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Let’s Go Brandon!

Get fucked ya creepy old demented asshat and that goes double for your handlers. Sorry about healthcare workers but they will now have to choose. Firing people for refusing an experimental jab in the midst of a “pandemic”. Genius.


  1. Anonymous

    Last year I asked in writing if injury from the vaxx was covered by my insurance *LTD and life*, the answer was No. They said policy did not cover experimental vaxx usage.

    When my employer talked about a mandate i said count me out unless you will cover in a binding contract insurance and LTD. They were not willing to be on the hook.


  2. evanfardreamer

    As one of those healthcare workers, I'm neither surprised nor disappointed – my company has gone all-in on the kool-aid and probably would keep mandating it even if they'd shot that one down. My last day worked will be 1/27; going to take a semester of community college classes and look into a new sector. I made it to a manager post by dint of high school diploma and a strong network who knows what I can do, nobody knows what the future holds but my prospects aren't that dim. Thanks be to God that we have no debt and a cushion of savings, though.

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