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Swiveling Might Not Be Enough

American Partisan published a Pravda video last night that was worth watching….

The video is long on propaganda and short on details but on the other hand, Big Country Expat also saw the video and shared this graphic:

Note the range on that bad boy: 8,300 kilometers. That means they don’t have to be sitting in Boston Harbor to hit most of the interior of the country. I used a fun little tool BCE directed us to and came up with this….

Looks to me like one of these Bulava’s could theoretically hit Chicago if launched from the Mediterranean. New York and London are only 5500 kilometers apart so from pretty much anywhere in the middle of the Atlantic these missiles could hit most of the U.S. They don’t need to be right on the coast.
Meanwhile the USS Harry S. Truman carrier group is steaming for the Mediterranean. 
(Pentagon press secretary John) Kirby insisted the war games had been “long-planned,” since 2020, and were not in response to the recent Russian military aggression near the Ukrainian border, though the drills are not listed on NATO’s website among exercises slated for this year.

The announcement came a day after Russia announced its own all-out naval exercises, with more than 140 warships and about 10,000 soldiers taking part in January and February in maneuvers that will take place in the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Pacific and the Mediterranean.
Cuz what you should do when tensions are high between nuclear armed powers is to keep finding ways to provoke each other.
It might be smart to make sure your vehicles are full to the top with gas because if the shooting starts gas prices are going to skyrocket and availability will plummet but if the very worst happens and nukes start flying? Having your head on a swivel might only be useful for reaching your ass to kiss it good-bye. 


  1. ChuckInBama

    Sources I had read indicated the sub surfaced about fifteen miles off Norfolk and remained on the surface long enough to be "spotted" by radar. Yes, RT is a dubious source, but consider that a mid-Atlantic launch could target most of the US. If a Russian boomer did, indeed, surface fifteen miles off Norfolk, the impact to the military and political community in the US would be astounding. With all this bluff and bluster about involvement in Ukraine, a Russian sub gets THAT CLOSE to Washington D.C.. Imagine the psychological impact to Puddin' Head Joe, the Caclin' Ho, and that vaginal opening, Milley. I occasionally view ADS-B Exchange just to see the massive quantity of air traffic. You can filter to see military aircraft only. Within 24 hours of the surfacing claim, I saw P-8 submarine hunting aircraft on the east coast. Several of them in fact. One flew non-stop from Washington(state) to Jacksonville, Florida. Saturday night, one of the P-8's spent most of it's flight time off the South Carolina coast. If there had been a Russian sub on the surface off Norfolk last week, it is long gone, and back to it's normal loiter area far out in the Atlantic. But we sure do have a nervous Navy looking for it along the east coast ! We're back into the old cat and mouse games from the '70s and '80s. And Joe Biden is just stupid enough to actually start the war we hoped would never come and avoided back then. When your POTUS is a retard, expect a world of hurt.

  2. Anonymous

    I remember seeing a poster back in the late 1960's that had 10 things to do in the event of a nuclear attack. Number 10? If all else fails & you've realized the other 9 were nothing more than bullshit do this, bend over & kiss your ever lovin' ass goodbye.

    FYI: There is no civil defense in this country. Virtually every private & public fallout shelter is obsolete. They weren't designed to withstand the the new, improved, more lethal, more destructive nukes that have come online, so to speak. In essence, we're all fucked. If you think it could be that bad keep in mind this from a Civil Defense manual my 95 year old dad still has, circa 1958. I'll paraphrase. "The psychological effects after leaving the shelter may so devastating for some. Keep the cyanide capsules ready for such an event……….." No mention of suicide but we all know what they're for.

    By the way, I actually went into a fallout shelter back in 1958. Relatives of my mom had one built into their new 1950's ranch home at the time. It was rather cramped & I still have bouts of claustrophobia form it.

  3. Anonymous

    Pathetic. Our military is deployed all over the world on other nation's borders but we can't keep a single Russian ballistic missile sub out of our local coastal zone.

  4. Anonymous

    Here are 2 papers with little known info related to fallout protection.

    The Effect of Sodium Alginate on the Absorption of Strontium and Calcium in Human Subjects

    Reduction in the absorption of dietary strontium in man by nutritional factors

  5. Anonymous

    you do know if they can get that close to the coast, there not a chance in hell of doing anything but kissing your ass goodbye ? like impact inside of 5-10 minutes ?
    and we have real bright lights in power now too.
    well, on the plus side of things, if this shit does happen, the dumb fucks in charge now are toast.
    if the other side doesn't get them, the people left here sure will.

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