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One Year Later

While it seems like an eternity, it has *only* been one year to the day since Creepy Joe, the Pedo-Prez, was installed as “President” by the global ruling class on January 20th, 2021. 

Yeah, this degenerate fuck is “President”.
A year later and inflation is raging out of control, the *actual* economy is in shambles and the world is poised on the brink of potentially multiple wars between superpowers. America is functionally leaderless, without even a semi-plausible figurehead. All we have is a man who can’t form a coherent sentence even when drugged up and in a fake White House for some reason who is backed up by the most unpleasant and disliked Vice-“President” in modern American history. 
On the bright side, even those that arranged to have Biden occupy the Oval Office underestimated his cognitive decline and the recalcitrance of a couple of Democrat Senators and after a year very little of their agenda has been enacted. On the down side, with the panic setting in over potential losses in the November midterms that means that they need to make something happen and that will require some ugliness. 
It isn’t just my personal loathing for Biden at work here, this really has been the most muddled and rudderless administration in living memory. It makes Jimmy Carter look like a strategic genius. If we are lucky we can avoid getting into a nuke exchange with the Russkies and/or Chinese before the year is out. It really is that bad but with Covid evaporating as a threat they are going to need something new to control the sheep and I suspect what is coming next is going to make the Covid response look almost reasonable in comparison. 
Batten down the hatches and buckle up boys, it is fixin’ to get choppy.


  1. Skipperdaddy

    Not gonna reach those 2025 Deagle population numbers with these chickenshit Covid numbers. Gotta kick this shit into high gear with a scorched earth Rooskie thrown party. Starvation and war are the time tested methods of reduction. Gonna be a stone cold wake up call for paper eagle. Fuckers been drinking their own kool aid too long. Oh well, twas a god run.

  2. JackDup

    This country is so fucked, Joe has dug us a hole so deep it will take years to get us back on track if ever. I think Democrats will do anything at this point to destroy this country, that is where we are going, it is obvious, that is their plan.

  3. Steve S

    Somebody has changed strategy. Not long ago he wasn't allowed to take questions. Now? 100 minutes of them. I suspect we won't have long to wait to find out what the goal is for that and my guess has to do with moving him out of office. God help us.

  4. BigCountryExpat

    Yepper, completely agree.. lots of folk I know are now officially as in they went to ground HARD in the past 6-8 months… lots of them after the Affy Assfuck.. now even some of the more 'go along to get along' mercs are bailing… taking food, water, ammo and coin with them to places unmentioned…

    Not a good scene Aye?
    More to follow at my haus later

  5. James M Dakin

    I have a buddy living in Florida who was always serious about prepping, but never too nervous about an imminent collapse. He was Alfred P Newman. Things have gotten so bad he is now moving here to Upper Mongolia USA. I use him as a gauge. If he is bailing, all hope is lost.

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