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That’s A Wrap

SHOT Show is over and based on what I saw from the videos, gotta say I was pretty underwhelmed. A couple of goofy things no one should have made, some different stuff that was basically just a modification of what already existed. Nothing innovative really, I am glad we didn’t spend a bunch of money to go out and see this stuff while being forced to wear a mask. My favorite part of the coverage was when Classic Firearms went to the Glock booth and talked about….Glock trivia?

Not an actual Glock anywhere in sight, just an old guy with a fantastic moustache talking Glock trivia. It looks like they didn’t even get into the actual booth itself. I guess once you have seen one ugly, blocky Glock pistol you really have seen them all. Some bigger, some smaller, different calibers but all the same thing. The Glock people at the NRA annual meeting a few years back were the same way, they mostly stood around talking to each other and ignoring the little people who actually buy their handguns. When you sell millions of handguns to police departments, you apparently don’t have to care much about retail consumers. 
It sure seems like the industry is kind of stale right now and also likely in something of a holding pattern, modifying stuff instead of brand new products, and that makes sense given we don’t know what the near future holds for gun rights. Kudos as always to Palmetto State for bringing some new products out, even if their launch is not always the best, but at least they are trying. 
On the other hand, I would be happy to see these outfits just concentrate on production right now, getting what consumers need out to them. We don’t need yet another goofy new caliber but we do need to see ammo prices come down. You still can’t get 5.56 for much less than $.50 per round so a brand new caliber isn’t really all that interesting to me.
Depending on the midterm elections, next year might be more exciting but if they midterms go as I suspect, SHOT Show 2023 might be an even bigger dud.

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  1. Jim Wetzel

    I agree — those Glocks are ugly enough to scare even the strongest of men.

    As for being forced to wear a mask: yes, masks might be required. They may even have stern signage up, telling you that masks are required. But one of the many things these last couple of years have taught me is that such signs can be walked right past, and if a Mask Karen (or either sex) is posted at the entrance, a guy can always get very hard of hearing. Very often, masks are "required" … but not actually required.

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