Monday, January 31, 2022


The local "news" folks are all in a frenzy over the impending winter weather, officially named "Winter Storm Extinguish All Life". The forecasted snow amount has been trending upward for the last several days and here is the latest....

I put about as much trust in the weather part of the local "news" as I do in everything else they are saying, a polite way of saying "none at all". 

You know who I do trust? Wildlife.

Typically when I am driving around as the sun is coming up, I will see a few deer here and there. There are maybe a dozen places where they can be seen and it is rare to not see some at a few of those spots.

This morning? 

They were out at every spot. 

I saw upwards of 40 deer this morning in various places, all chowing down fairly frantically. THAT more than complex weather models makes me think this winter storm will actually happen. The deer just know somehow that the weather is about to get ugly, maybe changes in the barometric pressure or something. When you see a lot of activity from the wildlife, it is a pretty reliable sign something is brewing. 

As always we will see the fatal flaw in the just-in-time supply chain as panicked shoppers hit the big stores for milk, bread, toilet paper and booze. By tomorrow afternoon I expect most of the stores around here to be completely stripped bare. That is just for a couple days worth of winter storms, imagine if it looked like something longer lasting? You don't have to think very hard, we saw it for months in 2020 as the "pandemic" drove people insane. 

Me? We have plenty of food and toilet paper, I might grab an extra gallon of milk from the Amish grocery store but otherwise we are sitting pretty. Now we get to sit back and watch the chaos unfold.

The Next War Is Gonna Be Great!

The Air Force kind of gets a bum rap for being a little....softer....than the Army or Marines. Their unis are hideous and not a ton of them are involved in direct combat. But even the Air Force has their own special ops group. As is the case with most of the special forces types, it is a sausage fest as generally speaking only men have the requisite physicality to survive the training. That makes the woketards upset so it is a priority to force women into these roles even when they can't hack the training. The Air Force got in on the plan to vagina-fy their special ops but got caught cheating:

If a dude quits even one time? He is gone, I presume this is true for all of the various special ops teams. I doubt a guy who quits during Navy SEAL training gets to try again. But multiple times?

Mosby had quit the grueling training multiple times, according to the letter posted on social media, only to be reinstated by the leadership of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) and the 24th Special Operations Wing.  

She quit twice in water confidence sessions and once during land navigation training, the letter claims, and soon, she 'became known for quitting and getting preferential treatment.' 

"Water confidence" is a nice way of saying "Swimming the length of a pool with your hands and feet bound". It looks like this.

No. Fuck no.

Even Zioclops Dan Crenshaw had a fit....

The letter has since drawn the attention of Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL, who wrote on Twitter: 'We cannot sacrifice training standards. Ever. Full stop.'

'If this account is true, our military needs to address it now.' 

This is Ms. Mosby

Not just a woman but a black woman. You know the upper echelon was salivating at having her pass the special ops training. Based on her profile from her time at the Air Force Academy she was a hell of an athlete, breaking a bunch of records in track for distance running. So she was likely the best the Air Force could come up with and even still she couldn't hack it. Neither could I even when I was her age and in shape, mainly because I can't really swim even without my hands and feet tied together, but no one would have given me three extra chances to complete the training. 

I am sure there are still a ton of super lethal soldiers in the armed forces, guys who can kill you dozens of different ways and are masters of warfare. The issue to me is that it seems that the more we water down the ranks with people who are selected for the most kinetic roles because they make the demographics look "better", the harder it will be for the actual tip-of-the-spear types to cover for them in a real war. You sure don't want Captain Mosby to quit on you when you are in the field with no support and so yeah, I imagine the rest of the candidates for AF special forces were absolutely pissed that some of their better qualified buddies didn't make it but this chick was being pushed through. 

On the other hand, anything that makes the military weaker will help us when they inevitably try to turn them on the civilians.

As bad as it is right now, just imagine how it will be in five years. Why would any self-respecting White guy want to join the armed forces today?

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Deism: Truth Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Previously I described myself as a words guy who has concluded that "God" or the eternal divine is inherently impossible to authoritatively define and describe. See Deism: The Limitation Of Language for more on that topic.

I am also an answers guy. I like to have answers to questions, even if I have to make up the answer myself. For me a question without an answer is like a nagging itch on your back that you can't quite reach. It drives me crazy. As a result I will always feel the need to answer a question even if I don't actually know the answer. My ability to do so on the fly and do so convincingly used to drive my wife nuts until she figured it out. 

Pretending to have the answer is pretty easy in organized religious circles and I think one of the things that appealed to me the most about the Protestant Reformed tradition was the intellectually vibrant atmosphere. It is believed that any question can be answered if you study the Bible and the great teachers of the faith long enough and hard enough. Disengaging myself from that mindset has been a tough road.

Along the way I have discovered that my expectations around The Truth need to change. 

It has taken me the better part of half a century, more than half of the average human life, to begin to get a handle on just the American cultural and political scene. If we are being honest, very few of my fellow Americans are even close to where I am. That isn't to say I am just smarter than them, it is more a matter of being a naturally skeptical guy who asks questions that maybe aren't supposed to be asked. 

How exactly is a normal human over the course of a human life supposed to come to an understanding of the Infinite Divine? 

Sure we have thousands of years of writings from brilliant minds to work from. Just in Christendom alone we have men like John Calvin and Francis of Assisi, C.S. Lewis and Jonathan Edwards. The Bible itself is something men spend a lifetime studying. That isn't even to mention all of the Islamic scholars, Jewish rabbis, Hindus and Buddhists and smaller faiths without number. 

The problem is that what all of these learned men through the centuries taught is contradictory, with one another and often within their own religious traditions. In Christianity alone there are three main traditions and dozens of lesser groups. What they teach about things like communion, baptism, ecclesiology or the practice of the church and even how one is "saved" are very different from one another. You could spend a lifetime studying just Christianity and never come to a firm conclusion and if you engage in comparative religion? Forget about it.

What that means from a practical standpoint is a tough pill to swallow, at least for me: I will never discover The Truth this side of eternity. 

That is not to say that I won't discover many truths along the way, truths that point me toward other, greater truths to pursue. Simply put, the ultimate Truth is something I have to admit is unattainable in a human lifetime. We all just need to learn that the pursuit is worthwhile in and of itself even if we understand that the pursuit will never reach a conclusion while we draw breath. Truth is an unfolding part of the journey of discovery, not a destination we should expect to achieve.

Coming to this realization has increased my deep skepticism of anyone who claims to have a monopoly on the truth, whether an individual or an organization. Most of those making that claim are fools and often they are dangerous fools. When you claim to have comprehensive knowledge of what is by definition unknowable, it exposes a hubris that marks you as someone who knows very little indeed. 

Change your expectations. Embrace the journey. The path of understanding is a reward of it's own.

также говоря о России

Me a week ago: Boy I hope we get a little snow at some point this winter, it is so dreary when it is cold with no snow!

The Weather: Your wish is granted!

Urban Yoof Thangz

More urban yoofs doing what urban yoofs do.

This happened last November but they just charged the little fella. I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him that definitely won't end with him in prison for life or dead on a sidewalk somewhere for pissing off the wrong guy. He will also be out of prison in short order.

Jail is a revolving door in Chicago and many other cities with Soros-affiliated "prosecutors". Looking up this story I saw another one that tied in:

In just the last year, police say 16-year-old Emilio Corripio used a gun at least three times in a carjacking.

In one of the attacks, he hit a victim in the face with a pistol equipped with a laser sight, according to police reports. In another, he waved a .375-caliber Magnum with the serial numbers scratched out.

A .375 Magnum? Was he using an elephant rifle? And does it hurt more to get pistol whipped if the pistol has a "laser sight"? Anyway, this young mestizo scholar from Chicago's Farragut High School ended up shooting at some rival gang members and instead hit an 8 year old girl named Melissa Ortega twice in the head before fleeing the scene and getting some Subway as a reward for his bravery. This is Melissa...

Farragut High School/Career Center is located in Chicago's "Little Village" neighborhood and while it once was populated by Eastern Europeans, it is now known as  "Mexico of the Midwest" and is part of South Lawndale, itself over 80% Mexican. It is quite shocking that a neighborhood full of Mexicans has crime that replicates what is found in Mexico.

If you keep arresting and then promptly releasing a 16 year old for using a gun during the commission of a crime, it is only a matter of time before he kills someone and Melissa Ortega was the victim, someone who shouldn't be dead because that little bitch that killed her should have been in jail. 

There appears to be no end in sight of the violence in our cities committed by Yoofs-Of-Color so consider this your reminder to stay out of those areas and around black and mestizo yoofs (and adults), never, ever relax.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Braces And Receivers

One of the hot issues for gun control immediately after the 2020 election was the two-part proposal from the ATF to reclassify any number of firearms parts,, primarily receivers, that are not currently required to have a serial number (and therefore a background check) as "firearms" and also a proposal to reclassify AR/AK pistols with stabilizing braces as NFA-covered "short barreled rifles" requiring a tax stamp and additional hoops (for more see: More Details On The Proposed Pistol Brace Ban and Alphabet Bois At It Again). Anyway, it looks like we have a timeframe for the rules coming down...

Took him long enough to get around to it but the basic info is this: June of this year for the new receiver rule and August for the pistol brace rule. That means that the clock has restarted on those of us who still need to make those purchases or want to add a few to the arsenal. 

Of course all of that is out the window if they pull off the false flag mass shooting and start passing new laws....

What Do We Know That Is Truly True?

It is not just liberals....

Ron, your first mistake was considering liberals as friends.....

One of the most startling and uncomfortable discoveries that have accompanied middle age is that rather than being more wise and settled in my knowledge, I am instead discovering more and more that a great deal of what I have known all of my life to be true is in fact not true or at least I don't have the full story.  It is also becoming quite apparent that all of this is intentional. It isn't just sloppy reporting done by low IQ media types, it is willful misrepresentation. 

The "Kamloops Indian school mass graves in Canada" story is a great example. If you prefer to read, here is an in-depth look: In Kamloops, Not One Body Has Been Found

If you prefer to watch, here is a great video that references the same information:

The basic gist is as follows: some bimbo "academic" declared that there *could be* graves of *up to* 215 Injun kids at this school from last century. Or the could more likely be tree roots. No one seems to know and not one single body has actually been discovered. That hasn't stopped the government of Canada from rending their garments and donning sackcloth and ashes and of course it hasn't stopped the Injuns in Canada from demanding money. The grift never stops and it is likely no one will ever investigate to see if this is true, nor will any retractions be made. Nevertheless, most people who are aware of this story will assume it was true because the government acted like it was true and because it fits with what the *know*, namely that White people were mean to innocent Indians. 

Fortunately many people had their bullshit monitor going off from the get-go on this story. Anytime a story seems too perfectly suited to the narrative it is almost certain that it is bullshit (see: Smollett, Jussie). Unfortunately too many people don't have a functioning bullshit monitor and they just believe whatever they are told.

There are plenty of other examples of "facts" that *everyone knows* are true that are in fact not true and often the opposite of the truth. A personal favorite example is that it is common knowledge that mass shooters are most often White men. Of course that is also not true, not even close, as you know if you read here very often. The vast majority of mass shootings are committed by black men and White men at best come in a very distant second despite Whites being the majority in America. Based on what I was seeing last year it is quite likely that mestizos have supplanted Whites in second place on the mass shooting hierarchy. 

Or everyone knows that the buildings that collapsed on September 11th were caused by plane hitting them but few people wonder why a 47 floor building known as "7 World Trade Center" collapsed not from being struck by planes but as a result of debris hitting it and causing a number of fires. For some reason a massive structure between two other buildings collapsed in on itself thanks to some fires, not fires caused by burning jet fuel which allegedly was sufficient to collapse the two towers, but regular fires caused by debris while all of the other buildings surround the WTC were damaged but didn't collapse.

Not to go too far down the rabbit hole but according to reports in the BBC, 7 WTC remains "the first and only steel skyscraper in the world to collapse because of fire.". Weird huh? But we all know that it just collapsed because of the planes that hit two different buildings. 

There are plenty of contemporary examples but as you go farther back into history, when records become sparse and we lack things like video evidence, it becomes apparent that there are just a lot of *indisputable historical facts* that are anything but indisputable or facts at all. 

Oddly, there are an awful lot of things that fall into this category that you are not allowed to question at all.

Whether it is something now or something in the past, when you are not allowed to so much as ask a question about it, that should set off warning bells. It is a reliable saying that something that is true does not fear examination. In fact it is only by critical examination that anything can be considered true in any sense. 

Ask yourself what you really know for sure is true. Then ask what you aren't allowed to question. See where the lines cross. 

Question everything. Test everything. Especially what you aren't supposed to test and question. You might just find, as I am finding, that there is a lot that is not what you have been told.

Friday, January 28, 2022

Be Careful Out There

Listen to Phil Esterhaus and be careful out there.

You might think that just because what you are doing is legal it means you are not going to find yourself in hot water with the fuzz. You would be wrong.

Enter Reuben King.

Mr. King is an Amish dairy farmer in Pennsylvania who caught the attention of the ATF of all groups. What was he doing to warrant their notice? Was he engaged in drive-by shootings via horse and buggy at rival dairy farmers? Was he smuggling firearms to Chicago and NYC? Nope.

Mr. King was selling firearms he had purchased privately and legally to other people, privately and legally....

....On Tuesday, Reuben King said the guns taken were part of his personal collection and that the foundry had nothing to do with the gun sales.

“I’m not going to deny that I was selling some,” Reuben King said. Gun sales were not advertised and he does not know how he may have come to the ATF’s attention.

“This is my business: I’m a dairyman,” he said inside a barn filled with cows as he swept the concrete floor with a pushbroom. He has about 50 dairy cows.

Rueben King said he primarily sold long guns to the Amish for hunting, though he admitted he sold some to non-Amish, too.

“I was not dealing in handguns, positively not,” Rueben King said.

He was selling long guns that he possessed legally and sold those firearms legally. The problem? According to the ATF he was selling too many. How many is too many?

Don't know.

Reuben King pointed out that the government can’t tell him how many guns a person may sell or over what timeframe before a license is required.

That is true.

For example, I have a Federal Firearms License because I am engaged in the retail sale of firearms as a business with the intent of making a profit. It is pretty obvious, I have the FFL, a tax ID number, an LLC, a state sales tax number. I report my sales and profit when I file my taxes. 

But the definition of what constitutes being engaged in the "business of selling firearms" is not so clear for others. Here is what the ATF says about it:

Highlighting is mine but it is critical. If you sell as few as two firearms you can be considered a "dealer" and if you don't have a Federal Firearms License you are in violation of the law. What determines whether you are a dealer or not in the eyes of the ATF comes down to "facts and circumstances". In other words it is up to the ATF to decide so no one really knows. I have met people in my life who were constantly buying and selling guns, often just because they like buying and selling guns, adding to their collection, getting bored and selling the gun and buying something else. I imagine a lot of them made a profit doing so. Are these people "dealers"? Maybe, maybe not. 

That is a hell of a way to run a legal system. 

So why not just make a set of rules saying if you sell more than X number of firearms in a 12 month period, you are a dealer and need a license?

Two reasons.

One, once they established such a clearly defined rule it would be subject to challenge. Firearms are a legal product and private individuals buying and selling privately is a legal activity with some rules. If Big Country Expat would come up from Florida to purchase a shotgun from my private collection, that is fine and dandy. He cannot purchase a handgun from me as I know he is not a resident of Indiana. I am not required to get any ID from him or do any paperwork, although it is suggested that you keep a record. A private party sale is perfectly legal but how many of those you can do before you are considered to be a de facto "dealer" is unknown. Without a rule, it is harder to challenge in court.

Two, it creates a chilling effect to not have a clearly defined rule. The ATF hates that tens of millions of firearms in this country are in circulation without a clear paper trail of ownership. How many millions of people own firearms that they bought so long ago that there isn't paperwork or bought privately from a buddy or a relative or that they inherited from their grandpa? The FedBois can't stand that people own something that they don't know about and especially firearms. If you can scare people into not buying and selling firearms, something that again this is perfectly legal in most states, then it helps to control the flow of firearms in the country and makes it easier to police what we own.

It is bad enough that we have so many laws infringing on our Constitutionally guaranteed human right to possess arms for self-defense. It is far worse when those laws are so vague as to make one person a criminal for doing something a person five miles away is doing and not getting bothered. Laws and rules should be clear and based on definable rules, not the whims of a particular ATF agent. The more a law is based on "facts and circumstances", the more likely it is to be abused as it is in this case.

What happened to Reuben King is likely this: someone for some reason called in a tip to the ATF claiming he was selling guns for profit. That person, whoever they are, is an asshole and should get their ass kicked. The ATF decided for whatever reason that an Amish guy selling long guns, guns I assume have never been tied to a single crime, is somehow a law enforcement priority while blacks in America's cities have been on a two year shooting rampage. Harassing a non-resistant White Christian is a lot easier and less dangerous than dealing with black and mestizo gangsters.

My point is this: be smart. Don't give them any excuses. Keep what you are doing low key, even legal stuff, because all it takes is for some asshat to call you in and the ATF might be breathing down your neck. Just because something is legal it doesn't follow that the ATF won't decide that you are "in the business of selling firearms without a license". Your firearms aren't going to do you any good in some evidence locker somewhere while you fight an expensive court case to get them back.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Dangerous Escalations

After a quiet 2021, it would be easy to get complacent and think that gun control, one of the signature issues in the "Biden" platform, had faded into irrelevance. That would be terribly wrong and dangerous. 

The "Leftist" agenda is not about this policy or that policy, not about raising taxes or food stamps or spending on schools. That has been perhaps the deepest flaw of what passes for a right-wing in America, thinking that this is all about a series of completely unconnected policy fights instead of what it truly is. What the agenda really is all about from the Left hasn't changed in the past century. 

Their real agenda is sweeping in scale and scope and seeks nothing less than a complete reshaping of the world and a reordering of all of human society, creating a new humanity with them on the top and you and everyone you know on the bottom. No social strata just a mass of humanity that are less than serfs and a small elite ruling class. 

This will require the complete destruction of all aspects and iterations of the current human society. As it happens this is just a happy bonus for those pulling the strings as they seem to get a thrill from human suffering. Most of the cruelest, most vicious human beings in the 20th century were not found in the Third Reich, Hollywood's cartoonish attempts to convince you notwithstanding, but instead were found in the mostly unknown figures of the Soviet Union and Communist China. The inbred bastard ideological offspring of men like Genrikh Yagoda, Lazar Kaganovich and Lavrentiy Beria live among us today in the shadows of the American Left. 

There is nothing that has done more to prevent this complete undoing of thousands of years of human civilization than the American gun owner. We haven't even really done anything, at least not yet, but our very presence is a huge threat to their plans. 

All of that is a very philosophical round-about intro to a couple of news stories hitting the webz re: gun ownership. First up...

This is significant in that they are talking about going in and seizing stuff from retailers as I understand it. Forced reset triggers are like bump stocks in my mind, just toys for people who can afford to blow through ammo. Still, going to retailers and asking for and then taking anyway legally purchased inventory is a significant escalation. What about individuals who bought these forced reset triggers? Are they going to show up at people's homes and then what if they are refused entry? Or say they sold the trigger to someone else? 

It makes little sense especially since the Rare Breed Trigger in question, the FRT-15, is a whopping $380. On the other hand it isn't that hard to come up with cheap "auto sear" parts that turn the urban favorite Glock into a little machinegun...

Minneapolis authorities have arrested a pair of twin brothers equipped with modified handguns fit with auto sears. Police say they seized three of the machine guns from their vehicle after a chase.

The brothers, Cortez and Quantez Ward, 18, are charged with possessing firearms illegally altered to be able to fire fully automatically, according to the Hennepin County District Court. A third man, Muhnee Bailey, 21, was also arrested.

The police received a tip that the brothers were likely armed with the modified guns and were conducting surveillance at the funeral for 15-year-old Santana Jackson, which they were expected to attend. Jackson was killed last New Year’s Even in what appeared to be a robbery.

Apparently the homies have figured out how to 3D print these things and convert their Glocks. As an aside, naming your kid "Muhnee" or "Quantez" is basically condemning them to a life sentence at some point in their future. According to the ATF the conversion process just requires a 3D printer file and about sixty seconds...

The conversion process involves illegal devices commonly referred to as "Glock switches" or "auto-sears," which are readily available to buy on the internet or can be made on 3-D printers. Police and crime prevention workers say that these converted guns are showing up at more and more crime scenes.
Quantrell Urman, founder of the street outreach group Turf Politics, said that not a night goes by that he doesn't hear automatic gunfire while making his rounds.....

....While regular semiautomatic guns fire one round for each time a trigger is pulled, an automatic gun will shoot continuously until the trigger is released. Conversion devices like auto-sears can quickly and easily be fitted onto a Glock handgun by removing the polymer slide cover plate, a process that requires little technical expertise.

"It can be done in about 60 seconds," (ATF assistant special agent in charge Jeffrey) Reed said.

You don't need to know much about the internet to find the files for these parts and if the gangstas can figure this out, anyone can. Which is more likely, that Da'qudrillioza is going to take 60 seconds to put a 3D printed auto sear on his stolen Glock or that he is going to spend $380 to buy a forced reset trigger, install it on a much less concealable AR and shove the AR in his pants?

This isn't about Rare Breed or forced reset triggers, it is about creating the precedent that the ATF can come take whatever they want from private individuals without any legal backing to do so.

The other video is about the San Jose law that just passed requiring gun owners to pay an extra tax and carry liability insurance to possess a firearm.

Of course criminals who do the actual crimes (hence the name "criminal") won't pay the tax or carry the insurance, just the people who obey the law who are not the problem anyway. As with all gun laws, it creates an undue burden on the law abiding and does little to discourage the criminals. 

One of the main tactics being used by the Left is lawfare, using the courts to make selling firearms so prohibitively expensive that manufacturers just stop making guns or causing the prices to soar out of the reach of regular people. This is a similar tactic. If you have to pay extra taxes to possess a firearm and what will certainly be very expensive insurance, it starts to become too costly to own that firearm so you are left with the choice of either disarming yourself or ignoring the law and becoming a criminal simply by possessing a legal, Constitutionally protected firearm. Either outcome suits the Left just fine.

The attacks on the 2nd Amendment will never stop, not until they get what they want, complete civilian disarmament, or we make them stop by whatever means work. Gun rights are the single biggest obstacle to their agenda and we must remain vigilant and take what steps we can to thwart their mission of turning armed citizens into defenseless subjects.

The Kameltoe Gambit?

The political class is a all a-twitter over news that decrepit old liberal Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice on the Supreme Court, is retiring. This will give the current "President" his opportunity to replace the reliably liberal and wrong on every issue (but I repeat myself) old Jewish guy with a more diverse and therefore much more betterer justice. Biden promised to appoint a black wahman to the Supreme Court, so it is likely that the choice will be some flavor of African and if she is a degenerate of some sort, even better.

But it is not just a chance for a black wahman to be appointed to the SCOTUS but also maybe a way to solve a thorny problem for Democrats. Rumors are swirling about short lists of possible contenders but one name keeps popping up:

The Whore Of Babylon herself, Kamala "Ankles Up!" Harris, the half black, half Indian woman who has set a new standard for being unpopular. Not only is Harris a literal political whore she is also dumb as a box of rocks....

According to the article, she doesn't think it is a big deal:

Harris says she recently consoled a young law graduate who also didn’t pass; ‘I told her, it’s not a measure of your capacity.

Sorry Kamala but that is exactly what it is. The bar exam is a final barrier to ensure that people who graduate from law school actually learned what a lawyer should know. The same thing exists for all professional occupations, the CPA exam and medical boards for example, all designed as safeguards against incompetence. We already know that lots of people are accepted into professional schools and lots of people are pushed through colleges so these exams are a final way to weed out the affirmative action types before they enter the workforce.

As many people have noted, Kamala is a huge problem for the Left. She is incredibly dumb and also unpopular but she also won't leave on her own so they can push out Biden. This would be a way to get her permanently out of the way and allow them to put Biden's replacement into the VP slot, let that person stick around for a little bit and then shove Grandpa Child Sniffer down a flight of stairs. There is already rumor that the South Bend Sodomite Pete Bootygag is the favorite to replace Harris. 

Of course all of this could be a distraction and the real pick might be some super radical black Marxist chick. It won't change the balance on the court but it will shift the left-wing of the court even further left. I expect the announcement will happen quickly and then the real circus begins as Republicans gets some revenge for the Kavanaugh hearings. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Speaking Of Russia

It is kinda Siberia-like around these parts this morning.

7: 30 AM Edit:

Finally above 0, like 1 degree above zero, but at least the rest of the week looks balmy....

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A Light At The End Of The Ammo Tunnel?

After a long stretch of ammo prices being outrageous, is there a chance we will see the primer bottleneck open up a bit and help increase production, in turn lowering prices? Maybe....

Monday, January 24, 2022

Based Torba

Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab, speaking the real talk...

Based and red-pilled. He evens Names The Name from time to time.

Swiveling Might Not Be Enough

American Partisan published a Pravda video last night that was worth watching....

The video is long on propaganda and short on details but on the other hand, Big Country Expat also saw the video and shared this graphic:

Note the range on that bad boy: 8,300 kilometers. That means they don't have to be sitting in Boston Harbor to hit most of the interior of the country. I used a fun little tool BCE directed us to and came up with this....

Looks to me like one of these Bulava's could theoretically hit Chicago if launched from the Mediterranean. New York and London are only 5500 kilometers apart so from pretty much anywhere in the middle of the Atlantic these missiles could hit most of the U.S. They don't need to be right on the coast.

Meanwhile the USS Harry S. Truman carrier group is steaming for the Mediterranean. 

(Pentagon press secretary John) Kirby insisted the war games had been “long-planned,” since 2020, and were not in response to the recent Russian military aggression near the Ukrainian border, though the drills are not listed on NATO’s website among exercises slated for this year.

The announcement came a day after Russia announced its own all-out naval exercises, with more than 140 warships and about 10,000 soldiers taking part in January and February in maneuvers that will take place in the Atlantic, the Arctic, the Pacific and the Mediterranean.

Cuz what you should do when tensions are high between nuclear armed powers is to keep finding ways to provoke each other.

It might be smart to make sure your vehicles are full to the top with gas because if the shooting starts gas prices are going to skyrocket and availability will plummet but if the very worst happens and nukes start flying? Having your head on a swivel might only be useful for reaching your ass to kiss it good-bye. 

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Coming Apart Piece By Piece

Back in the late 90s work at Fidelity Investment had me travelling quite a bit. As this was the heyday of the mutual fund industry it meant that when we travelled, we were required to book the preferred hotel in a city wherever we went. The thing is the preferred hotel for a mutual fund manager who oversaw billions in assets was the same as a low level flunky and this meant that I stayed at some pretty swanky places like the Ritz-Carlton in cities from San Francisco and L.A. to Philadelphia and Atlanta. They usually ran over $400 per night even back then.

The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta is awfully nice, and is located in the Buckhead neighborhood. This is what it looks like on the inside....

Even the crapper is swanky.

Almost too nice to take a dump. Almost. 

Anyway, Buckhead is a very wealthy and very White neighborhood in Atlanta and it seems they have had enough of the rest of Atlanta (in other words blacks) wandering in and doing black thangz. Atlanta as a whole is over 50% black but Buckhead? According to Wikipedia it is a little outside of the black price range:

Since at least the 1950s, Buckhead has been known as a district of extreme wealth, with the western and northern neighborhoods being virtually unrivaled in the Southeast. In 2011, The Gadberry Group compiled the list of the 50 wealthiest zip codes in the United States, ranking Buckhead's western zip code (30327) as the second wealthiest zip code in the South (behind Palm Beach's 33480) and the second wealthiest zip code east of California and south of Virginia.

The same group reported the average household income at $280,631, with an average household net worth of $1,353,189. These 2011 figures are up from a similar 2005 study that pegged Buckhead as the wealthiest community in the South and the only settlement south of the Washington D.C. suburb of Great Falls, and east of the Phoenix suburb of Paradise Valley to be among the 50 wealthiest communities in the country. However, according to Forbes magazine, (30327) is the ninth-wealthiest zip code in the nation, with a household income in excess of $341,000.

That is serious money. That also means they are paying exorbitant taxes to the city of Atlanta and in return they get all of Atlanta's problems stumbling into their neighborhood whether they like it or not. That has led to them deciding to take their tax revenue and skedaddle

An increase in violent crime has spurred a movement in Atlanta’s wealthiest and whitest neighborhood, Buckhead, to push harder to secede and create a new city with its own police force. The idea, which has been gaining momentum over the past year, is raising alarm among Atlanta officials worried about a loss of population and tax revenue.....

You can hardly blame them but the whole article is an exercise in people avoiding saying the obvious. 

Critics of Buckhead cityhood argue the Atlanta-Buckhead split would divide the region along economic and racial lines. Buckhead City would be about 71% non-Hispanic white and about 11% Black, while the remaining Atlanta would be about 27% non-Hispanic white and 61% Black, according to data compiled by the Atlanta Regional Commission, a regional planning agency. The median household income in Buckhead City would be about $110,000, compared with $58,000 in remaining Atlanta.

Mr. White objected to Buckhead cityhood being viewed in racial or economic terms.

“You just want to get control of crime in your community,” he said. “It’s unfair to say that is racist.”

It is lovely that the guy pushing for this is literally named "Mr. White". Still everyone knows what is really going on. Buckhead is an oasis of White people and the relative security and affluence that (generally) goes with being heavily White. They don't want the blacks from the rest of Atlanta leeching their tax revenue and in return letting their yoofs and teenz wander into Buckhead to cause mayhem and theft including "violence, car-thefts, drag-racing and other crimes ". With an independent Buckhead they could focus their police efforts on making the area safer. Atlanta can deal with their black problem with black tax revenue, that has gone great in places like Baltimore and East St. Louis. 

The situation in Buckhead is a microcosm of the rest of the country. As we see more urban areas being sacrificed on the altar of diversity, the small neighborhoods that are predominantly White, Asian and Jewish that are also affluent will look to separate themselves from the main urban area, creating in essence suburbs within the urban area. They will take their tax revenue with them to pay for their own schools and their own policing, having grown weary of the endless violent crime and diversity-led "law enforcement" that seems more interested in "equity" than in deterring and punishing crime. 

There is a model in place already for this sort of arrangement. While Detroit is world renowned as a shithole, just to the northeast of the city are a handful of smaller cities under the umbrella of Grosse Pointe. While Detroit is the blackest city in America at nearly 80% black and less than 10% White, the Grosse Pointes are the polar opposite. You can see the stark division in this satellite view of the border between Detroit to the west and Grosse Pointe Park to the east. 

Notice all of the empty lots on the streets in Detroit from vacant homes that were torn down versus the thriving neighborhoods just one street over. Most of Grosse Pointe boasts six figure median family incomes. When I lived in the metro Detroit area it was well known that the Grosse Pointe cops would pull you over if you were black and driving around in the area. There are other ways of keeping the riffraff out. For example in Grosse Pointe Park there are a couple of movie theaters but with a slight twist:

Yep, if you aren't a resident of Grosse Pointe Park you don't get to watch movies at their theaters, keeping the black residents of Detroit from coming over the border and causing a ruckus. It is a sensible policy if you want to have a decent home in a town that borders the blackest city in America. Another Detroit suburb with a six figure median family income, Troy, has one of the most luxurious malls around, the Somerset Collection, anchored by stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus. I worked there for a short time and the place was full of young White private school girls and young trophy wives of executives shopping for overpriced shoes and underwear. It also had very few blacks around, and when they did show up mall security didn't even pretend that they were not following those blacks until they left the property. 

This seems to be the way of the future, selected areas carved out for the wealthy to keep out the dangerous and poor, adjectives that are synonymous to the elites. We are not quite to the point of 30 foot high concrete walls to protect the rich and their servants but we aren't far from it either. What is unspoken by most is that this is driven mainly by demographics because just as culture is downstream from race so is economic stability and affluence. 

The most valuable real estate in America in the coming years will continue to be the real estate in the Whitest regions, the less diverse the better. This is already the case. When realtors are talking about properties and use terms like "good schools", what everyone knows they mean is "not diverse". People pay a premium to live among White people and that turns into exclusive neighborhoods.

That is fine and dandy for these affluent groups, the upper crust of wage earners. They can pay the big
premium price for living in their enclaves but the rest of us? We get stuck either fleeing farther and farther away or trying to deal with the increasing chaos in the city. 

As I said, the newly minted diversity judges, politicians and law enforcement leadership are seemingly more concerned with helping blacks criminals stick it to the man than they are in protecting the people of their city, often other blacks being victimized. For example, the police chief of Atlanta appointed in May of 2021 is one Rodney Bryant....

Searching quickly through the ranks of chiefs of police departments of the largest cities in America and you see a lot of people that look like Rodney Bryant. Chicago PD is led by a black guy. New York's police commissioner is a black woman named Keechant L. Sewell. L.A. is led by a White guy but Houston is led by Troy Finner, a black fella. Phoenix? Jeri Williams a black wahmen. Philadelphia also a black woman, Danielle M. Outlaw. San Antonio is led by a White dude as is San Diego. The chief in Dallas is a mestizo as is San Jose. By my math that is two black men, three black women, 3 White men and two mestizo men leading the police departments of the ten largest cities in America. I suspect if I kept searching I would find a similar pattern in most large cities. 

That is not to say that these are not good cops. They might be but it is hard to not assume that most of the black and mestizo leaders are in that position primarily to placate the population of these cities, particularly the "community activists" and clergy of those cities. Policing and the justice system in these cities has always been political of course but now it is race based politics. This is leading to more and more instances of people dying at the hands of non-White people who should have been in jail, like Dylan McGinnis, a White man gunned down by a black career felon named Travis Lang, out on bail thanks to The Bail Project, a "non-profit" that exists to help criminals post bail so they can commit more crimes:

There are lots and lots of examples of this over the last year or so and Dylan is the second White person killed in Indianapolis by a black man on bail in the last 13 months (see: Victim’s Family Holds Marion County Courts Responsible for Woman’s Brutal Murder While Suspect Wore GPS Monitor), after a black guy named Marcus Garvin was jailed for stabbing someone in the back and had bond set at $30,000 only to have it lowered to $1,500 by one Judge Shatrese Flowers, who you will be surprised to learn is also black, whereupon Mr. Garvin then murdered his White girlfriend. The lesson here, stay clear of places where you might find yourself in the court of someone named Shatrese Flowers.

The country is quietly dividing itself into small places of non-diversity and safety and then the rest of us who have to deal with the fallout of forced diversity. Yet another way that out country is coming apart at the seams.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Head. Swivel.

The war no one wants seems bound and determined to happen anyway....

The U.S. is already sending ammo and armament to the Ukrainians, which is another clear provocation. 

Tucker had a good segment on this, especially looking at how uniformly our ruling elite is speaking about this issue of Ukraine.

Clearly many of them want a war with Russia for some reason.

Things are moving fast and you can be damn sure that if it goes kinetic and we start to poke the Russian bear for real that the bear will poke back. This is another great time to check your preps, make sure your vehicles are full of fuel and your arms are well maintained. I am pretty confident that the Russians have plans in place for cyber-attacks in retaliation if needed and if parts of the power grid go down or pipelines are shut off or any number of other potential vulnerabilities are hit, it will get hairy in a hurry.

Head on swivels boys. Heads on swivels. 

That's A Wrap

SHOT Show is over and based on what I saw from the videos, gotta say I was pretty underwhelmed. A couple of goofy things no one should have made, some different stuff that was basically just a modification of what already existed. Nothing innovative really, I am glad we didn't spend a bunch of money to go out and see this stuff while being forced to wear a mask. My favorite part of the coverage was when Classic Firearms went to the Glock booth and talked about....Glock trivia?

Not an actual Glock anywhere in sight, just an old guy with a fantastic moustache talking Glock trivia. It looks like they didn't even get into the actual booth itself. I guess once you have seen one ugly, blocky Glock pistol you really have seen them all. Some bigger, some smaller, different calibers but all the same thing. The Glock people at the NRA annual meeting a few years back were the same way, they mostly stood around talking to each other and ignoring the little people who actually buy their handguns. When you sell millions of handguns to police departments, you apparently don't have to care much about retail consumers. 

It sure seems like the industry is kind of stale right now and also likely in something of a holding pattern, modifying stuff instead of brand new products, and that makes sense given we don't know what the near future holds for gun rights. Kudos as always to Palmetto State for bringing some new products out, even if their launch is not always the best, but at least they are trying. 

On the other hand, I would be happy to see these outfits just concentrate on production right now, getting what consumers need out to them. We don't need yet another goofy new caliber but we do need to see ammo prices come down. You still can't get 5.56 for much less than $.50 per round so a brand new caliber isn't really all that interesting to me.

Depending on the midterm elections, next year might be more exciting but if they midterms go as I suspect, SHOT Show 2023 might be an even bigger dud.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Your NRA Dues At Work

If you missed this, good old Wayne LaPierre of the NRA is in some trouble, hopefully like jail time trouble, for treating the NRA like his own personal piggy bank including paying some chick to arrange flights for him to the tune of millions of dollars. Just to book flights. Check this out:

Not one red cent to the NRA, not until they purge literally everyone in the executive ranks. All of them, even if there might be a good one, they all have to go. Maybe then they can re-earn the trust of the firearms community but until then they are dead to me and ought to be to you as well. 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

One Year Later

While it seems like an eternity, it has *only* been one year to the day since Creepy Joe, the Pedo-Prez, was installed as "President" by the global ruling class on January 20th, 2021. 

Yeah, this degenerate fuck is "President".

A year later and inflation is raging out of control, the *actual* economy is in shambles and the world is poised on the brink of potentially multiple wars between superpowers. America is functionally leaderless, without even a semi-plausible figurehead. All we have is a man who can't form a coherent sentence even when drugged up and in a fake White House for some reason who is backed up by the most unpleasant and disliked Vice-"President" in modern American history. 

On the bright side, even those that arranged to have Biden occupy the Oval Office underestimated his cognitive decline and the recalcitrance of a couple of Democrat Senators and after a year very little of their agenda has been enacted. On the down side, with the panic setting in over potential losses in the November midterms that means that they need to make something happen and that will require some ugliness. 

It isn't just my personal loathing for Biden at work here, this really has been the most muddled and rudderless administration in living memory. It makes Jimmy Carter look like a strategic genius. If we are lucky we can avoid getting into a nuke exchange with the Russkies and/or Chinese before the year is out. It really is that bad but with Covid evaporating as a threat they are going to need something new to control the sheep and I suspect what is coming next is going to make the Covid response look almost reasonable in comparison. 

Batten down the hatches and buckle up boys, it is fixin' to get choppy.

Feeling This

One of my favorite memes of the new year thus far....

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New Stuff

A couple of videos for your viewing pleasure, first from Classic Firearms who always does a good job of covering SHOT Show. Some cool new stuff especially from Christensen and Aero Precision, plus a revamped FN Hi Power. What say you Big Country about this?

Next up a video featuring Palmetto State Armory. They talk about the 5.7mm I mentioned in a prior post plus a new compact Dagger variant but what really got my attention is that they are finally putting the JAKL in production

The JAKL is a cool little pistol that doesn't have a buffer tube and is side charging but what makes it really nifty is that it will fit right on a regular AR lower so you can use your existing lower and of course it will take AR mags. 

More tomorrow.

What A Cohencidence!

This seems so out of character for a champion of the working class like Chuck Schumer.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is responsible for shepherding antitrust bills that aim to crack down on Big Tech — and both his children are on the payroll of companies the proposals would seek to rein in, On the Money has learned.

Jessica Schumer is a registered lobbyist at Amazon, according to New York state records. Alison Schumer works at Facebook as a product marketing manager.

Starting to feel like the deck is stacked again you? Starting to understand who has stacked the deck?

It isn't just here. Check out my 2019 post Everyone Else Should Pay For My Poor Decision Making! and see why nothing ever seems to get done, apparently when Big Business pays for politicians they make sure they protect....Big Business. 

Globohomo Corporate and the Federal mandarin class are one giant entity, different job titles but working for the same people with the same goals. Spoiler alert, none of those people they are working for are you.

Orchestrating The Collapse

Another fun filled offering from Tucker Carlson.

Of course none of this is about "ending homelessness" just as none of it is about "ending racism" or "saving the environment" or "women's rights". It is all just window dressing to disguise a looting of working people on an unimaginable scale. They don't care that homeless people will shit up these half million dollar apartments paid for with "Covid relief money", because at the core it is about taking public wealth and redistributing it to connected wealthy donors, making the rich even richer. Why do they do this when they are already insanely rich? I explained in my post The Great Reset: Why Bother?. It isn't just or even primarily being able to buy more stuff that motivates the rich.

Remember, the bigger the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else, the happier they are.

Something that irritates the very wealthy to no end is that normal people can rise above their station in the West.

Rich people hate seeing not-rich people joining their ranks. There is even a snooty term for them: nouveau riche, a term that implies someone is vulgar in their wealth. Becoming rich is not just about pushing your own wealth up, it is also about pushing the wealth of everyone else down. That is why they do this, not to buy another Maserati but to establish an unbreakable caste system with themselves and those they favor at the top and everyone else at the bottom.

If you get anything at all from what I write, be sure to get this:

What we are seeing, this slow motion, real time collapse of our once great civilization is not happening naturally or organically. It is something being done to us by people. People with names and agendas. 

One of the things that being ultra-wealthy affords you is the luxury of thinking big picture. You and I, we spend most of our time in survival mode, working that gig to pay the mortgage and keep the lights on. Someone like Bill Gates has the time to sit around and think about things like his own legacy because he isn't concerned with having enough in his checking account to cover the bills for this month.

This isn't a conspiracy theory based in resentment, it is reality and it demands a response. How that response looks is something you have to decide for yourself. Just be sure that you understand who and what is doing this and tell others that the stuff they see on the news that makes them shake their head and wonder what happened to this country is the result of an intentional plan.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

PewPew Industry Happenings

It is January and in the firearms biz that means one thing: SHOT Show!

The show was cancelled last year because of the 'vid and this year they are making people wear masks despite masks being demonstrably useless. It caused a lot of ruckus, as you might imagine most people in the firearms business, especially the local gun store types, are of a particular political persuasion that tends to not like being told what to do by government busy-bodies. 

SHOT Show is an industry-only event and it is where you typically see the gun and accessory companies introducing their newest stuff. Most of it is a rehash of existing firearms but some of it is new. Back in 2020 at the last SHOT Show Palmetto State Armory owned the show with a huge list of new stuff but some of it like the JAKL and the MP5 clone has still not hit the market. This year they are promising a new 5.7mm pistol "in around 60 days". We will wait and see but it would be cool since most of the offerings in that caliber are stupid expensive. 

Lots of guntuber types are doing videos from SHOT Show in-between trying to avoid alcohol poisoning so there should be some good recaps of the niftiest stuff coming out. I'll share some videos as I deem appropriate of the coolest new tacticool gear. Wish we could justify going but our little business just isn't enough for me to spend that kind of money to go to Vegas. 

For our part business seems to be picking up and stuff is moving a little more. Availability is still great but prices seem to be creeping up on some categories. Just here and there but as an example bolt action rifles seem to be getting more expensive across the board. 

Ammo pricing still sucks. No signs of that changing any time soon. 

Still lots of opportunities to stash stuff away in your safe and upgrade what ya got already. With 2021 coming and going with zero significant gun control legislation, we are in a good place but that is one false flag shooting away from changing overnight.

The Earliest Casualties

This is a fun little video, Tim Pool can be kinda cringe sometimes but I always like Mike Rowe, in large measure because he understands that he isn't a super handy guy but just someone like me who appreciates those who do the tough, dirty jobs that no one else will. 

The point is valid. When the wheels come off, the vast majority of people in America will have zero skills to survive and nothing prepared to last more than a few days. In a widespread social collapse, the early death toll is going to be staggering. 

While I am not Mr. Fix-It either, I know how to do some stuff. I know how to catch a fish and shoot a deer or rabbit or turkey.  I can build a fire and have access to fresh water with the means to make it safe to drink. The means and willingness to protect my family and our stuff? Yeah, in spades. 

City and suburb dwellers who are completely reliant on uninterrupted electricity? They are going to have a very bad time but on the bright side that bad time won't last for long as it will quickly lead to being a corpse. 

Cultivate your own skills and preps and cultivate connections in the real world with like-minded people with complementary skills. Your buddy in the housing development that works in some cubicle and can't change his own flat tire might be a good guy to drink a few while watching the game with but in a SHTF situation he won't be much use.

Hate Is One Of The Highest Virtues

From our earliest recollections, most of us were taught not to hate. Not anyone, not anything. Saying "I hate broccoli" was met with a stern admonition to not say you hate anything. Hate was always bad.

The civic religion of America is based on *some* of the teachings of Jesus Christ, selected sayings attributed to Christ that elevate love as the highest virtue, even to the point of loving those that hate you:

But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. (Luke 6:27-29)

This has been gradually interpreted to mean a milquetoast religion where you should love people that hate you and if someone strikes you, don't retaliate and rather offer the other cheek to get hit again. Whether you agree with that interpretation or not is irrelevant because that is generally what most people think Jesus meant as a normative practice for Christians. 

As our society has slowly rotted away, we entered the era of the "hate crime" which declares that some crimes are worse than other crimes, worse to the point of becoming a Federal issue, based on whether they were motivated by "hate". The political prisoners now sentenced to life in prison for defending their neighborhood from a jogging thief are going to be subjected to yet another show trial on Federal "hate crimes" charges, charges that seem to only ever be applied in the case of a White defendant in an incident involving a non-White. "Hate crimes" are a way for the authorities to avoid subjecting defendants to double-jeopardy by trying them for the same crime twice but calling the second set of charges something different. Even the mention of a "hate crime" makes the average Normiecon break out in a cold sweat despite virtually all reported "hate crimes" later turning out to be hoaxes. 

When it comes to hate, as with most things, there are two sets of rules. One set for White people who are the only group where hate is considered to always be a bad thing, unless it is hate for their own people, and then everyone else who is mostly allowed to hate as long as the object of their hate is White people and anything and everything we have built. 

Here is the point. Hate is not an unqualified evil as an expression of human emotion. Quite the contrary, hatred directed in the proper avenues is one of the very best expressions of our humanity. If you can read about someone who raped and murdered a child and not hate them, I would question your very humanity. If someone hates you and wishes you, your family or your people harm, the only rational response is hatred in return. 

If you hate me and mine, I will gladly hate you right back. Should wish to visit harm upon me or mine, expect to be hurt in kind. Love is something to be reserved for those worthy of being loved. I love my wife and my children, my family and my people. Some random person I have never met and have no interest in meeting? Why would I love them? That goes even more so for those who dislike or hate me. I have no room to love my enemies, not in meatspace or even as a concept. 

The sort of indiscriminate "love" that is usually assumed by popular culture? My guy George had something to say about that.....

Preach! Say what you will about Rockwell, we could use more plain speaking men today. Too many of those who claim to be leaders are weak, mealy-mouthed worms.

Love and hate are the antithesis of one another and you cannot have one without the other. If you claim to only love, how can you distinguish between love that is real and "love" that is just a virtue signaling statement? Just as you cannot comprehend true beauty without ugliness, accomplishment without failure and joy without sorry, you cannot truly love unless you know how and what to hate.

I don't go around seeking out people to hate. Why would I need to when those who hate me and my people are so common and vocal? There are ample examples of those who desire death for me and extinction for my people. To paraphrase John Quincy Adam, I do not go abroad in search of monsters to hate. The monsters have come right to us. 

Some might say people like me have brought this hatred upon ourselves. How exactly did we do this? By wishing to be left alone, to live in a civilization that offers endless opportunities to everyone who seeks after them and provides freedom and justice in measures unknown throughout human history? I would be content to live out my life in quiet isolation with my family in our little corner of Indiana, being bothered by no one and bothering no one in return. But they couldn't leave us alone. They couldn't just let us be. They had to keep pushing and poking and stirring up, mostly because they are losers who are discontent with life and can't stand to see anyone else contented. They have brought us to the brink of civil war and they will reap the harvest of the bitter seeds they have planted. 

If you wish to show your capacity for love, you must likewise show your capacity to hate. You cannot have one without the other. Show me a man who says he hates nothing and I will show you an empty shell that doesn't understand true love. 

Hatred for that which ought to be hated is a powerful tool and a righteous one.