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The Next War Is Gonna Be Great!

The Air Force kind of gets a bum rap for being a little….softer….than the Army or Marines. Their unis are hideous and not a ton of them are involved in direct combat. But even the Air Force has their own special ops group. As is the case with most of the special forces types, it is a sausage fest as generally speaking only men have the requisite physicality to survive the training. That makes the woketards upset so it is a priority to force women into these roles even when they can’t hack the training. The Air Force got in on the plan to vagina-fy their special ops but got caught cheating:

If a dude quits even one time? He is gone, I presume this is true for all of the various special ops teams. I doubt a guy who quits during Navy SEAL training gets to try again. But multiple times?

Mosby had quit the grueling training multiple times, according to the letter posted on social media, only to be reinstated by the leadership of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and the 24th Special Operations Wing.  

She quit twice in water confidence sessions and once during land navigation training, the letter claims, and soon, she ‘became known for quitting and getting preferential treatment.’ 
“Water confidence” is a nice way of saying “Swimming the length of a pool with your hands and feet bound”. It looks like this.

No. Fuck no.
Even Zioclops Dan Crenshaw had a fit….
The letter has since drawn the attention of Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL, who wrote on Twitter: ‘We cannot sacrifice training standards. Ever. Full stop.’

‘If this account is true, our military needs to address it now.’ 
This is Ms. Mosby

Not just a woman but a black woman. You know the upper echelon was salivating at having her pass the special ops training. Based on her profile from her time at the Air Force Academy she was a hell of an athlete, breaking a bunch of records in track for distance running. So she was likely the best the Air Force could come up with and even still she couldn’t hack it. Neither could I even when I was her age and in shape, mainly because I can’t really swim even without my hands and feet tied together, but no one would have given me three extra chances to complete the training. 

I am sure there are still a ton of super lethal soldiers in the armed forces, guys who can kill you dozens of different ways and are masters of warfare. The issue to me is that it seems that the more we water down the ranks with people who are selected for the most kinetic roles because they make the demographics look “better”, the harder it will be for the actual tip-of-the-spear types to cover for them in a real war. You sure don’t want Captain Mosby to quit on you when you are in the field with no support and so yeah, I imagine the rest of the candidates for AF special forces were absolutely pissed that some of their better qualified buddies didn’t make it but this chick was being pushed through. 
On the other hand, anything that makes the military weaker will help us when they inevitably try to turn them on the civilians.
As bad as it is right now, just imagine how it will be in five years. Why would any self-respecting White guy want to join the armed forces today?


  1. catfish

    Swimming with your hands and feet tied requires a modified dolphin kick. Not fun to do. It was optional. I was challenged to do it by a couple of Army Rangers I knew. But when you're 17, crazy and in JROTC the words "No" just don't exist. Lmao 17 was a great year.
    These types of articles make me weep for what we have lost.
    Stay warm.

  2. George True

    "As bad as it is right now, just imagine how it will be in five years."

    I imagine that a lot of our armed forces personnel will be either dead or disabled in five years as a result of the not-a-vaccine shots they were forced to take.

  3. James M Dakin

    Army Ranger school was already known as an officer ticket punch, forty years ago. And the MP's already had girl and NeeGrow quotas. I know, not special forces. But it was during a far more dangerous time. I just kept hearing worse stories ever since then, so this is little surprise. Hell, bitches to West Point was a huge thing at the time.

  4. BigCountryExpat

    Blacks tend to make up less that 2% of ALL SF

    The demands are too much… the intelligence tends to be the ultimate disqualifier… Average IQ (before they stopped testing for it) for an SpecOps operator (for the most part runs to the 90% top end of the spectrum… Geniuses are not uncommon…)

    I've known quite a few Spanish Operators
    I've literally met ONE black SpecOps Operator (Marine Force Recon)
    Otherwise, an all-ugly Whyttepeepo Operation.
    Jes' Sayin'

  5. Greg

    Been saying for many years that I've met women who could be Navy Seals, but they DO NOT look like Demi Moore. Back in my bad old days hitchhiking, I met a gal named Helen. Her day job was pulling greenchain in a lumber mill. Her idea of entertainment on a Friday night was to go to a biker bar and pick a fight. Thanks, but no thanks. I've got a good nose for trouble and I'm GONE before it starts.

  6. Anonymous

    I remember bobbing up and down for a full half hour doing dumb shit back in the day. inside pool in nov. got really cold every time the door opened and it opened a lot too.
    I will say they had 2 or 3 life guards on each side of the pool. guess it would look bad if a few of us drowned. swimming was done with a "rubber duck" M16 thing that weigh like 10 pounds or more.
    and it took 2-3 days for your boots to dry afterwards too. now, I know better and would never do such dumb shit again !

  7. badboybrody

    Lol I did till mastered the technique. But there isn't much quit in me. I used to be a fairly good swimmer in my youth. Lifeguard, scuba certified. Now, I haven't swam in years. Lungs issues, etc.

  8. Mike Guenther

    Back in 1976 during Air Force basic training, recruits were given the opportunity to try out for the Air Force Para Rescue squadron. These are the guys that rescue downed pilots. They go to all the same schools that the other special forces go through.

    I tried out for it and even though I was in good physical condition, I didn't make it through the preliminary testing. I definitely had the intelligence. According to my pre enlistment testing, there were only three jobs I didn't qualify for and two of them were because of physical limitations…wearing glasses.

    When I was a kid living in San Diego, one of my folk's best friends was a black Marine First Lieutenant. He was in Marine Recon and also taught hand to hand combat. He used to carry a few 4 inch thick cement blocks in the trunk of his car. A couple of times, I saw him take one out and break it in half with his head or hands. Pretty bad ass son of a gun.

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