Sunday, January 2, 2022

That FFL Life

Having a Federal Firearms License is almost entirely a good thing. I meet lots and lots of great people, get to check out more firearms than I have in a very long time and get pretty significant discounts on firearms and accessories, although ammo from distributors is often more expensive than I can buy it retail. 

Every so often you get stuff like this. This person tried once in December with a very specific question and then again this morning after I posted a couple of Glocks on Armslist....

Probably not a customer I want to add to my clientele. I assume this person with an Indianapolis area code phone number doesn't understand that we are an FFL dealer and is just looking to buy a handgun privately. Since my postings specifically say that if something is listed, it is in stock, and that we specifically don't reply to generic "Is this available" messages, this is pretty clearly someone who didn't read the post.

It isn't as bad as the text from someone who wanted to know if it was OK to buy a pistol even though he was 16 but he had cash. "Is that cool"? No sir, that is very much not cool. 

But yeah, it is still pretty cool to have an FFL.


  1. Hahahaha!
    Wonder how often the ATF tries to run stings?

    1. Quite often, but we are such a small, low volume outfit that I don't know if they would try.