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That’s A Lotta Output

Looks like I blogged, blerged and blooped a lot in 2021.

654 posts is about 1.8 posts per day, some days with none and others with more than 2. The old blog had a couple of years with more posts (724 in 2011 and 740 in 2009) but still that is a lot of posting. If blogger stats are to be believed I had 562,000 views last year and almost 4,000 comments, both of which are huge for me. My old blog garnered very few comments so having thousands of comments tells me people are actually reading what I post.
The volume this year is due mostly to others linking to me, which I deeply appreciate….
When WRSA links to a post it usually explodes the page views so them being in the top spot doesn’t surprise me. Normal America has me on the blogroll and Eaton Rapids Joe is another big source, you should be reading ERJ but for some reason I can’t add new links to my blogroll. Thanks as well to Cold Fury and Big Country Expat for being both great sources of traffic. What are not good sources of traffic? Social media like Twitter and Gab even though I get a fair amount of interaction on Gab when I link my posts but it doesn’t seem to translate into page views. Either that or Google isn’t capturing those contacts, which wouldn’t surprise me. 
I like doing some long posts that take me weeks or months of picking at as well as the shorter blurbs and the current events topical responses, although everyone does those kinds of posts. I really want to do more long-form, philosophical type posts this year rather than reacting to the news stuff. We will see if that happens….
Anyway, thanks for reading the last year and especially for those who take the time to comment!


  1. Mike Guenther

    I only found your blog in the last year. Have enjoyed reading everything you write.

    I had/have my own blog, although I haven't posted anything since about 2016. Mostly reblogs. I might have to get back to it. I just didn't have a whole lot of traffic. I think it took me 5 years to get to 100000 views.

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