Monday, January 31, 2022


The local "news" folks are all in a frenzy over the impending winter weather, officially named "Winter Storm Extinguish All Life". The forecasted snow amount has been trending upward for the last several days and here is the latest....

I put about as much trust in the weather part of the local "news" as I do in everything else they are saying, a polite way of saying "none at all". 

You know who I do trust? Wildlife.

Typically when I am driving around as the sun is coming up, I will see a few deer here and there. There are maybe a dozen places where they can be seen and it is rare to not see some at a few of those spots.

This morning? 

They were out at every spot. 

I saw upwards of 40 deer this morning in various places, all chowing down fairly frantically. THAT more than complex weather models makes me think this winter storm will actually happen. The deer just know somehow that the weather is about to get ugly, maybe changes in the barometric pressure or something. When you see a lot of activity from the wildlife, it is a pretty reliable sign something is brewing. 

As always we will see the fatal flaw in the just-in-time supply chain as panicked shoppers hit the big stores for milk, bread, toilet paper and booze. By tomorrow afternoon I expect most of the stores around here to be completely stripped bare. That is just for a couple days worth of winter storms, imagine if it looked like something longer lasting? You don't have to think very hard, we saw it for months in 2020 as the "pandemic" drove people insane. 

Me? We have plenty of food and toilet paper, I might grab an extra gallon of milk from the Amish grocery store but otherwise we are sitting pretty. Now we get to sit back and watch the chaos unfold.


  1. I keep thinking of getting a cow since the teen boys go through almost 2 gallons a day.


  2. Arent the Canadians having protest and record breaking convoys even farther north? Like by thousands in dead of winter, Canada.
    The bubble these pussies live in must be insufferable. Is there a medal in the upcoming olympics fir being a pussy because im sure usa will win gold.

  3. ...That is just for a couple days worth of winter storms, imagine if it looked like something longer lasting?...

    Kinetic, quickly.

    JIT logistics is stupid and part of why everything is throw away. the entire premise is not to keep ANY extra meat. So keeping spare part is an ananthem to the whole philosophy .
    With JIT, you are just 9 meals from the end if civilization.

    Wheatherwise in the Pacific NW it has been snowing in Idaho a bit. I cant wait to see the mountain run off and how high it gets.
    Ive read that we are actually in an ice age now. We are just in an intergacial period can last a long time.

    The trucker story gives me hope. I tried to drive a truck for 6 months so I have nothing but respect. They are almost literally the logistical lifeblood of this empire. If the tractors stop running, rigor mortis starts setting in within 72 hours. I think they know this.

  4. just after ww2 and until the mid 1960's.dsmn near everything moved by rail. then the union got most things to move by trucks- more truckers than rail workers= votes ! anyway. it was in the 1960's that every thing started moving by truck and the rails got left behind. it would cost a fortune to get the rail roads back up to carry the traffic today as most are rusted to hell and gone.
    want to shut down a city ? destroy the roads leading into it. there is not enough food in any city to last more than a week tops. fuel the same thing. I remember the oil "shortage" in 1973. and tankers where still unloading at the port (??) I saw them. anyway, if the truckers stop rolling, people and the cities will starve in short order. I guessing here, but I be willing to bet a lot of people here would be alright for a month or two without the trucks rolling, others I not so sure of.
    and there is no way the nasty guard or active duty could take up the slack if the truckers decided
    to sit this out in order to force change in the stupid laws, just a thought,,,,