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The Chicongo Final Tally

The year end numbers are in for Chicago and it is grim….from Hey Jackass! 

Over 840 people murdered in Chitown for the year, a 6% increase from the slaughter last year alongside a 9% increase in the total number of people shot. The vast majority of those murdered, over 81%, were black and an additional 14% were mestizo. 

As a reminder, Chicago is about 1/3 black, 1/3 White and a little over 1/4 mestizo…

…and yet blacks make up the vast majority of murder victims and at least as high a percentage of the murderers, while Whites who make up 1/3 of Chicago residents are only around 3.3% of murder victims. 
This is the case across the country. 

Mr. Price was one of 71 people whose deaths were ruled a homicide in Toledo this year, a record number after the city set a previous record of 61 homicides in 2020.
That is a huge number for Toledo, a smallish Midwestern city that has been hollowed out over my lifetime as Whites moved out of the city to the suburbs, leaving behind the black underclass who have been gradually becoming more openly violent with each passing year. 
Meanwhile in the state capital of Indiana, Indianapolis, the slaughter has been incredible…

…The killings brought Indianapolis to 271 homicides for the year with just one more day left in 2021.

And the shooting was just the latest in a week that has seen eight people die from gun violence since Sunday.
I don’t think there was anyone murdered yesterday but Indy was already way past their previous murder records. 
Philadelphia has been on a torrid pace for murders all through 2021 and the City of Brotherly Love shows no sign of slowing down in 2021. 

On the streets of Philadelphia, 2022 began where 2021 left off. It took less than 3½ hours for 14 people to be shot, two of them killed in separate violent outbursts. One of the dead was only 16 years old….

….The gun violence followed a year during which Philadelphia hit an all-time high for homicides. In 2021, at least 560 people were slain, a bigger tally than in more heavily populated cities including New York and Los Angeles.
The list goes on and on and on…
It is also the news story that should dominate the headlines but will quickly fade from memory. Odd that black lives don’t seem to matter when Orange Man Bad isn’t President….


  1. Anonymous

    They want to blame US for the horrific black-on-black murder rate.

    They want US to do something about that horrific rate.

    But they also want US to stop incarcerating violent, felonious, homicidal niqqas in the name of 'equity' and 'justice'. They want US to assume responsibility for their murderous behavior and somehow make it all go away.

    They want what they want (safety from one another) when they want it. And they don't want what they don't want (bad optics) as it makes them look bad.

    YT, you are PHUCKED when you try to help these impulsive, infantile creatures. And you are PHUCKED when you throw up your hands in disgust, recognizing that their situation is hopeless. Why don't you just accept that theirs is a failed race, doomed to extinction, and move on? Why prolong the inevitable?

    Personally, I'd like to have that 22 TRILLION dollars back that we've wasted since I was a boy, trying to coax these perpetual savages into evolving to minimum civilized standards. It has not worked. Without the anchor that Africans have been to this nation since the end of the Civil War, we could literally have achieved paradise on this earth.

    Instead, White people argue between themselves about how best to appease this useless, non-performing segment of the population, ruled entirely by their loins, who barely register as sentient on the cognitive scale. Utter madness.

  2. Anonymous

    just think of the poor starving kiddies ! well, IF we stop paying for said kids, they would not have them. just like all those posters asking for money to feed the kids of every 2rd world shit hole.
    from what I have seen is this, 1) they get money or food, then they make more kids. 2) more starving kids for the posters (??) here a thought, stop sending food and money down a shit hole. let nature take it's course and weed out a few million of them. it time the problem sorts itself out.
    I grew up in philly. it was a nice town for a while, along came LBJ GREAT FUCK UP and things started to change, a lot. what used to be a nice blue collar working class area became a shit hole inside of 20 years. and that was quite a while back. starting mid 1990's you would feel safer in a war zone.
    getting a ccw was a waste of time there. normal people could not get one. carried one anyway myself.
    anyone getting on the subway was taking a risk, more so after dark. like big time risk !
    philly has the big old schools bringing in the cash these days, all the factories are long gone.
    the u of penn has the 4th LARGEST POLICE FORCE in the state. crime stats at the schools are under tight control. they can not have the parents of todd and buffy knowing their kid has a 60% chance of getting raped or worse there. the schools are mostly clean and bright, but just outside the brothers are waiting for their prey to do something stupid. left there and never looked back.
    it doesn't matter who you vote for there either, that game was fixed a long time ago. who ever pays the most wins in that city. just look at the mayors there, everyone of them is very well off today.
    back rooms deals are the way things get done there.
    the other thing people don't seem to understand is that they will travel to find prey. crime in way up in the burbs around cities like philly and others. not going to get better any time soon either.
    if jamal gets a slap on the wrist for whatever, he going to see what else he can get away with.
    he has to learn to fear the so called victims only then will this shit slow down.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    … White people argue between themselves about how best to appease this useless, non-performing segment of the population, ruled entirely by their loins, who barely register as sentient on the cognitive scale….

    One facet of the problem is "I dont see color" Baby Boomers. I hate Boomers more than the niggers. After all, niggers are gonna nigger like a snake will be a slithering snake or an alligator will be a chomping alligator.
    But Boomers will consciously sell your children down the river for their virtue signaling. Boomers dont do self reflection any more than niggers do impulse control (not that degenerate boomers have a lot of impulse control, see, i.e. AIDS). Oh, and the Beatles suck.
    Whites are not fungible. Swedes and English seem to invite thier
    self-destruction. Hungarians, Poles, Russians, and I guess Slavs in general are much more based.
    Self hating "I dont see color" whites, Boomer or not, need to be brought to the front of woodchipper line.

  4. George True

    A boomer is simply someone who was born between I think 1947 and 1964. Something like 73 or 75 million Americans. Within that population sub-set, are all kinds of different people. Blue collar and white collar, conservative and bleeding heart leftist. To say that boomers and ONLY boomers are to blame for the depredations of the negro races is inaccurate and mistaken.

    No boomer voted for any part of LBJ's 'Great Society'. We were all still well under 18 years of age. No, the ones who voted for the politicians who concocted the feel-good Pollyanna programs that started America on this destructive path were the so-called 'Greatest Generation', the ones who supposedly saved the world in WWII.

    And the wypeepo who were out in the streets in the summer of 2020 demanding that ONLY black lives matter were mostly in their 20's…..not sure what generation that is called. I suppose you could blame their parents, but even those would be primarily in their 40's, still too young to be boomers.

    Can we just say that it is the shift-for-brains leftists and Marxist sympathizers across ALL generations of Americans who bear responsibility and just leave it at that? To assign blame to one particular age group of Americans is complete nonsense as it is not backed up by any empirical evidence.

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