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Orchestrating The Collapse

Another fun filled offering from Tucker Carlson.

Of course none of this is about “ending homelessness” just as none of it is about “ending racism” or “saving the environment” or “women’s rights”. It is all just window dressing to disguise a looting of working people on an unimaginable scale. They don’t care that homeless people will shit up these half million dollar apartments paid for with “Covid relief money”, because at the core it is about taking public wealth and redistributing it to connected wealthy donors, making the rich even richer. Why do they do this when they are already insanely rich? I explained in my post The Great Reset: Why Bother?. It isn’t just or even primarily being able to buy more stuff that motivates the rich.
Remember, the bigger the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else, the happier they are.

Something that irritates the very wealthy to no end is that normal people can rise above their station in the West.
Rich people hate seeing not-rich people joining their ranks. There is even a snooty term for them: nouveau riche, a term that implies someone is vulgar in their wealth. Becoming rich is not just about pushing your own wealth up, it is also about pushing the wealth of everyone else down. That is why they do this, not to buy another Maserati but to establish an unbreakable caste system with themselves and those they favor at the top and everyone else at the bottom.
If you get anything at all from what I write, be sure to get this:
What we are seeing, this slow motion, real time collapse of our once great civilization is not happening naturally or organically. It is something being done to us by people. People with names and agendas. 
One of the things that being ultra-wealthy affords you is the luxury of thinking big picture. You and I, we spend most of our time in survival mode, working that gig to pay the mortgage and keep the lights on. Someone like Bill Gates has the time to sit around and think about things like his own legacy because he isn’t concerned with having enough in his checking account to cover the bills for this month.
This isn’t a conspiracy theory based in resentment, it is reality and it demands a response. How that response looks is something you have to decide for yourself. Just be sure that you understand who and what is doing this and tell others that the stuff they see on the news that makes them shake their head and wonder what happened to this country is the result of an intentional plan.

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