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Dangerous Escalations

After a quiet 2021, it would be easy to get complacent and think that gun control, one of the signature issues in the “Biden” platform, had faded into irrelevance. That would be terribly wrong and dangerous. 

The “Leftist” agenda is not about this policy or that policy, not about raising taxes or food stamps or spending on schools. That has been perhaps the deepest flaw of what passes for a right-wing in America, thinking that this is all about a series of completely unconnected policy fights instead of what it truly is. What the agenda really is all about from the Left hasn’t changed in the past century. 
Their real agenda is sweeping in scale and scope and seeks nothing less than a complete reshaping of the world and a reordering of all of human society, creating a new humanity with them on the top and you and everyone you know on the bottom. No social strata just a mass of humanity that are less than serfs and a small elite ruling class. 
This will require the complete destruction of all aspects and iterations of the current human society. As it happens this is just a happy bonus for those pulling the strings as they seem to get a thrill from human suffering. Most of the cruelest, most vicious human beings in the 20th century were not found in the Third Reich, Hollywood’s cartoonish attempts to convince you notwithstanding, but instead were found in the mostly unknown figures of the Soviet Union and Communist China. The inbred bastard ideological offspring of men like Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovich and Lavrentiy Beria live among us today in the shadows of the American Left. 
There is nothing that has done more to prevent this complete undoing of thousands of years of human civilization than the American gun owner. We haven’t even really done anything, at least not yet, but our very presence is a huge threat to their plans. 
All of that is a very philosophical round-about intro to a couple of news stories hitting the webz re: gun ownership. First up…

This is significant in that they are talking about going in and seizing stuff from retailers as I understand it. Forced reset triggers are like bump stocks in my mind, just toys for people who can afford to blow through ammo. Still, going to retailers and asking for and then taking anyway legally purchased inventory is a significant escalation. What about individuals who bought these forced reset triggers? Are they going to show up at people’s homes and then what if they are refused entry? Or say they sold the trigger to someone else? 
It makes little sense especially since the Rare Breed Trigger in question, the FRT-15, is a whopping $380. On the other hand it isn’t that hard to come up with cheap “auto sear” parts that turn the urban favorite Glock into a little machinegun…

Minneapolis authorities have arrested a pair of twin brothers equipped with modified handguns fit with auto sears. Police say they seized three of the machine guns from their vehicle after a chase.

The brothers, Cortez and Quantez Ward, 18, are charged with possessing firearms illegally altered to be able to fire fully automatically, according to the Hennepin County District Court. A third man, Muhnee Bailey, 21, was also arrested.

The police received a tip that the brothers were likely armed with the modified guns and were conducting surveillance at the funeral for 15-year-old Santana Jackson, which they were expected to attend. Jackson was killed last New Year’s Even in what appeared to be a robbery.
Apparently the homies have figured out how to 3D print these things and convert their Glocks. As an aside, naming your kid “Muhnee” or “Quantez” is basically condemning them to a life sentence at some point in their future. According to the ATF the conversion process just requires a 3D printer file and about sixty seconds
The conversion process involves illegal devices commonly referred to as “Glock switches” or “auto-sears,” which are readily available to buy on the internet or can be made on 3-D printers. Police and crime prevention workers say that these converted guns are showing up at more and more crime scenes.
Quantrell Urman, founder of the street outreach group Turf Politics, said that not a night goes by that he doesn’t hear automatic gunfire while making his rounds…..

….While regular semiautomatic guns fire one round for each time a trigger is pulled, an automatic gun will shoot continuously until the trigger is released. Conversion devices like auto-sears can quickly and easily be fitted onto a Glock handgun by removing the polymer slide cover plate, a process that requires little technical expertise.

“It can be done in about 60 seconds,” (ATF assistant special agent in charge Jeffrey) Reed said.
You don’t need to know much about the internet to find the files for these parts and if the gangstas can figure this out, anyone can. Which is more likely, that Da’qudrillioza is going to take 60 seconds to put a 3D printed auto sear on his stolen Glock or that he is going to spend $380 to buy a forced reset trigger, install it on a much less concealable AR and shove the AR in his pants?
This isn’t about Rare Breed or forced reset triggers, it is about creating the precedent that the ATF can come take whatever they want from private individuals without any legal backing to do so.
The other video is about the San Jose law that just passed requiring gun owners to pay an extra tax and carry liability insurance to possess a firearm.

Of course criminals who do the actual crimes (hence the name “criminal”) won’t pay the tax or carry the insurance, just the people who obey the law who are not the problem anyway. As with all gun laws, it creates an undue burden on the law abiding and does little to discourage the criminals. 
One of the main tactics being used by the Left is lawfare, using the courts to make selling firearms so prohibitively expensive that manufacturers just stop making guns or causing the prices to soar out of the reach of regular people. This is a similar tactic. If you have to pay extra taxes to possess a firearm and what will certainly be very expensive insurance, it starts to become too costly to own that firearm so you are left with the choice of either disarming yourself or ignoring the law and becoming a criminal simply by possessing a legal, Constitutionally protected firearm. Either outcome suits the Left just fine.
The attacks on the 2nd Amendment will never stop, not until they get what they want, complete civilian disarmament, or we make them stop by whatever means work. Gun rights are the single biggest obstacle to their agenda and we must remain vigilant and take what steps we can to thwart their mission of turning armed citizens into defenseless subjects.

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  1. John Wilder

    The full-auto genie is now out of the bottle. On a practical basis, criminals now will have (and will have into the future) that capability. So, ATF's focus?

    Disarm the victims.

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