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The Kameltoe Gambit?

The political class is a all a-twitter over news that decrepit old liberal Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, is retiring. This will give the current “President” his opportunity to replace the reliably liberal and wrong on every issue (but I repeat myself) old Jewish guy with a more diverse and therefore much more betterer justice. Biden promised to appoint a black wahman to the Supreme Court, so it is likely that the choice will be some flavor of African and if she is a degenerate of some sort, even better.

But it is not just a chance for a black wahman to be appointed to the SCOTUS but also maybe a way to solve a thorny problem for Democrats. Rumors are swirling about short lists of possible contenders but one name keeps popping up:

The Whore Of Babylon herself, Kamala “Ankles Up!” Harris, the half black, half Indian woman who has set a new standard for being unpopular. Not only is Harris a literal political whore she is also dumb as a box of rocks….
According to the article, she doesn’t think it is a big deal:
Harris says she recently consoled a young law graduate who also didn’t pass; ‘I told her, it’s not a measure of your capacity.
Sorry Kamala but that is exactly what it is. The bar exam is a final barrier to ensure that people who graduate from law school actually learned what a lawyer should know. The same thing exists for all professional occupations, the CPA exam and medical boards for example, all designed as safeguards against incompetence. We already know that lots of people are accepted into professional schools and lots of people are pushed through colleges so these exams are a final way to weed out the affirmative action types before they enter the workforce.
As many people have noted, Kamala is a huge problem for the Left. She is incredibly dumb and also unpopular but she also won’t leave on her own so they can push out Biden. This would be a way to get her permanently out of the way and allow them to put Biden’s replacement into the VP slot, let that person stick around for a little bit and then shove Grandpa Child Sniffer down a flight of stairs. There is already rumor that the South Bend Sodomite Pete Bootygag is the favorite to replace Harris. 
Of course all of this could be a distraction and the real pick might be some super radical black Marxist chick. It won’t change the balance on the court but it will shift the left-wing of the court even further left. I expect the announcement will happen quickly and then the real circus begins as Republicans gets some revenge for the Kavanaugh hearings. 


  1. Anonymous

    What, no mention of cankles? I thought that was the punchline right from the start: Bury unpopular Kamelho' in SCOTUS, install Shrillary Clittin' as VP (since she can't get elected on her own) and then throw senile ol' Joe a My Pillow party. Result? The salmon-scented lesbiance that the left has been drooling for since 2016. They could even hit up heap big hokum Elizabeth Warren to be Clittin's veep to round out the no-sausages-allowed I'm-With-Her drama club production.

    They'll show US that stronk independent wymmyns don't need no man.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    " … the real circus begins as Republicans gets some revenge for the Kavanaugh hearings."

    Ahhhh, Mr. Sido, that was a good one! Cracked me up! Republicans get some revenge? The only revenge Republicans ever get is against the likes of you and me.

  3. Skipperdaddy

    I cant help it. I laughed my ass off when I read the headline. How far politics have fallen in the US. We are in free fall when the gubmint comes right out and says, ( in Slim Pickens/Blazing Saddles ) “Well, we gonna hire us a nigger.” Unreal. None of this matters anyway. Its all short timing.

  4. FSK

    They need Harris as the tiebreaker in the Senate. If the Republicans all vote together, they can block any replacement VP from being confirmed. After midterms, the Speaker of the House will be a Republican. Without Harris, 2nd in line for President would be the Republican Speaker of the House.

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