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From The “They Hate You And Want You Dead” Files

In all likelihood you have already seen this but sharing here for posterity. Writing in the L.A. Times, one Michael Hiltzik (and I’ll save you the trouble, yes he is):

Column: Mocking anti-vaxxers’ COVID deaths is ghoulish, yes — but may be necessary

On the one hand, a hallmark of civilized thought is the sense that every life is precious.

On the other, those who have deliberately flouted sober medical advice by refusing a vaccine known to reduce the risk of serious disease from the virus, including the risk to others, and end up in the hospital or the grave can be viewed as receiving their just deserts….

….It may be not a little ghoulish to celebrate or exult in the deaths of vaccine opponents. And it may be proper to express sympathy and solicitude to those they leave behind.

But mockery is not necessarily the wrong reaction to those who publicly mocked anti-COVID measures and encouraged others to follow suit, before they perished of the disease the dangers of which they belittled.
That is pretty rich coming from an obvious paragon of health like this guy…

But pointing that out might seem rude, as it generally would be rude and indeed ghoulish to laugh when a fat person dies from coronary disease or a drug addled violent felon with heart problems dies of heart failure while resisting arrest.
Or laughing at blacks who hang out with other blacks and end up getting killed in the crossfire. 
Or mocking fags who contract fatal sexually transmitted diseases as a result of plunging other dudes.
Even perhaps derision for a girl who goes to a frat party and has a bit too much to drink and ends up being the Coed Caboose on a train of frat boys.
People make poor decisions all the time and often those decisions have negative consequences. Generally it is considered poor form to make fun of people for that but that was then and this is now. Getting people to take a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent them from contracting or spreading Covid or wearing a mask that doesn’t prevent or significantly inhibit the same, is a valid cause for any amount of pressure, mockery and even threats of violence. 
Mikey here would find mocking a girl who is sexually assaulted because she got drunk at a party or a black kid shot because he was hanging on a street corner with thugs to be abhorrent and possibly a hate crime but he can mock “vaccine” skeptics, especially in the case of his example of someone who is White and a Republican. The rules are different based on your politics. 
They really do hate you and want you dead. Hate them back.


  1. Anonymous

    "The rules are different based on your politics."

    Sure are. When the left is engaged in their glorious campaigns of "righteous" violence, no kid's or cop's life is out of bounds, as the ends justify their means. But these are the same Cassandras who suffer the vapors at the prospect of traumatizing microaggression when a White woman clutches her purse to her bosom in an elevator surrounded by feral negroes.

    Chanting "Let's go, Brandon!" at a football game is 'vulgar' and 'immature' according to our betters. But four years of shrieking "Fuck Trump!" and holding up the beheaded effigy of the sitting president were "brave" "stunning" expressions of legitimate protest by a self-proclaimed oppressed population.

    Hate them back? Oh, it's a lot more than mere 'hate' that I feel.

  2. Anonymous

    yep, saw this shit first hand back in the 1990's with the clinton clowns. (people who thought blowjob billy never did ANYTHING WRONG) it was funny in a way, they hate the things I stood for, but wanted me to protect them if it came to that (??) I often said, I wouldn't stop to piss on them if they where on fire, but I might come back with marshmallows. good luck with the clowns. best thing to stay away from them. I never go into the city unless I have no other choice anymore.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    ….They really do hate you and want you dead. Hate them back….

    …The feeling is mutual. Fuggem….

    May God give me the ability to skin them when the time comes.

    These clowns that have designated us domestic enemies are the same clowns trying to goad Russia into a hot war in Ukraine. Who are they going to get to fight domestic and foreign wars?


    Meh. We know they know how we feel about glowniggers and such. The only thing left to post is logistics. For example The grid is fragile. Go find the closest most srtategically important electic substation, most important to (((them))), and evaluate tactically.

    I have a feeling the feds are very busy with genuine Americans out getting shit done. They simply dont have the resources to object for us noticing glowniggers is cum-dumpster faggots… especially the cum-dumpster(s) assigned to monitor this and BCE:s page.

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