Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New Stuff

A couple of videos for your viewing pleasure, first from Classic Firearms who always does a good job of covering SHOT Show. Some cool new stuff especially from Christensen and Aero Precision, plus a revamped FN Hi Power. What say you Big Country about this?

Next up a video featuring Palmetto State Armory. They talk about the 5.7mm I mentioned in a prior post plus a new compact Dagger variant but what really got my attention is that they are finally putting the JAKL in production

The JAKL is a cool little pistol that doesn't have a buffer tube and is side charging but what makes it really nifty is that it will fit right on a regular AR lower so you can use your existing lower and of course it will take AR mags. 

More tomorrow.


  1. OK brotherman:
    Couple of things
    Who the fuck was that first retard commenter? Dude needs a ride thru the woodchipper... annoying AF.
    Jes' Sayin'
    Second... Alllll the boredom up to the FN Hi-Power. Man, $1269.00 MSRP? For that POS? I don't CARE if it's got the FN name brand. The very fact that they talk about 'staying close to John Moses Browning's 'vision'" is enough for me. it's NOT a Browning Hi-Power. Looks like a mutant bastard cross between a Browning Hi Power and a Beretta 92 (disassembly point)... I'd stick with the new Springfield repro that's coming out at $800.00...

    Man... It's bad

    Now, the focus on the Turk Girsan guns? Huh. Not sure. My OWN personal experience is that the Turks are up and comers in the gun world... High Quality, low prices... going to watch them closely.

    The other stuff in the vidya, meh... mostly fluff... not bad. But nothing that made me go "OMG I need!"

    Anderson and it's new pistol stuff are interesting, but still nothing that hasn't already been done before...
    The Criss? Krisp? Sliding rail system has potential... But that's just me

    1. That price point for the Hi Power screams nostalgia cash grab. Same with the reworked Colt Python. I am leery of the Turkish guns but if they work, they work.

  2. Love all my FN guns, little more money but worth it from my experience. The gold-plated Turkish gun is obviously marketed towards the gang banger.

    1. FN makes a nice gun as always the question is whether the extra price is worth it.