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And We’re Off!

Didn’t take long for the optimistic New Year spirit to fade and reality to set back in.

Gulfport, Mississippi….
Columbia, South Carolina
At least 23 shot so far in Chicago this weekend according to Hey Jackass!.
Hopefully you had a few moments of cheer until reality intruded.


  1. Anonymous

    As I said before, 2022 is going to be a repeat of 2021, but much, much worse! Prepare accordingly. Try to have as best a happy & prosperous new year as you can before some asshole ruins it.

    As far as the groids, all I can say is they're off to a good start. Down the river from me in Cincy, they've already sent a couple to the dirt bed and another seven to ICU. No doubt the taxpayers are going to pick up the tab on these double digit IQ boneheads. It's been said, the more things change, the more they stay the same…………….

  2. Anonymous

    I heard that up there in Wayne County, MI, they've actually run of room in the morgue. It seems nobody wants to come & pay a few hundred bucks to claim a dead body. One solution, to save taxpayer financed cremation costs, was to dump the corpses in Lake St. Clair. Some drawbacks, though. Since most of the deceased are still filled with lead, there are environmental concerns. There's the possibility that fish consuming the decaying human flesh could die. The other is water contamination. If that's the case, there must be a mother lode of Pb in these not fit to be cadavers to do that kind of damage. By the way, the once great city of Detroit is located in Wayne County if you're asking where the hell is………. & Pb is the periodic table abbreviation for lead. A geography & chemistry lesson rolled into one!

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