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Pandemic Of The Fat Women Of Color

Most of us have witnessed something like this: a morbidly obese person, usually a middle aged woman, riding alone in a car wearing a mask. Often you see this person, as I did this week, pulling out of McDonalds where they have a sack with 1500 calories of grease, carbs and sugar but are wearing their mask because they are worried about their health. 

There isn’t a health concern in America that is more prevalent and deadly than obesity. Once fairly rare, it is now nearly ubiquitous. According to the once reliable source, the CDC, many states report that 1 out of 3 adults, or more, are obese. 

As with most social ills, obesity is not evenly spread by race….

– 0 states among 35 states and territories with sufficient data had an obesity prevalence of 35 percent or higher among non-Hispanic Asian adults.

– 7 states among 49 states and territories with sufficient data had an obesity prevalence of 35 percent or higher among non-Hispanic White adults.

– 22 states among 49 states and territories with sufficient data had an obesity prevalence of 35 percent or higher among Hispanic adults.

– 35 states and the District of Columbia among 48 states and territories with sufficient data had an obesity prevalence of 35 percent or higher among non-Hispanic Black adults.

What this means in a nutshell is that obesity is not a huge problem among Asians at all, is a problem but not super serious for the most part for White people other than a handful of states, is a pretty serious problem among mestizos in half the states and is a huge problem for blacks with 35 states having at least 1/3 of the black population categorized as obese. 

You might be shocked to discover that obesity is directly related to mortality and that “being killed by cops while unarmed for no reason whatsoever” isn’t in the top ten of top causes of mortality, not even for the Blackrican-American folks.

Most of those are directly related to being fat. You might also note that the Covid number looks awfully large until you read elsewhere from the CDC….

That means that on average, people who “died from Covid-19” had an average of 3 things that killed them and only 6% of those dying were killed solely by the ‘vid. That data was from 2020. Here is more recent and comprehensive data, also from the CDC…

People who are listed as dying from Covid-19, some 830,000 people, on average had 4 other causes of death listed on the death cert, including the vague “All other conditions and causes” in over 328,000 cases and the long lost and missing flu in over 407,000 cases. All of those people that normally die from the flu that were listed as Covid? Yeah, half of the Covid deaths also included the flu which could mean that these people just died from the flu and happened to test positive for Covid.

Anyway, look at the section highlighted above. Hypertensive disease, diabetes, cardiac arrest, renal failure, heart disease. Those are all fatty diseases. 

In a nation where half of the people are paralyzed by fear of the Covid, one thing that we know for sure is that the number one risk factor for having severe or lethal Covid is being obese. So one would think that we would be telling people, besides wearing useless masks and getting useless/dangerous experimental jabs, that they should lose some damn weight.

You would be incorrect. 

Instead we are seeing the looniest among us now telling us that pointing out that being fat is terrible for your health is “fatphobia”. As an added bonus many of the loudest voices, shockingly, are fat wahmen of colour. Who can forget Brittany Cooper, a Jabba the Hutt lookalike “gender studies professor”, who claimed that Trump made her fat. 

“I hate when people talk about Black women being obese. I hate it, because it becomes a way to blame us for a set of conditions that we didn’t create.” – @ProfessorCrunk.

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— Black Women OWN The Conversation (@BlackWomenOWN) September 16, 2019

That was two and a half years ago and it hasn’t gotten better. I went to the Nike webpage to order some shoes for an Amish kid, I don’t own or patronize Nike of course, and was greeted by this goliath of a black wahmen athlete. The scrawny little black dude behind her just makes her look that much larger.

“Self-Love” means becoming morbidly obese apparently. Who knew?

Then this hilarious magazine cover.

The future of fitness is being grossly overweight I guess. Where does one get an outfit like that to hold in 500 pounds of African woman?

To add a little flava flava, here is a hugely fat South Asian chick who is apparently a sex therapist. She would be very effective if you needed therapy to eliminate ever having another erection.

The obvious question: why would someone named Sonalee Rashatwar who clearly is descended from people who voluntarily left their own civilization to move to Western civilization where their descendent is so oppressed she can make a living being a sex therapist and eating 12,000 calories a day, now decide that it is better to overturn that civilization than to exercise a little self-control at the dining room table? In whatever shithole civilization her family fled, it is unlikely she would have a career talking about sex that paid her enough to be enormously fat. 

Instead of lockdowns, endless jabs, masks, and social distancing it would be far simpler to just tell people to stop eating so much, get a little exercise and go outside now and then. Of course we can’t do that because it places some of the burden for personal health on….that person. Can’t have that, we need to find some external culprit: Orange Man Made Me Fat or Racist White People Made Me Fat or Western Civilization Made Me Fat or Fatphobia Made Me Fat. Anything but Me Stuffing My Pie Hole Made Me Fat.

We are living in an utter clown world where simply stating the obvious, like being fat is unhealthy, is now forbidden.


  1. Arthur Sido

    I am sure of that, when I sell a firearm the customer has to write out their height and weight on the 4473 and some of those people aren't even trying to be honest. One guy look like he cut his actual weight in half, not joking.

  2. Anonymous

    When 40% of the whole damned country is deemed 'obese' via self-reported lies, you KNOW we have a serious dilemma. Women in particular will lie to THEMSELVES about their true weight. Do these telephone pollsters really think a woman is going to tell the truth? You might as well ask them what their ideal weight is and add 40 pounds to get a more accurate take on matters.

    And since when does everyone necessarily know what their current weight is? My son and DIL do not even own a scale. The look on DIL's face after weighing herself in private here at our place just before New Year's (for the "before" figure on her latest futile weight loss campaign) told me that she was utterly gobsmacked by what she saw.

    Reminds me of the latest Quinnipiac poll putting Poopy's approval rating at an abysmal 33%. The Big Q slants hard left, so it is absolutely certain that his approval number is significantly less than that.


  3. Richard the Elder

    People of African ancestry have a frugal gene that enables them to gain weight in the good times to survive famine. It is counter productive in areas with a reliable food supply. That gene doesn't dictate eating 4 – 5 thousand calories a day.

  4. Greg

    In any 'pockyclips scenario, it's the marshmallow people who die first. They've no idea how to procure and prepare real food. If it's not handed to them through a drive up window, it's a package to open and nuke warm.
    It's called MORBID obesity for a reason.

  5. Slim Whiteman

    I'm 5'11 & weigh 155 lbs. That's been my body weight since the late 1960's. Yes, you do have to work at maintaining it. A lot of this obesity is due to fast/junk food consumption, the additives, especially sugar & the ever increasing sedentary lifestyle. Growing up in the late 1950's,I can tell you that obesity was rare & effected only about 3% of the population. The food was much better & fast food joints weren't around. Another factor, no shit, was cigarette smoking which can reduce one's appetite by dulling the taste buds. In 1950, well over half of the adult population in the US smoked. Also in that era, people walked more & there were still many physical labor requirements such as cutting the lawn with a push mower or manually handling equipment in a factory. Just examine pictures of people from the 19th & mid 20th centuries for proof.

    On another note, look at how many people are just plain slobs. This behavior actually began back in the late 1960's & just keeps getting worse. I've been to formal occasions & have seen people dressed in jeans & t-shirts. Companies have to get on employees to keep their work areas clean & neat. Trash on sidewalks, parks & roadways. Then we have the degenerate looking ? with the tattoos, piercings, pink hair, etc. All indicative of one thing, a coming collapse of civilization & who knows what afterwards. Prepare accordingly.

  6. Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt

    It wasn't until 2001 that I first saw my first Real Live Nogger in Pierre South Dakota and it was a tourist headed to Portland who got off I-90 to see the state capitol.

    Then when I was up in 31 August 2020 to deal with the Bryan Reo v. Martin Lindstedt & Aryan Nations litigation I seen a skinny Somalian wandering around my grandmother's old house on Dakota Avenue and then the next day two fat she-boons in a Lincoln at the Cenex gas station treating like crap a drunken Indian my age from South Pierre next to the river who begged me for 55 cents so that he could buy a beer. ZOGling she-boons who have been imported to a small city in South Dakota have absolutely no respect for the native red-noggers begging for booze ZOGbux.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. Arthur Sido

    Hell you don't need a telephone survey, just go out in public and look around. Where it is really startling is among children. We had fat kids when I was in school but not a lot, now these schools look like fat camps. The non-fat kids are the outliers.

  8. Arthur Sido

    That is all true, even going to church some people look like they just rolled out of bed. As I mentioned above, you really see the obesity among kids and young adults. They have too many empty calories easily at hand in the form of carbs and sugar and they don't do anything. That is a recipe for a lifetime of being fat.

  9. Greg

    And the greater population die off starts about 2-3 days after those stores and restaurants are looted and empty. Because these people have zero stored food at home, they'll start to eat and drink garbage they shouldn't when they get really hungry. Intractable vomiting and diarrhea can kill in short order.
    I take Ol' Remus advice to heart: Don't be there.

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