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Coming Apart Piece By Piece

Back in the late 90s work at Fidelity Investments had me travelling quite a bit. As this was the heyday of the mutual fund industry it meant that when we travelled, we were required to book the preferred hotel in a city wherever we went. The thing is the preferred hotel for a mutual fund manager who oversaw billions in assets was the same as a low level flunky and this meant that I stayed at some pretty swanky places like the Ritz-Carlton in cities from San Francisco and L.A. to Philadelphia and Atlanta. They usually ran over $400 per night even back then.

The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta is awfully nice, and is located in the Buckhead neighborhood. This is what it looks like on the inside….

Even the crapper is swanky.

Almost too nice to take a dump. Almost. 

Anyway, Buckhead is a very wealthy and very White neighborhood in Atlanta and it seems they have had enough of the rest of Atlanta (in other words blacks) wandering in and doing black thangz. Atlanta as a whole is over 50% black but Buckhead? According to Wikipedia it is a little outside of the black price range:

Since at least the 1950s, Buckhead has been known as a district of extreme wealth, with the western and northern neighborhoods being virtually unrivaled in the Southeast. In 2011, The Gadberry Group compiled the list of the 50 wealthiest zip codes in the United States, ranking Buckhead’s western zip code (30327) as the second wealthiest zip code in the South (behind Palm Beach’s 33480) and the second wealthiest zip code east of California and south of Virginia.

The same group reported the average household income at $280,631, with an average household net worth of $1,353,189. These 2011 figures are up from a similar 2005 study that pegged Buckhead as the wealthiest community in the South and the only settlement south of the Washington D.C. suburb of Great Falls, and east of the Phoenix suburb of Paradise Valley to be among the 50 wealthiest communities in the country. However, according to Forbes magazine, (30327) is the ninth-wealthiest zip code in the nation, with a household income in excess of $341,000.

That is serious money. That also means they are paying exorbitant taxes to the city of Atlanta and in return they get all of Atlanta’s problems stumbling into their neighborhood whether they like it or not. That has led to them deciding to take their tax revenue and skedaddle

An increase in violent crime has spurred a movement in Atlanta’s wealthiest and whitest neighborhood, Buckhead, to push harder to secede and create a new city with its own police force. The idea, which has been gaining momentum over the past year, is raising alarm among Atlanta officials worried about a loss of population and tax revenue…..

You can hardly blame them but the whole article is an exercise in people avoiding saying the obvious. 

Critics of Buckhead cityhood argue the Atlanta-Buckhead split would divide the region along economic and racial lines. Buckhead City would be about 71% non-Hispanic white and about 11% Black, while the remaining Atlanta would be about 27% non-Hispanic white and 61% Black, according to data compiled by the Atlanta Regional Commission, a regional planning agency. The median household income in Buckhead City would be about $110,000, compared with $58,000 in remaining Atlanta.

Mr. White objected to Buckhead cityhood being viewed in racial or economic terms.

“You just want to get control of crime in your community,” he said. “It’s unfair to say that is racist.”

It is lovely that the guy pushing for this is literally named “Mr. White”. Still everyone knows what is really going on. Buckhead is an oasis of White people and the relative security and affluence that (generally) goes with being heavily White. They don’t want the blacks from the rest of Atlanta leeching their tax revenue and in return letting their yoofs and teenz wander into Buckhead to cause mayhem and theft including “violence, car-thefts, drag-racing and other crimes “. With an independent Buckhead they could focus their police efforts on making the area safer. Atlanta can deal with their black problem with black tax revenue, that has gone great in places like Baltimore and East St. Louis. 

The situation in Buckhead is a microcosm of the rest of the country. As we see more urban areas being sacrificed on the altar of diversity, the small neighborhoods that are predominantly White, Asian and Jewish that are also affluent will look to separate themselves from the main urban area, creating in essence suburbs within the urban area. They will take their tax revenue with them to pay for their own schools and their own policing, having grown weary of the endless violent crime and diversity-led “law enforcement” that seems more interested in “equity” than in deterring and punishing crime. 

There is a model in place already for this sort of arrangement. While Detroit is world renowned as a shithole, just to the northeast of the city are a handful of smaller cities under the umbrella of Grosse Pointe. While Detroit is the blackest city in America at nearly 80% black and less than 10% White, the Grosse Pointes are the polar opposite. You can see the stark division in this satellite view of the border between Detroit to the west and Grosse Pointe Park to the east. 

Notice all of the empty lots on the streets in Detroit from vacant homes that were torn down versus the thriving neighborhoods just one street over. Most of Grosse Pointe boasts six figure median family incomes. When I lived in the metro Detroit area it was well known that the Grosse Pointe cops would pull you over if you were black and driving around in the area. There are other ways of keeping the riffraff out. For example in Grosse Pointe Park there are a couple of movie theaters but with a slight twist:

Yep, if you aren’t a resident of Grosse Pointe Park you don’t get to watch movies at their theaters, keeping the black residents of Detroit from coming over the border and causing a ruckus. It is a sensible policy if you want to have a decent home in a town that borders the blackest city in America. Another Detroit suburb with a six figure median family income, Troy, has one of the most luxurious malls around, the Somerset Collection, anchored by stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. I worked there for a short time and the place was full of young White private school girls and young trophy wives of executives shopping for overpriced shoes and underwear. It also had very few blacks around, and when they did show up mall security didn’t even pretend that they were not following those blacks until they left the property. 

This seems to be the way of the future, selected areas carved out for the wealthy to keep out the dangerous and poor, adjectives that are synonymous to the elites. We are not quite to the point of 30 foot high concrete walls to protect the rich and their servants but we aren’t far from it either. What is unspoken by most is that this is driven mainly by demographics because just as culture is downstream from race so is economic stability and affluence. 

The most valuable real estate in America in the coming years will continue to be the real estate in the Whitest regions, the less diverse the better. This is already the case. When realtors are talking about properties and use terms like “good schools”, what everyone knows they mean is “not diverse”. People pay a premium to live among White people and that turns into exclusive neighborhoods.

That is fine and dandy for these affluent groups, the upper crust of wage earners. They can pay the big
premium price for living in their enclaves but the rest of us? We get stuck either fleeing farther and farther away or trying to deal with the increasing chaos in the city. 

As I said, the newly minted diversity judges, politicians and law enforcement leadership are seemingly more concerned with helping blacks criminals stick it to the man than they are in protecting the people of their city, often other blacks being victimized. For example, the police chief of Atlanta appointed in May of 2021 is one Rodney Bryant….

Searching quickly through the ranks of chiefs of police departments of the largest cities in America and you see a lot of people that look like Rodney Bryant. Chicago PD is led by a black guy. New York’s police commissioner is a black woman named Keechant L. Sewell. L.A. is led by a White guy but Houston is led by Troy Finner, a black fella. Phoenix? Jeri Williams a black wahmen. Philadelphia also a black woman, Danielle M. Outlaw. San Antonio is led by a White dude as is San Diego. The chief in Dallas is a mestizo as is San Jose. By my math that is two black men, three black women, 3 White men and two mestizo men leading the police departments of the ten largest cities in America. I suspect if I kept searching I would find a similar pattern in most large cities. 

That is not to say that these are not good cops. They might be but it is hard to not assume that most of the black and mestizo leaders are in that position primarily to placate the population of these cities, particularly the “community activists” and clergy of those cities. Policing and the justice system in these cities has always been political of course but now it is race based politics. This is leading to more and more instances of people dying at the hands of non-White people who should have been in jail, like Dylan McGinnis, a White man gunned down by a black career felon named Travis Lang, out on bail thanks to The Bail Project, a “non-profit” that exists to help criminals post bail so they can commit more crimes:

His Name Is Dylan McGinnis: White Man Murdered By Indianapolis Black Career Criminal Set Free By Bail Project

There are lots and lots of examples of this over the last year or so and Dylan is the second White person killed in Indianapolis by a black man on bail in the last 13 months (see: Victim’s Family Holds Marion County Courts Responsible for Woman’s Brutal Murder While Suspect Wore GPS Monitor), after a black guy named Marcus Garvin was jailed for stabbing someone in the back and had bond set at $30,000 only to have it lowered to $1,500 by one Judge Shatrese Flowers, who you will be surprised to learn is also black, whereupon Mr. Garvin then murdered his White girlfriend. The lesson here, stay clear of places where you might find yourself in the court of someone named Shatrese Flowers.

The country is quietly dividing itself into small places of non-diversity and safety and then the rest of us who have to deal with the fallout of forced diversity. Yet another way that out country is coming apart at the seams.


  1. Anonymous

    soon this country will be like SA with walled areas for white people. and armed guards on the walls.
    and even with all that the whites are being killed everyday.

  2. George True

    And the one thing I have never ben able to get over is…..It didn't have to be this way. Okay, there's another thing I can't get over. This was not done by us. This was done TO us. On purpose. And for the explicit reason of destroying us. In order to usher in Communism/Globalism.

  3. Mike Guenther

    Lived in Atlanta for 8 years in the 80's. Back then, anything north of, and even outside the perimeter highway all around ATL was predominantly white with the richest living from Buckhead north and everything Northwest. Midtown, just below Buckhead, was mostly moving up middle class singles and young couples, although in some of the lower class black neighborhoods Yuppies started moving in and refurbishing those older homes. Way back, in the early 1900's, those homes were built and belonged to the upper crust, before they started the exodus to the outer fringes of the city, Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. I lived in one of those neighborhoods and although some of the homes and yards were kept up by the older black folks, the rest were falling into disrepair. My good friend had got a great deal on his house and we remodeled it for resale. It had been a nice house sitting on nearly a half acre when it was built.

    The only problem with the neighborhood was that it was only about four blocks from Eastlake Meadows, derisively called "Little Vietnam" by the cops and the locals. Not because there were Vietnamese living there, but because going into that project was like going into the jungle on patrol. Cops always went in force loaded for bear. It has since been torn down.

    Eastlake Meadows was saved by Golf.

  4. Anonymous

    In the town on Long Island where I grew up, there was a significant population of blacks (maybe 25% of the total) but segregation was complete. There were NO blacks (and no Puerto Ricans, yet) on the White side and NO Whites (not even any wiggers or mudsharks, to my knowledge) on the black side. The two sides of town were separated by a "magic bridge" as it was known, spanning the parkway.

    There were two middle schools, one on each side, and you can just imagine the world of difference between them, obvious at a glance. To balance the number of students in each, some White kids were bussed across that magic bridge to "the black school" as everyone called it. All students were eventually funneled into the lone high school for grades 10 through 12, but it was plainly obvious which White kids had gone to which middle school. The poor bastards who had to suffer 3 years on the "wrong side of town" were clearly stunted, socially and emotionally. They had difficulty keeping up academically with the kids who enjoyed a 'normal' middle school experience on the White side. They never fully assimilated back in.

    Those White kids, scarred for life by three nightmare years among the savages, deserve the reparations.

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