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Magical Thinking

In 2017 in the Cincinnati area, a family gathered in one of their homes for what they thought was a gender reveal party. As it turns out, the woman claiming to be pregnant was not really pregnant but that is not the worst part of the situation. 

The woman in question is one Cheyanne Willis. She is quite the piece of work, the same woman that claimed she was attacked by a group of women and a former boyfriend in 2017. 

That looks like someone with a lot of miles on the odometer for a girl in her early 20s. She and her family were having the gender reveal party at this house in Colerain Township, OH near Cincinnati.

Two gunmen came into the house full of people and started blazing away in the living room. Eventually when the smoke cleared, one woman was dead and eight people were wounded including three children. The woman who died was named Autum Garrett and she was the cousin of Cheyanne Willis. She was also from Huntington, IN which is pretty close to where we live so I remember the shooting. Here is Autum with her husband and two children….

Autum was killed and her husband was wounded, as were their 1 year old and 3 year old children. 
So what the hell happened?
According to reports from the ongoing trial, Ms. Willis decided to loan $10,000 to a drug dealer named Roshawn Bishop. Here is Mr. Bishop….

Where did a 21 year old tramp get $10,000 to loan a drug dealer? Don’t know. Ms. Willis then decided to tell Bishop that she was pregnant with his child, another sound decision especially since she wasn’t actually pregnant and in photos of her looks like she just was getting fat and besides Roshawn Bishop is already married. Anyway, Ms. Willis was badgering Mr. Bishop to get her money back and Mr. Bishop did what any reasonable person would do: he hired two geniuses to kill her in a murder-for-hire plot. 
According to police the two genius assassins in question, James Echols and Michael Sanon, decided the best way to carry out their nefarious plot was to walk into a house full of witnesses and a bunch of children and shoot wildly and apparently randomly into a living room. Shockingly their plot went awry, Ms. Willis survived but her cousin Autum Garrett was killed and the two stooges were arrested, shown below along with Mr. Bishop:

This is a trio of obvious criminal masterminds, especially James Echols, the fella in the middle, who wrote a letter from jail urging his friends to find 4-5 witnesses to provide a bogus alibi as well as apparently asking them to murder a witness. That letter is in the prosecution’s hands, I am sure that will play well for the jury.
What is baffling to a regular person is that Bishop actually planned this out and decided the way to deal with his problem was hiring two imbeciles to assassinate the mudshark he owed money to that was also claiming to be carrying his child. These two imbeciles, one claiming to be a part of the “Crips” in Columbus, Ohio much to the embarrassment of the actual Crips, decided that a house full of people was the right place to shoot a single woman instead of, oh I don’t know, ambushing her in her car or as she was entering her home or really any other place other than a house full of people. Bishop was banging this chick, I assume he could have told them where she could be found in a less obvious location for a killing. 
I don’t expect criminals to show a lot of common sense or forethought, that is why they are criminals, but this is the sort of magical thinking that one very magical part of the population thinks makes perfect sense. In their atrophied minds I guess they thought they would rush in, shoot Cheyanne Willis, run back out and get away with it but somehow they managed to only kill one person, the wrong woman, and wound a whole room full of people.
Again, if I were intending to kill someone I sure wouldn’t do it in a room full of witnesses and I would be damn sure that at a minimum I killed the person I was paid to kill. 
It is really impossible to contort my mind in such a way that this whole thing makes sense. But as our jam packed prisons indicate, for a specific portion of the American population this is perfectly sensible and that is the power of magical thinking.


  1. Anonymous

    it does make a person wonder how anyone would think this "plan " would have worked ?
    just another reason to remove warning labels from EVERYTHING. we need nature's help to clean up the gene pool out there. the bible says the meek will get the earth, I not so sure about that as the stupid are over running the place right now. here a question, any money you lend to a low life is always lost to you. be a lot easier just to burn it instead/

  2. Greg

    Another common denominator is that these sorts do not spend ANY time at a range learning to actually use their gats. "Front sight?" Nah, you just start bustin' caps and your intended target just falls dead. Works on TV don't it?
    I'm with nony above. The gene pool is due for some deep cleaning.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    " … if I were intending to kill someone I sure wouldn't do it in a room full of witnesses and I would be damn sure that at a minimum I killed the person I was paid to kill."

    And, Mr. Sido, your race is?

    That might explain the difference in approach. Since I'm also melanin-challenged, I might have invited Ms. Mudshark out to the alley behind the liquor store at 4 am to receive her "payment." Bet she'd have gone, too. Doesn't really look like a rocket scientist.

  4. Anonymous

    Even before the diversity angle came into view, something else about this story stuck out like a sore thumb, to wit, "Cheyanne" and "Autum".

    We've all had a hoot poking fun at the dindus with their scrabble tile names, full of random apostrophes, hyphens, tildes and umlauts. But nothing screams "White trailer trash" louder or clearer than female names such as Cheyanne, Shawnee, Trishea and the like. Fine, old No Testament names pulled right out of some 19 year old slut's arse, rather than the Bible.

    When you see such names in the news, you KNOW there is going to be meth, a nigga or two in the woodpile, full-sleeve tattoos complementing the obligatory trampstamp, restraining orders, EBT dependence, a sprinkling of unregistered firearms and, ultimately, early death or prison.

    I expect idiocy from blacks, and they never disappoint. But I still find it dispiriting that there are so many ostensibly White people, women in particular, who have sunk to the same sub-human stratum as our resident American-Africans. Cull the herd.

  5. Arthur Sido

    We are overdue for a cleansing, subsidizing stupid people breeding and then keeping them alive has been fatal. Their inaccuracy must have something to do with their impulse control, they get all excited like a toddler and can't concentrate.

  6. Arthur Sido

    The Autum girl looked like she was headed that way but seemed to have pulled herself above it, shame she got killed for having a skanky cousin. But the goofy spellings of names is a dead giveaway most of the time.

  7. Anonymous

    Inbreeding results in sub 70 iq. Look at the average IQ for some countries and you'll never wonder again why they thought it made sense.


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