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R.I.P. Colin Flaherty

I just saw that the great and now late Colin Flaherty, fearless speaker of naughty thoughts and facts about black crime, has passed away…

Colin was a rare voice of no effs given and he drove the right people absolutely batty. He would wade forth on Twitter to meet any challenger, and most quit and just called him racist in short order because he simply knew the facts too well to be hoodwinked. His voice will be missed. Here is one of his videos I used to re-upload to Youtube after he was banned, his videos cost me plenty of community strikes but they were always worth it.


  1. Anonymous

    he did speak the truth about it. had a front row seat myself back in the shithole philly while I was living there. stayed because of my parents lived there , after they passed on, I left.
    why anyone stays in those shitholes anymore is beyond me. shame really, back in the 1960's it was a nice city until the 1970's or so. just went down hill after that. and yes. they will always try to hide the truth from coming out. "they" do not make anything better or stronger. some of them ,yes.
    but for the most part, it has being a race to the bottom where ever they go.
    until they give up on the rap/crime culture that they love, it will never change either.

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