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The Not-So-Hidden Costs Of Diversity

For something that is Our Greatest Strength, diversity is awfully expensive. 

Yesterday brought a bunch of stories all at once about trains being looted, right in broad daylight.
I first saw it at Bayou Renaissance Man: So much for the security of rail freight… and the comment thread was pretty decent.
Peter linked to a thread with videos of the utter devastation left behind be these “people”. Here is a sample…..

There are lots of videos from mainstream news sources like this one….
Mrgunsngear posted a video purporting to be from Chicago….
Everyone looting that train has something in common, can you guess what it is?
On the other hand, there are several high volume rail lines near us and they park those trains full of containers for hours on end. You never see anyone looting these cars and you don’t see empty packages strewn along the tracks. Why not?
One word: demographics.
See, we don’t generally even think about looting train cars or taking stuff because it isn’t our stuff to take. That is a novel concept for some demographic groups but it is just second nature for us. That helps explain why we can build and maintain a free and civil society for centuries while others can’t maintain what we built for more than a few years.
When this stuff gets stolen from railcars, what happens? I assume that the basic gist is that Amazon or whoever shipped the package files a claim and the railroads eat the cost. In other words it is a cost of doing business. But that money doesn’t just magically appear. No, it is part of the total cost of shipping so CSX and Union Pacific and whoever else build the cost of package losses into their total shipping prices. Those prices get passed on to Amazon or REI and they in turn add those costs back to the consumer. 
Oh, you thought that you really got “free shipping”? No you don’t, you just pay for the shipping in the cost of the item instead of as a separate line item on your invoice. Nothing is “free”, you pay for it one way or the other. In the same way the losses incurred when trains are looted in diverse neighborhoods gets passed right on to you via the prices you pay.
The looting of train containers is just one small example of the enormous burden that “diversity” places on our society. It isn’t something we see directly but it is there. The huge cost of inner city schools, the various social welfare programs, the innumerable gun shot victims in city hospitals, the prisons bursting at the seams with black and brown inmates. Those are just the obvious costs, there are plenty more in nearly every aspect of our lives, all subsidizing diversity and our obsession with dysgenic breeding and the costs of a society getting dumber by the day. 
Far from “our greatest strength”, forced diversity is the anchor that is holding us back and soon will bring our entire civilization to a grinding halt.


  1. Anonymous

    My land borders a rail line, they have a siding here they use for railcars regularily. Usually they are cars they had to drop because of wheel issues. A few days later a crew comes out and fixes then away they go.
    The other side of the tracks in a reservation and there are dozens of houses within 100 meters of the siding.

    In 20+ years no one from either community has looted a parked train car and only once have they had a guard… that was for the tanker car with the Jack Daniels logo on the side.

  2. Anonymous

    I grew up a few miles from the old Pennsylvania/Penn Central RR yard in Cincinnati's East End. Up until the yard finally closed in the late 70's nothing like this ever happened. The neighbor around the yard was made of working class Irish & after WW2, Southern Appalachians. Back then, the boxcars were a lot easier to break into & they contained a lot of big ticket consumer products like TV sets, liquor, sporting goods, etc. Only one railroad police officer assigned to the yard per shift. There were no cameras or sensor devices & a fence along Eastern Ave. Most people had enough sense back then not to trespass on railroad property which in some jurisdictions,is a felony. Also back then, the auto transport cars had no covers & you didn't see all this graffiti on the rolling stock.

    At least all the shit the groids are stealing is made in China. Keep in mind, that's both good & bad.

    P.S. Saw the post about what happened in Cincy back in 2017. It's so nauseating, I can't even comment, 4 years later!

  3. Brian E.

    Prices paid 'in store' are impacted by shoplifting as well – up until the point that the retailer decides it's just not worth the effort to lock up everything in the store, and having to pay to repair/rebuild every time some group of 'customers' decide to break the windows out for easy entrance/egress – and/or torches the place if they're not happy with 'customer service'. Heck, maybe even if they are.

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