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Head. Swivel.

The war no one wants seems bound and determined to happen anyway….

The U.S. is already sending ammo and armament to the Ukrainians, which is another clear provocation. 
Tucker had a good segment on this, especially looking at how uniformly our ruling elite is speaking about this issue of Ukraine.
Clearly many of them want a war with Russia for some reason.
Things are moving fast and you can be damn sure that if it goes kinetic and we start to poke the Russian bear for real that the bear will poke back. This is another great time to check your preps, make sure your vehicles are full of fuel and your arms are well maintained. I am pretty confident that the Russians have plans in place for cyber-attacks in retaliation if needed and if parts of the power grid go down or pipelines are shut off or any number of other potential vulnerabilities are hit, it will get hairy in a hurry.
Head on swivels boys. Heads on swivels. 


  1. Anonymous

    Arthur: They all don't want a war, they NEED a war. They have to cover for the stawk market collapse. Blaim "The Russians." Beside the MIC thinks we the people will unite behind the chants of USA-USA. and forget about Dementia Joe and the Democrats systemic destruction and impoverishment of this country.

  2. ChuckInBama

    I THINK what they will get instead is a two-front war; one in Europe and one on Main Street. I trust Putin much more than any of those critters in D.C.. We may very well have our ass handed to us in Europe.

  3. Jim Wetzel

    “ I trust Putin much more than any of those critters in D.C.. We may very well have our ass handed to us in Europe.”

    I hate to admit it, but if King Shittydrawers’s “patience wears thin” and his animators succeed in picking the war they seem so desperately to want, I’m going to be rooting for them evil Rooskies. I also may get my butt burnt off. We shall see.

  4. Anonymous

    the russian army today is not the one from the 1980 of 1990's. they would clean our clock. they have gone thru a war on the home front, over 20 million people died then, at least. we don't have a clue what that means, they do. they still have grand parents around that tell the stories of what happen then. THEY KNOW. one good thing is they he russians are not as stupid as the clowns in the dump of clowns are. they need a war, like wag the dog type of thing to save face about how fucked they are at running the country. it a way it is kind of like FDR time, everything he did made things worse, it was without a doubt ww2 that pulled this country out of the mess he made. not any new deal ideas or plans he put in place. as I said before, if the people who wanted a war had to fight it, there wouldn't be any talk of war. they never go fight, they send other people kids to die for them to make a profit. look at history and you will find out who "profits for a war" never the common people.

  5. Arthur Sido

    A war over Ukraine to Americans would be just another TV event for most of us but it would be a war on their front lawn for the Russians in a country they have a long and ugly history with. They won't be playing around.

  6. ChuckInBama

    Jim, these modern Russians are not the "evil Rooskies" of our youth. The Soviets of the past were serving under threat of death. The Russians of today are proud nationalists protecting Mother Russia. Long ago, I trained to fight the Soviets in Eastern Europe. I trust these Russians. I could certainly be wrong, but I would bet I'm not.

  7. George True

    The Vietnam war was a TV event for most Americans who didn't have to go there themselves or have family members who did. We literally watched it on the 6:00 o'clock news every day.

    I fear that the war that the deep state is trying to crank up with Russia would be far different. We will not just see it on the evening news. We will also experience it in the form of shortages of many, many things. Possibly even having our internet, phone, and electricity going out. Without electricity, things like potable water and waste disposal might become very sketchy.

    If our galactically stupid so-called leaders are determined to have their war, Russia just might arrange it so that the American people feel the pain personally.

  8. Skipperdaddy

    Me thinks that a hot war with the Mama Bear would also expedite the Socialist/Communist regime here in the US that so many fucktards long for these days. It definitely is not about Ukraine. Our reserve currency status along with what is left of the supply chain will be shot out faster than a White house wet fart. Throw in a few well place cyber attacks on the grid and other infrastructures and its “Welcome to the Thunder Dome” here in the good old US of A. This one imho will reach our shores in real time.

  9. Tree Mike

    Our naval forces won't mean squat against hyper sonic Russian and or Chyeez missiles either (other than a giant ritual blood sacrifice to Marduk). Knocking out our MIC and grid will certainly put the US in the ash heap of failed empires in 0.17 seconds flat, thereby fulfilling the One Wurld Order's need to subjugate us and turn us into, much fewer, buy useful slaves. TPTB frequently FUBAR their own plans regularly. That won't stop them from dropping this house of cards though. I don't want it to all fall down, I'm old (too old to run n gun), I like food and heat n shit like that. Watch yer six.

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