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Silver And Gold (And Lead And Brass)

John Wilder channels Yukon Cornelius with a look at why you might consider investing in silver and gold (note not investment advice):
Lots of good info there and the conversation promises to be a good one as usual. Precious metals are one of the pillars of my 4Gs of investing along with ground, grub and guns:
Also not investment advice but still worth considering. You won’t get rich holding precious metals as part of an overall strategy but that isn’t really the point. Read John’s post to get more info.


  1. Anonymous

    Maybe some one has done this already…

    I do believe that Silver and Gold have a place, and Like Arthur has said, lead and brass will most certainly always have value. ��

    I just finished re-reading One Second After, by author, William R. Forstchen.
    It has been several years since I first pick it up and read it.

    My question is; in the book, cigarettes have a high value. I do not smoke, but I'd like to put some away while they are still on the shelves. I've been thinking about using Mylar and O2 absorbers.

    Has anyone tried this? and what were the results say, 1 to 10 years later when they were re-opened and tried? Yes, tobacco will be grown and traded again. But, in that time frame before it gets going again, people will want the "fix" that the manufactured stuff now has.

    Any advice as to the best possible way to make them last?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Anonymous

    I started stocking up on ammo during the clinton years. you back when you could get 7.62 nato for under 20 cents a round. 5.56 was a bit over for the good stuff like radway green and others.
    9mm was what under 15 bucks a box. looking back on it all, I wished I bought the stuff by the skid load ! remember 22 in a box of 550 rounds for 12 bucks ?
    ammo is always worth stocking up on. even reloads, are worth a lot when you have nothing else.
    booze is a great barter item. food and meds are better. but they carry a lot more risk as the people who need/want them will do almost anything to get them. and never let others know what you have in stock. things will get so bad that they will "remove" you to get at your stuff.

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