out of that one.

    Third, did the off-color history revisionist get around to the two most-often claimed black innovations of modern times, the 3-way traffic light and the SuperSoaker? Lord knows that our exquisitely engineered BMWs and Maseratis would be nothing but smoking ruins at every streetcorner were we not blessed by the superior kneegrow intellect that allegedly gave us Green-Yellow-Red. And just TRY to imagine life as we know it today without the SuperSoaker.

    I'll give them credit for purple drank and jenkum, though.

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