Saturday, May 28, 2022

Honest Question (Not Really)

The NRA Annual meeting is this weekend in Texas and while I have little use for the NRA, I did enjoy going to the annual meeting when it was in Indianapolis pre-pandemic. Acres upon acres of guns. Of course The Big Story out of Houston is that the NRA convention is going on right after the completely coincidental mass shooting in Texas occurred this week. A number of entertainers dropped out of scheduled events, including Larry Gatlin and Mr. Monetizing Patriotism Lee Greenwood.

According to Lee Greenwood, a man who has cashed in on White American nostalgia with his one sappy song to the tune of millions of dollars, an AR-15 just randomly killed a bunch of kids.

"The unfortunate shooting in Texas took place at a very bad time. And for me to go and play at the NRA just days after the shooting would be an endorsement. And people would then deem that as, I like this weapon. And obviously, that weapon killed kids. And I just couldn't go," he told hosts Brian Kilmeade, Pete Hegseth and Ainsley Earhardt. 

That weapon killed kids. Not the tranny fruitcake who actually pulled the trigger. What a fucking dolt.

Anyway, the convention has attracted a whole gaggle of freaks and weirdos to protest against the NRA being in Houston, having their convention this week (scheduled years in advance) and for the NRA's tepid support of the Second Amendment. The photos are what you would expect....

The homely chick holding up the "Pro-life?" sign apparently thinks that men need to fill out a 4473 and submit to a background check before depositing a load in her uterus. I would actually support such a regulation, we already have more than enough ugly and stupid people in America. 

This story from Breitbart about the protests is vintage Breitbart Normiecon....

Oh no, a White person said something mean to a black person! That makes it doubly horrible and worthy of a dedicated story. If you read Breitbart for any reason other than the luls, you are wrong and should feel bad.

That brings me to my question:

Where are these protesters the rest of the year? Why do they only show up in a safe location to scream at normal people who happen to support the NRA?

According to the Gun Violence Archive, over 140 children ages 0-11 have been killed by gunfire in America so far this year plus an additional 516 "youths" ages 12-17. 

Just in Chicago alone this year 18 minors have been murdered and another 68 wounded.

Where are the protesters standing around on the sidewalks in Chicago holding signs decrying the violence in America's poster child city for gun violence? Why are these crowds of White liberals not demanding that gangsters in Chicago and Baltimore and Philadelphia stop shooting each other and kids who happen to be standing nearby?

The answer is obvious and self-evident. You can hold signs outside of an NRA event and screech obscenities at the attendees and nothing will happen to you. If you go in the places where the vast majority of gun violence occurs? You might become a statistic yourself. Check this out from Chicago:

Asian reporter Tricia Takanawa just doing her job filming a live report about gun violence in Chicago when one of the usual suspects in gun violence walks behind her and points a gun at the cameraman. At 7 o'clock in the damn morning, homie is out getting him some coffee and waving his gat around at Asians. The first thing I thought of when I read the story was this....

That is why homely White women hold up signs outside of the NRA annual meeting instead of in places where gun violence actually occurs. When I was at the annual meeting in Indy there were thousands of people packed into the convention center, probably 80-90% of them concealed carrying and there were no reports of gun fights breaking out. Why? Because NRA members are not the people who commit crimes in America.

The statistics are probably not really available but it is a safe bet that the total number of murders committed by members of the NRA in any given year is in the single digits and quite often zero. When you look at the people attending the annual meeting, I would bet almost 100% have never been convicted of a crime in their life.

NRA members are by and large middle class, middle age or older, Normiecon White people who carry their smart phones in leather belt holders and wear New Balance tennis shoes (I also wear NB because I have exceptionally wide feet). You would be hard pressed to find a subgroup of American more law abiding than that population. Many of my friends and family growing up were/are NRA members and they were and are decent people with families, jobs and a life. People who stand around protesting an annual meeting? Likely none of the above.

The answer to the question I posed is simple: the people protesting the NRA annual meeting either don't really care about gun violence or know so little about the issue that they think that the NRA is the problem in America when it comes to gun violence. Probably more of the latter than the former because as mentioned America is full of stupid people. My assumption is that most people who are anti-gun activists have given almost no thought to the issues and simply are parroting back what they are told by people who know damn well that "universal background checks" or "high capacity magazine" bans or "red flag laws" will do nothing to stem the tide of gun violence and they simply don't care. 

The whole thing is silly enough to make me almost want to renew my NRA membership. Almost. Maybe if they get rid of Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the senior staff.....

Friday, May 27, 2022

That Sound You Hear?

Is the last bit of plausibility in the argument for only allowing the police to have guns.

The school shooting in Uvalde is quickly shifting from being about the shooter and more about the response from local cops, or more specifically the utter lack of a response. Various reports indicate that nearly an hour lapsed between the time cops were dispatched and the shooter was neutralized, and not even by the local PD but by a random Border Patrol agent who used a borrowed shotgun from the barber who was cutting his hair when he heard about the shooter.

While I am not sure what all transpired, it does seem like the cops are acting a bit guilty and defensive. When kids act that way, it is a sure sign they did something wrong. I assume the same is true here. What is worse are the pictures and accounts of parents being forcibly restrained from going in to try to stop the shooter.

It is unimaginable that while children are being murdered, adults would stay outside and especially cops. I have zero real training, shooting for fun and practice not counting as real training, but even if my own kids weren't in that building I would hope I would try to do something. 

It makes one wonder why we spend all of this money on police, giving them military equipment and delegating the authority to use lethal force when they stand around outside because they are apparently afraid to go in. Thanks to BCE for the link:

According to Texas Department of Safety Lt. Chris Olivarez....

Police initially said that the gunman barricaded himself inside the classroom and that they had trouble gaining access to the room, and one unnamed law official anonymously spoke out to say SWAT teams had to wait for a different school staff member to bring them a key to the class. 

'At that point, if they proceeded any further not knowing where the suspect was at, they could’ve been shot, they could've been killed, and at that point that gunman would have had an opportunity to kill other people inside that school.

'So they were able to contain that gunman inside that classroom so that he was not able to go to any other portions of the school to commit any other killings,' Lt. Olivarez said. 

Again I understand being scared but that is your fucking job. I thought it was understood that you are given these guns and that training with the expectation of putting yourself in harms way for the sake of others. There is a reason that we (used to) honor cops, soldiers and firefighters. They put their lives in jeopardy on our behalf. 

If nothing else, this should end the line of argument about civilians not needing guns because the cops are armed. More and more cops are not doing much with their guns and training. Some of it is understandable, who wants to intervene when blacks are rampaging and you could be the next Derek Chauvin for just doing your job. But in cases like this and Parkland, it seems that more cops are just running out the clock to get to their pension and have little interest in the sort of self-sacrifice we expect and assume from them.

What many of us have always known is that cops are not "first responders" in many cases. We are. If someone breaks into my home, sure we can call 911 but in the time that it takes for the sheriff to show up a lot of bad shit can happen and I for one am not interested in seeing how bad it gets before the cops show up. I am my own first responder. If my house is on fire, I will call 911 but make sure to do everything I can to get my wife and kids out even if it means losing my own life. I am not waiting for the fireman to show up to tell me what to do.

Something else to consider. Most normiecons are slavishly devoted to "Muh thin blue line" and backing up the cops no matter what. I think this might really damage that, along with crap like Waco, Ruby Ridge, the unlawful incarceration of the January 6th protesters, etc. Cops today, at least a growing percentage of them, are not the same sort of cops we think of from our youth. There are still good cops but the ratio seems to be shifting away from good cops and in favor of bad or at least mediocre cops.

Faith in law enforcement is one of the last hold-outs of institutional trust and it is high time it is abandoned. Everyone needs to understand that there are no institutions left that are not opposed to heritage Americans. NONE. The sooner people figure that out, the better. It just sucks that it took 19 little kids getting killed by a tranny for people to start to figure it out.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Speaking Of Bootlickers

Here it comes. Much of the GOP political class has quietly been waiting for a tragedy to give them cover to do what they wanted in the first place, disarming the American people. Apparently Cocaine Mitch is sending John Cornyn to be his representative in signing away our rights.

Eugene Stoner: Uber-Nazi!

Check out this gem from Twitter....

Who is this dipshit?

Just in case you forgot how stupid "journalists" are.

The ratio is something to behold and it is just climbing.

That is close to a 97% reply to like ratio. Wow. 

Anyway, I have read some stupid fucking shit online today but that one wins.

Bootlickers Of America Unite!

Whenever there is a high profile mass shooting that at least partially fits the proper profile (racially motivated, involved an "assault rifle", shooter was White or can be lightened to look White in pics, etc), the usual suspects come out of the woodwork demanding more gun control. You can assume that they have a whole file of talking points ready to send out in fundraising emails as soon as news of a new shooting breaks (unless the shooting is just black people shooting other blacks)

Liberals waiting for a juicy mass shooting

It is simple politics. The dirty secret of lobbying groups is that many of them don't want their particular issue to get better or be resolved. They depend on scaring the people on their fundraising database into continually sending more money. If the threat of gun control suddenly disappeared, the NRA would lose a ton of revenue and then how would they pay for Wayne LaPierre's suits? I assume most people working for the NRA really care about gun rights but I bet a lot don't care beyond keeping the donations flowing. The same is true for Everytown and the Brady Center or whatever they are calling themselves these days. The goal is to keep the cash flowing. This is true for most organizations from non-profits to churches. 

Someone else usually shows up when something like Buffalo and Uvalde happen: the bootlickers who claim to be /ourguys/ but then demand that we allow ourselves to be disarmed. They tend to be on social media in various gun groups and I have seen a ton of them this week. Their posts are always the same.

One, the appeal to authority and common ground:

"As a veteran..."

"As someone who owns an AR-15..."

"As someone who concealed carries...." 

And of course...

"As someone who supports the 2nd Amendment...."

This is followed by the inevitable "but" and then what they claim is common sense and reasonable.....

"Maybe 18 year olds shouldn't be able to buy AR-15s...."

"Maybe AR-15s should be regulated as NFA items...."

"Maybe waiting periods would be a small price to pay to save one child...."

These bootlickers are far more dangerous than Diane Feinstein types who openly talk about confiscation because they pretend to be just like us. I assume many of them are sock puppet accounts who pretend to be gun guys but are run by anti-2A leftists. On the other hand, many really are gun owners who are just fucking stupid. They are basically women with beard and NRA hats, driven by their emotions. 

The rest of us know how this would go. 

Step one, we go along with something like raising the age to purchase a rifle to 21 because of the children.

Step two, the new law does nothing to stem the flow of shootings, since most happen in urban areas, are committed by black men with handguns who are usually already prohibited from possessing a firearm.

Step three, a new tragedy unfolds and we get the same demands for "something" to be done. 

Step four, even stricter rules are imposed on us even though no one thinks it will actually help.

Rinse, repeat until we get to a total ban on civilian ownership of firearms.

A head-on attack is easy to see coming and rally the troops in response but the subtle undermining of our united front by a fifth column? That is really dangerous and if you are on social media and in gun groups, you need to jump on these people with both feet. 

When we lose our 2A rights, and believe me we will, it will be a combination of demographic displacement and bootlickers in our own ranks that will doom us. 

He Coulda Been A Zillionaire!

No this is not a headline from The Babylon Bee or The Onion. It is a real editorial in the Guardian

That is quite the question. You have to get pretty far into this nonsense to see the musing of Robert Samuels and Toluse Olorunnipa, both black men, Olorunnipa having moved here from Nigeria and then attended Stanford who now spends his time telling White people how awful the country he moved to really is, to get to their fantasy about the Floyd-that-could-have-been....

Instead of being born impoverished, Floyd could have come into the world as a wealthy scion of an industrious great-great-grandfather, if racism had not stripped his hardworking ancestors of their landholdings in North Carolina at the turn of the 20th century. He could have been able to pursue his second-grade dream of ascending to the supreme court, if underfunded public schools and dilapidated public housing had not defined his adolescence in a segregated slum. His lyricism and poetic nature could have elevated him to prominence in the world of arts, if his struggles with addiction and mental illness had been met with treatment rather than the unforgiving cruelty of the US’s mass incarceration complex. His less ambitious goals later in life – to become a truck driver or to open a small restaurant and provide jobs for the downtrodden – could have been achievable if Derek Chauvin had not ignored his pleas for mercy on that fateful day two years ago.

Oh my.  We are supposed to believe that Floyd, a man who almost certainly had a sub-80 IQ, would have become a great industrialist or a famous composer (he liked to rap apparently) if it were not for "racism". He had unlimited human potential that was stripped from him by White people. This is in keeping with the incredible retconning of George Floyd from a piece of shit career violent criminal to a messianic figure who deserved a gold coffin, statues and multiple funerals complete with professional mourners weeping uncontrollably and rending their garments. It is an amazing rehabilitation of the character of someone that most of the weeping White women who bought bLM schlock would have crossed the street to avoid. From common criminal to modern folk hero/messianic martyr. 

Is it true? Of course not. Is there even a shred of truth to it? No.

To the contrary, there is nothing about George Floyd that would indicate that he would have ever been anything other than a thug and animal. Did he have a hard luck story? I guess so but then again lots of people do. Being middle class is a fairly new phenomena in the history of the world. 

Lots of people grew up poor and came from poor backgrounds. Most of them don't turn out to be violent criminals. I have recounted my own family background in this post: Repost: What My White Privilege Looked Like and I suspect many of my readers could tell a similar story. My wife's family also came from humble, working class beginnings with sharecroppers and people who got dirty for a living all throughout the story. No one gave us anything, what we have we earned by the labor of our own two hands. Nothing prevented George Floyd from doing the same except George Floyd himself.

What about his mental illness and drug addiction? 

Lots of people struggle with mental illness. Something like 40 million people in this country are on antidepressant pills. Most people suffer bouts of mental illness at some point in their lives but we don't go around shoving guns into the abdomen of pregnant women while robbing them. As for the drugs, no one makes you take drugs, legal or illegal. 

Of course the beauty of an essay like this is that it is impossible to prove or disprove. Floyd is dead so we are dealing with hypotheticals about his life and what it could have been. He never had the chance to "turn his life around" which everyone says black criminals are on the cusp of doing but never seems to actually happen. Floyd was 46 when he died and while it is possible to make major life changes at 46, it is pretty unlikely. This essay is a form of racialist romantic pornography, a fanciful tale of a man who showed no indications of ever being anything but garbage who would come to a bad end one way or the other. The purpose of the essay is to sell the book these two guys are shilling: His Name is George Floyd: One Man’s Life and the Struggle for Racial Justice. I am sure most of the sales of what is certainly a trash "biography" were sold to guilty White liberals, the fertile field harvested for easy gibs by clever blacks. 

Sensible people understand. No amount of "justice" in George Floyd's past would make his IQ higher or change his lack of impulse control. He is just one of the most famous examples of the great problem without a solution: what to do with the African population living in America that clearly will never be able to integrate into our society? That is the topic for posts to come.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

For What It Is Worth

In light of the shooting yesterday I hit up both of my Senators and my Congressman to tell them hands off the 2nd Amendment. Here is what I sent this morning.
In the wake of the horrific act by a depraved individual in Uvalde, Texas the usual suspects wasted no time in coming out to demand law-abiding Americans give up our rights because of the actions of a mentally ill monster. We are writing you to express that for us there is no acceptable gun control legislation and we ask that you stand in opposition to the inevitable demands to violate our rights.

As is always the case there will be an enormous amount of pressure being exerted by interest groups on our elected representatives demanding “common sense gun control” and “compromise”, a word that in this context means we give up our rights and in return we are told we have to give up more of our rights in the future. 

We speak not as lobbyists but as constituents and citizens of the state of Indiana. The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article 1, Section 32 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana are clear that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. This is a non-negotiable position for us and our expectation is that our elected representatives in Washington will honor their oath of office and heed the opinions of the people of this state, and not the demands of special interest groups funded by leftist billionaires.

We will be closely monitoring the actions of Congress in the days to come and urge you to uphold the Constitution by rejecting any infringements on our rights.

Thank you for your time and attention
Maybe it helps, maybe not but I am sure they are going to be getting hammered. The talking heads on the mainstream news are all over people living in red states/districts to badger their Republican reps. The email blasts are going to be in full swing and my Senators (Todd Young, Mike Braun) and Rep (Jim Banks) are all pretty spineless, like most Republicans, so they need to hear from actual citizens in Indiana. 

There is going to be something coming down after this, I don't know what yet but it is coming.

**Addendum, please feel free to use in whole or in part, any of the letter above to write your own congresspeople. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Deals Incoming

It seems a bit macabre in light of the shooting in Texas but Memorial Day weekend is coming up and that means gun deals galore. 

One that I already saw is from Norma Ammunition.

Notice that they sell in boxes of 30, not 20, so this is around $.46/round which isn't great but they are running a concurrent deal for free shipping on any order and that makes this an OK deal if you aren't looking to buy 1000 rounds. 

Palmetto State of course has some stupid good deals, like a bolt carrier group shipped for $69.99. That is a price that should make you think about getting one (or two) and tossing them in the safe ** just in case **. 

Also lots of complete uppers and lowers on sale so you can make an extra AR for under $500 and in light of what just happened, that wouldn't be a bad idea.

I'll update this post as the week goes on, leave a comment or send me a note if you see any good deals as well.

I fully expect at a minimum some executive action following this mass shooting today, this might be the last chance to get deals like this for a while.

Ruh Roh

This looks like a bad one.

A shooting at a Texas elementary school killed 14 children and one teacher Tuesday, Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Abbott identified the suspect as Salvador Ramas, a Uvalde resident, who is also dead.

Details are still coming out. Pay attention here boys.

** UPDATE **

Moving fast, we have more information already. From Not The Bee....

Apparently he shot his grandma and then went to the school. 

** UPDATE 2 **

According to Wikipedia this town, Uvalde, Texas, is almost 80% mestizo so it is safe to assume most/all of the kids killed were mestizos as well as the shooter.

** UPDATE 3 **

Big Country has some stuff as well: Confusing UPDATED including some pictures of the dude who looks like a Grade A fruitcake, like wearing chick's clothing freak. 

** UPDATE 4 **

According to reports, the shooter was wearing body armor. Of course he was. 

Monday, May 23, 2022

We Have A BIG Problem

An article at VDare caught my eye and I wanted to share it: Old Navy Invests In Clothing Size Equity, Craters

Many of you probably saw it already as I assume many of my readers overlap with VDare readers. Their article points to this article at the Wall Street Journal

The gist of the story is that in their drive to focus on plus sizes they ended up not having enough of the middle sizes and were always out of stock on everything but teeny tiny sizes and very large sizes. The thing that really got me was this part:

The average American woman is a size 18 today, up from a size 14 five years ago, according to Don Howard, executive director of Alvanon, which works with brands and retailers on sizing and fit.

The mean weight for women aged 20 and over was 170.8 pounds as of 2016, according to the most recent data from the National Center for Health Statistics. That is up from 163.6 pounds in 2000.

That is pretty significant. As a young man, a woman who was a size 18 was, to be blunt, fat. Now the average woman is a size 18, and that includes all adult women and not just 63 year old women who raised four kids. I have mentioned this before, high school and college age girls when I was in college were much smaller than their counterparts today. I am guessing that the average girl was a single digit size, probably size 8. Pictures from school sporting events now often include obese cheerleaders and even some pretty fat girls playing volleyball and basketball. What makes this even more startling is that the average size has gone up from a 14 to 18 in just five years, although that might be more women embracing "body positivity" and buying the actual size they should wear.

Of course one additional problem: what looks good on a 19 year old size 4 girl does not look good on a 45 year old size 18 woman. When stores had sections for "plus size" women it made it easier to look for clothing that fit and was appropriate for women who were not twiggy teens. Now every style is offered in every size and that makes for a lot of sizes on a rack. 

It isn't just women of course, men are a lot fatter than before as well. I have noticed that t-shirts of various sorts like "Don't tread on me" stuff are usually sold out of 4X and 5X while plenty of S and M are still available. Who knew being a patriot involved being so fat? But it seems that the "It's OK to be fat" is more pronounced among women and being pushed on all of us. 

You probably also saw the latest cover model for the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. 

"Not So" Yumi Nu is a plus sized model and even with generous airbrushing and photoshopping she is clearly morbidly obese and that swimsuit looks incredibly uncomfortable. That is actually the best picture of her, the rest? Yikes.

We need to really grow the economy otherwise John Wilder's famous bikini graphs are going to get swallowed up in these photos. There are some reasonably hot chicks as well but plenty of photos like these. Get your eye bleach handy.

That last girl, Michelle Fuente Steffen, looks great compared to the others and she is a biggun. 

I picked a random older cover from a website, Elle Macpherson in 1987. 

She is fit and she is beautiful. That is apparently not OK because it makes fat women feel bad about being fat. Or what about Christie Brinkley in 1981.

She is 27 in this picture. Damn son. Christie in National Lampoon's Family Vacation? Smoking.

The Swimsuit Edition used to be a way for men to get what amounted to soft porn delivered to their home along with their subscription to the regular magazine before ESPN and 24-7 sports coverage. Now it is just another tool of The Narrative. 

Yumi Nu is 26 as of this year, so a year younger than Christie Brinkley in the picture above. Christie still looks pretty good at 68 and credits diet and exercise for her excellent condition. If you go to her Instagam she looks better now at 68 than Yumi Nu does at 26. What is Yumi Nu going to look like at 68? Assuming she hasn't died already she will be a trainwreck unless she stops listening to people telling her she is just fine at 100 plus pounds overweight. 

Walking around with 100 or more extra pounds on your frame is bad for your joints and that extra weight is terrible for all of your internal systems. I get it, there is an unlimited supply of simple, cheap, yummy calories there for the taking and it is easy to just eat and eat and eat. It will also probably kill you if you keep doing it.

People telling women that they look great when they are unhealthy and morbidly obese are not helping or supporting those women. They are simply participating in a slow moving suicide.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Alexa: How Do Famines Start?

Remember kids, the Great Replacement is just a White supremacist conspiracy theory!

Why in the world would most farmers in the UK be White? Could it be.....


Or maybe there is another reason....

Even in 2016, the UK was still over 86% White,. That makes sense as the British Isles have always been populated by White people, bullshit theories otherwise notwithstanding. Even as recently as 2001 it was over 92% White and if you go back a little farther I imagine that percentage was even higher. 

Not to mention that farming isn't something you can just stumble into. If you want to become a skilled tradesperson, you get an apprenticeship or go to a trade school and in short order you can become a plumber or welder. To be a farmer requires both a significant amount of knowledge and a massive investment in both land and equipment, not to mention an inherent predisposiiton toward the skills you need to be a farmer. I know I can't farm full time, not least because as a White guy no one will give me a loan to buy a farm but also because I don't have the skills to do it. I know how to drive a tractor and I have on occasion but I am terrible at it. Likewise I am awful at fixing stuff. My wife who grew up on a farm? She could do it but not me. 

It just makes sense that farming reflects the historic racial character of the UK as most farmers come from generations of farmers who built the farm before them. For example, the farmer next door who own most of the land around us is quite wealthy in terms of assets. He has a ton of acreage, over a thousand acres for sure, and uses his crops to feed out hogs. He didn't just stumble into this farm. No one gave him a 1000 acre farm at a secret meeting of White people. Instead his dad, who lives down the road from us and he lives in a very small, modest home, is responsible for much of what the farm is today. He is a veteran of the Korean War and he built up this farm over the course of the last 60+ years. Up until recently he still helped by driving equipment around. Our neighbor's farm is a legacy of the decades of very hard work. I assume this is even more true in the UK which is much smaller and much older. Some Paki or Afghani or Nigerian who stumbles into the UK doesn't get a farm just for showing up. Plus, it might just be they don't want to farm. From the linked story:

Mr (Muhsen) Hassanin supports the RAU's decision to increase diversity at the university level, but says there should not be quotas.

He said: "It's quite a closed industry because a lot of farming is family based. I don't think there should be a quota to put diversity into it.

"I can speak for my community…they don't want to do it. They're lawyers, doctors, they've gone up in society, why am I going to go back to be a peasant farmer?"

You don't learn to be a farmer in college but the last line is important. People don't move from rural, agrarian places to be a farmer in a new place. Immigrants and non-Whites in general tend to live in urban areas and just don't want to farm. According to Wikipedia over 1/3 of the population of London is foreign born and the city is barely majority White. So non-Whites live in the cities predominantly and rural areas where the farms are tend to be overwhelmingly White. For more on the topic of why there are so few black farmers see my post: Cory Booker's Plan To Turn America Into South Africa

This raises the question that I assume you know the answer to already: who cares if White people are the majority of farmers? Does the food taste better or is it more nutritious if the person who planted it was non-White?

Farming is hard work, it is terribly uncertain and it isn't for everyone. One of the great sign of "progress" in society is the move away from agrarian economies. With increased productivity, fewer farmers can feed larger numbers of people, freeing those people up to do something more important like powerpoint presentations and serving overpriced coffee to teenaged girls. So why the push?

The real reason is fairly simple: it enrages "Them" when White people do anything.

There is nothing and nowhere that White people can simply exist without being told they need to "make space" for non-Whites who haven't done anything to earn those spaces. It also doesn't matter what the repercussions are for getting the diversity you demand. You can show people the example of Rhodesia going from the breadbasket of Africa to Zimbabwe, the basketcase of Africa, and they don't care because "diversity", or "fewer White people", is itself the highest goal one can achieve. 

Forced diversity is deadly, whether in medicine or engineering or farming. The people pushing diversity don't care because it has always been about White replacement via slow moving genocide and cultural displacement. Once you understand that, stories like why farming is overwhelmingly White in a historically overwhelmingly White, why it is a problem and how to "fix" it start to make more sense.

The Stupid Does Indeed Burn

While the incessant screeching over "White supremacy!" lingers post-Buffalo, we continue to see over the top and silly reactions to the shooting. For example, this ridiculous story from Michigan:

This made the news in Buffalo because "solidarity" or some other word these students can't spell or pronounce. 

The demonstration was organized by the students, who belong to the black Student Union at East Lansing High School. 

The students shared how the shooting affected them and their need to do something in their own community. 

"It's just a hard thing to live with every day not knowing whether or not you're safe. You know even just walking down the street or jogging down the street like Ahmad Aubrey was or driving in your car like so many of us have or you know going to a grocery store and starting to feel not safe and it was hard thinking about how that could have been us ... my friends, my family ... it could have happened," says Kyrah Bey, a sophmore at the school.

Wow, that hits me right in the feelz. Especially the part where the staffer from WGRZ in Buffalo spelled "sophomore" wrong in the story.

What I imagine no one has told these students from the "black Student Union" at East Lansing High are the following facts:

1) The vast majority of homicides are intraracial. blacks kill blacks, Whites kill Whites, Asians kill pretty much nobody.

2) Therefore their fellow blacks are far more likely to kill them than some random White person and if they avoid committing a crime like Arbery, it really reduces their chances of being killed.

3) In fact, since 90% of interracial violent crime is black on White, I am statistically in far more danger of being the victim of a violent crime at the hands of a member of the black Student Union than any of them are at the hands of a White person.

In short, the members of the black Student Union are in virtually no danger from being killed by a White person but in significant danger of being the victim of a violent crime committed by a fellow black. I guarantee they don't realize this and/or don't care if it is true. Maybe they don't know, blacks in general are conditioned to be convinced that White peepo are out to get them....

The story contained some interesting charts.

As noted, this has no basis in reality (see the note on interracial violence above) but it does reflect the black mindset that has them a'skeered of being run down by the high sheriff and his posse of white hood wearing accomplices. It doesn't help that they are endlessly told by the media, the entertainment world and politicians that White people are out looking for an excuse to kill them. In the real world we mostly just want to avoid any contact with them. 

Here is a similar chart showing what blacks think of Whites thanks to the constant drumbeat of "White peepo be racist and sheeit"

Very few White people have any "White supremacist" beliefs thanks to a lifetime of being told that all people are equal in ability. Most White people tiptoe around blacks to avoid upsetting them, as that often results in a violent overreaction, but blacks still seem to think we all have a pre-tied noose in the car just in case we run across some uppity Negro with a Subway sammich in need of a lynching. 

This next chart should make the gun rights groups sad as they endlessly gush about how many new gun owners over the last couple of years were black which totally means they will vote for pro-2A politicians next election!

This chart shows what black think these imaginary "hate crimes" against them are caused by. Number one on the list with almost 85%? White people having access to guns. So if you still think that blacks will vote for pro-2A candidates, you are probably a Fudd or an idiot or both. 

I especially liked the fourth one down. 80% of blacks think that blaming black people for the things that black people actually do causes "hate crimes". It is of course perfectly fine to blame White people for our problems, even "problems" that don't exist like widespread "White supremacy". As a bonus it is OK to blame White people for the problems of everyone else but if you suggest that blacks might bear some responsibility for their own actions? Why that is racism and leads inevitably to "hate crimes"!

That might actually be partially true. Much of what is called "racism" or "transphobia" or "antisemitism" in America is simply White people noticing the behavior patterns of other groups. We don't actually do anything about it which simply encourages their poor behavior but it still is morbidly hilarious that even blacks seem to understand that their shitty behavior causes White people to dislike them.

What is the point of an article like that? It is two-fold. First, it reinforces for the audience of the Washington Post that White people are terrible and black people are rightly terrified of us even though blacks at the same time feel completely safe in attacking Whites at random. The people who read the WaPo are not serious people but they do wield an awful lot of power in this country so as long as they stay convinced of something, it doesn't matter what the serfs in flyover country think.

Second, it also reinforces the fear of blacks that White people are out "hunting black people down everyday/every time they step outdoors" to paraphrase that great philosopher LeBron James, written most likely from his mansion in 84% White Brentwood, California. I am sure you can imagine why having black people fear and hate Whites is useful for "Them". 

It is not only stupid but dangerous. While black people are in terror of "White supremacists", they are shooting each other (and random Whites and Asians) left and right. It would be like seeing a child standing next to a bush with a venomous serpent underneath it and telling the child to be careful because bushes are dangerous.

Speaking of stupid, I needed to mention this dumb twit.

BoomerCons eat this shit up but they don't ever stop to think about the details. Here are the pertinent points.

The mother in question, one Melissa Riley, is mad that the Albemarle School District in Virginia is teaching an "anti-racism" curriculum. She claims that this has turned her once darling little baby into a petulant 13 year old. 

She said the school has changed her son in ways she doesn’t approve of, filling his head with racial-awareness lessons that emphasize oppression and privilege. Her son now sees himself as different from his mostly white classmates: as a young black man who will have more struggles in life because of his race and because of the systemic racism that is endemic in American life. 

“He is changing,” Riley said of her son. “If things don’t go his way or things seem unfair, he will now claim it’s racism. He never did that before. He now identifies as a black man, because that’s how the school told him he looks and who he is.” 

A 13 year old that is disobedient, moody and claims that everything is unfair? Well that has never happened before. As someone who has gone through the growing pains of eight 13 year old children, I can assure you they are all very stable and not at all prone to drama and moodiness. A few critical clues from the article (emphasis in red mine)....

Growing up in the Charlottesville area, Riley said her son never really saw himself as different from the other kids in school. Sure, his skin tone was a little darker — his dad is black and Riley is white and Native American — but Riley never thought it was appropriate to box him in with stifling racial classifications.
Riley said her experiences with her son’s schools through the years have mostly been good. The academics in the local schools are strong, and Riley, a single mom, has sacrificed to make sure her son had access to the schools in the Crozet community. 

A White single mom with a mixed race kid who is now angry and resentful. Her son's father is only mentioned once, to note he is black, and apparently plays no other part in his son's life. How many times have we seen this story of an abandoned White mom who is dealing with a mixed race child that is hard to handle? The point of the story is valid, anti-White propaganda dressed up as "anti-racism" material has no place in schools but this chick decided to put her life on hard mode by getting knocked up by a black guy who then predictably disappeared from the picture, leaving her to raise a mixed race kid by herself and apparently doing a bang-up job of it. It is purely selfish, these kids typically have identity issues on top of normal teenaged angst and hormonal problems because they simply don't belong. They don't look like their father's people and they especially don't look like their mother's family. I can see family features in my children but kids like this really can't. 

The world is full of stupid people, but on the bright side if there is one thing we can look forward to as we descend into chaos it is that nature is about to rebalance herself and take a lot of the idiots out of the gene pool. Your job is to make sure you don't get swept up in the great winnowing to come.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Receiver Rule Clarification

The recently released "Final Rule 2021R-05F – Definition of "Frame and Receiver" and Identification of Firearms" was a convoluted and confusing mess but the ATF is already harassing manufacturers of 80% lowers even though no one really knows what the rules are. In a few weeks the ATF is hosting a series of webinars for FFLs to hopefully explain what the rules actually mean.

We will see what they have to say, having the webinar is a sign that even the ATF realizes no one really understands the new rules and with the pistol brace final rule looming in a few months this should help clarify things. I am planning on watching the first webinar they offer on the morning of June 10th, I'll report back with highlights afterward if I can make any sense of it.

Now, what you do in response to these rules? That is up to you.....

That Was Quick

No sooner did the Ministry Of Truth, aka the "Disinformation Board", ditch one revolting specimen, one Nina Jankowicz, they decided to hire a pair of swamp creatures to "review" the board in what will quickly be a rubber stamp and a quiet resurrection.

The two in question are Michael Chertoff and Jamie Gorelick. Chertoff is one of the co-authors of the "Patriot" Act so you know he is a statist piece of shit and also is a creepy looking mother effer. Look at this Crypt Keeper wannabe:

Yikes, that is a face to frighten small children.

His co-pilot is the former Deputy Attorney General under Clinton, probably literally under him.

As an interesting side note, from the Early Life section of the Wikipedia profiles of Chertoff and Gorelick respectively:

"Michael Chertoff was born on November 28, 1953, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His father was Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff (1915–96), a Talmud scholar and the former leader of the Congregation B'nai Israel in Elizabeth. His mother is Livia Chertoff (née Eisen), an Israeli citizen and the first flight attendant for El Al."

"Gorelick was born in Brooklyn, New York City to Leonard and Shirley Gorelick, and grew up in Great Neck, New York, in a Jewish family."

Huh, what a curious coincidence....

Anyway, long story short the Ministry Of Truth isn't going anywhere and I suspect that Nina Jankowicz was an unwitting sacrificial lamb offered up to take the heat because she was so ridiculous and easy to troll and it was always the plan to push her aside and put more intelligent (and evil) people in charge. It makes more sense than putting a fairly young dimwit like Nina in that position.

Meanwhile the push to suppress free speech will continue, especially in light of the Buffalo "definitely not a false flag" mass shooting....


Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (with a smaller chin)

Friday, May 20, 2022

Like The Matrix But Without The Cool Outfits

You would be hard pressed to find a more politically subversive film than The Matrix, in large measure because the messages that we took from the film were not at all what the weirdos who made it had intended. This is the same for other movies like They Live and it makes it all the sweeter to turn their messaging back on them.

Since everyone not living under a rock knows the plot, I will skip to my point. One of the pivotal moments in the film comes when Neo takes the red-pill from Morpheus and we see how humanity is actually "living" outside of The Matrix.

Humanity has been enslaved by machines and are harvested for the electrical output. Humans live out their entire life in giant pod farms jacked into The Matrix. The world we think is ours is just a giant illusion that only exists in the computerized Matrix.

Everything humans think is important is just a dream manufactured to keep us occupied while our lives serve the needs of those who have enslaved us. 

Pretty bleak but is it all that inaccurate? Not the giant AI creating The Matrix but the way that our lives are controlled and manipulated?

Enter John Wilder and his post from a couple of months ago: The Modern World Part III: You Exist To Be Farmed

You need to read the whole thing, it is a powerful glimpse into the world of "What Is Really Happening" in contrast to what we see all around us in "What They Want You To Think Is Happening". I will eschew providing any quotes because you need to read them in context for it to really make sense but the farming he is talking about is being farmed for your money, preferably via monthly payments. 

(Warning, this is going to be a long post)

I might quibble with the idea of being farmed for "money" because that word doesn't mean what most people think. 

Instead I think of the entire system as being designed for the harvesting of productivity, the output of your human capital via time, investment and effort. In other words, your labor. The value of our labor is captured in "money", more accurately fiat currency, and that captured labor is then siphoned off by the elites who increase their own wealth and power in order to accelerate this harvesting. What we think of as "money", either in the form of currency or numbers on a computer screen, is simply an artificial and fake bit of chicanery to convince you that your labor has real value.

What we call "money" (assume the scare quotes around money for the remainder of this piece) and the various ways that it is manifested are simply a bit of stagecraft. Take for example your income taxes. For the vast majority of people, income taxes are something they don't ever think much about. They appear as a line item on your paystub after it is direct deposited but you never see it. You don't have to ride to your lord's keep and present him with 20% of your grain harvest, it is just a series of numbers that appear and disappear, representing your labor being siphoned off. What do you get in return for this? This is what it looked like in 2020 according to the Congressional Budget Office:

We get a massive military that hasn't been used to actually defend the United States for more than 75 years. At least we can sort of understand that, tanks and bullets and crayons for the Marines to eat. The rest of it is a little more murky. Social Security is lumped into the main outlays at $1.1 trillion but along with Medicare at $769 billion these are supposed to be paid for with payroll taxes but as we see, we don't collect enough to cover those two costs.
We allegedly dispersed $1.869 trillion for SS and Medicare in fiscal year 2020 but only received $1.3 trillion in revenue. Where did the other more than half a trillion come from? We will get to that in a moment. What else do we get for that $6.6 trillion spent by the Feds? 

In 2020 we got a whole bunch of money to offset the Covid-19/coronavirus/Chinese bioweapon "pandemic". $526 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), a half trillion in "loans" that no one has to pay back. The PPP might be the most overt scam ever perpetrated by the government. The amount of misuse and outright fraud was enormous. Companies sprang up to aid self-employed people with no employees in obtaining these "loans". I doubt one dollar in ten was used for what it was supposed to be used for, helping companies keep their workers employed. There was another $275 billion for the CARES Act "recovery rebates", better known as stimulus payments. Plus $473 billion in unemployment compensation that went way up as people stayed home because of the 'vid. That is $1.274 trillion to pay people whether they worked or not. 

Medicaid, or health insurance for "poor" people was another $458 billion and the interest we pay on the current debt was another $345 billion. That leaves us with a couple of big line items. "Nondefense" discretionary spending and "Other" mandatory spending. These two account for $914 billion and $988 billion respectively, or a whopping $1.9 trillion. What the hell do we get for that nearly two trillion of miscellaneous spending? Nondefense is stuff like "education", transportation, vet benefits, housing, etc. while Other is different  vet benefits, government employee pensions, SNAP/food stamps and a whole bunch of other stuff.

You don't have to be a math whiz to look at those two pie charts and realize something is amiss, more specifically that the government brings in a whole lot less than it spends. Here is another handy graphic from the CBO:

The "budget" calls for mandatory spending of one trillion more than all of the revenue collected by the Feds plus another $1.6 trillion in discretionary spending and more than 1/3 of a trillion in interest, a number artificially kept lower thanks to low interest rates. In simpler terms, the Feds spend almost twice as much as they receive. Deficit spending is not new as a result of the Chinese coronavirus, it has been going on for decades....
The Feds have run a deficit every year since 2001, not coincidentally being the year that 9/11 happened and we were plunged into a 20 year war in Iraq and Afghanistan that accomplished nothing other than killing a bunch of people and enriching the military-industrial complex.

If you are paying attention you might notice that there appears to be no relationship between what the Federal government spends and what it collects. A big brained person might ask a pertinent question:

Why bother collecting taxes at all since they just spend whatever the hell they want to anyway?

That is brings me in my usual round-about way to the point. The reason for taxation is pretty simple. Taxing workers is a way to leech their productivity. You might notice that the average America really gets very little from the Federal budget. Even what we do get is generally just our own money being returned back to us. Lots of the budget items are simply the Feds taking tax money out of a state and then returning it, with strings attached and with a chunk taken out to fund the Federal behemoth. Education spending is a great example. The Department of Education has around 4000 employees and a budget of $68 billion. None of those people teach a single child. What is that $68 billion used for? According to their own website....

Establishing policies, focusing attention, collecting data, preventing "discrimination". What does any of that have to do with "education"? 

Not a damn thing. Nor is it intended to.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are 49.4 million students in public schools in America. The budget of the education department is $68 billion. This works out to $1,376 for every public school student in America going to a bureaucracy that doesn't teach a single child. That is by design. The purpose of the Department of Education is not education, it is to siphon productive labor from average citizens and transfer the wealth their labor generates to the non-productive ruling class.

Please note that not everyone in the ruling class is wealthy. There are tons of flunkies pushing paper around in D.C. who make very little money but they still wield incredible power. The members of the support class orbit the powerful in smaller concentric circles, from low wage bureaucrats to the D.C. professional class up to the power brokers and the politicians. 

This leeching of productivity is happening in every part of our lives, in dozens of different ways, all with the same end-game of crushing and eliminating the White middle class. For most of the White working and middle class, even including the upper middle class professionals, their lives consist of working hard for 40+ years and seeing upwards of half of their efforts being stolen by the state and the elite class. Between taxes, fees and regulations at best you get to actually keep around 50% of your labor. Medieval serfs would have revolted under those conditions and the Founders did revolt over a burden barely a fraction of what we pay.

In his post John provides several examples of how we see our productivity drained other than overt taxes, with examples including car insurance and cancer. 

Here is another great example. The world we live in is suffused with anxiety and discontent, both intentionally caused. We charge headlong from one crisis to the next, some real like raging inflation and violent crime, others imaginary like the Covid pandemic. We hardly finish up one before the next one starts, like Covid to Ukraine. Most of us, including yours truly, spend most of the day glued to one screen or another receiving a firehose of bad news all day, every day. Everything is also changing constantly at a pace that is far too rapid for the human mind of absorb and adapt to. No sooner do we have some new technological marvel or social upheaval only to have something new come along and replace it. The speed at which we went from having serious conversations about the definition of marriage to a world where women's sports are about to become nothing more than a place for mediocre male athletes to dominate has been hard to keep pace with. The next stage in forced acceptance of degeneracy will be either normalizing pedophilia or polygamy or both and that isn't far down the road. Our brains are scrambled with data and we are collectively on edge constantly about The Next Bad Thing. 

At the same time we are endlessly told that we should be discontented with everything. We need a new phone that does exactly what the old phone you bought last year already does just fine. Your 65" TV is too small, you need a 66" TV.  Not only is your stuff not good enough, you are not good enough. This is especially true for women who are told they must suppress their natural instincts and instead focus on trying to be like men in the workplace and when they do have kids, often much later in life, they need to balance being a mom and a wife with being an employee. Why do you think so many women are so neurotic and depressed? 

Lo and behold, we have a pill for that! In fact we have a whole bunch of pills for that. Many people in this country are ingesting a monthly pharmacological cocktail designed to pacify and numb them sufficiently for them to keep showing up to work in order to have their productivity leeched away. As part of their compensation package they get health insurance which pays for those same pills they need to function so they can....keep showing up to work and consuming new products.

Many of our fellow citizens are trapped in a cycle where the same group on the one hand creates the most anxiety inducing society ever know and on the other hand feeds them pills to enable them to function in that society. No one "gets better" but that isn't the point. The point is to keep feeding you the pills, causing dependence on those pills that are paid for by your own labor. 

What becomes crystal clear the more you "notice" is that most of the problems we have to deal with in our daily lives are artificial problems created by the same people that offer the "solution".

When you look around you see a world that is designed to harvest your productivity. Many people in our society are part of the productive class, doing some sort of labor that adds some value. Lots of others, and this is a rapidly increasing percentage of the workforce, are part of what I called The Parasite Class. I wrote:

Our society is divided economically by doers and talkers. Doers are people who have jobs that have traditionally existed in Western society. 300 years ago we had carpenters. Today we have carpenters. The tools have somewhat changed but the job is basically the same. 300 years ago we had teamsters who moved freight. We have the same thing today although they drive trucks instead of horse-drawn wagons and chuck pop bottles full of pee along the interstate. Store clerks. Cooks. Farmers. Mechanics. There is something tangible they do. You can see if a shelf is restocked with cans of chicken soup or not. Either a corn field gets planted or it doesn't. You can't fake that. Did that load of toilet paper make it from the distribution center to the local Wal-Mart or not?

Then we have the talkers. Most of my professional career I was a talker. I didn't do anything of note. I attended meetings, went on sales calls, received and replied to emails. I worked in offices or cubicles surrounded by other people who didn't actually do anything. That didn't mean it wasn't difficult and stressful, it absolutely was primarily because we weren't doing anything. Everything was made up so it was pretty tricky to do it right. It was all about managing people, and especially managing the people above you on the corporate ladder. The key was to convince them you were doing a great job when in fact you weren't actually doing anything useful at all. It didn't really matter if you worked super hard or if you spent your day getting more coffee, blogging and managing your fantasy sports teams because at the end of the day you hadn't done anything either way. As long as your boss thought you were ticking the check-boxes, you were good to go and I spent many, many years getting pretty good at managing fantasy sports teams while convincing my bosses that I was hard at work. It is a world where sycophants and suck-ups thrive and where people with middling talent of any kind can climb the corporate ladder until they find their own personal sweet spot and then they lodge themselves into their corporate host like a tick, sucking blood and impossible to dislodge.

In my parasite jobs I made lots of "money", had great "benefits" and a great "retirement plan". Being self-employed I make less "money" and have basically no "benefits" but our standard of living by my measure is higher and I am far happier. Even still, the parasite class contributes labor. Showing up to sit in a cubicle and spending the entire afternoon tweaking a Powerpoint presentation still requires time and effort. It was amazing how absolutely exhausted I could find myself at the end of a day when I didn't do anything useful. Quite the contrary, I often was more tired, stressed and depressed after a day in the office than now when I have a busy day working for myself. 

Most of us are trapped inside of a system created for the benefit of others at our expense. These people are latched onto the American people, burrowed into us like ticks and sucking the lifeblood of our labor. They are completely dependent on us but constantly tell us how dependent we are on them. Talk about dividing up the country and they sneer at us as if we couldn't possibly survive without them. What would we do without hedge fund managers manipulating imaginary stock prices or Federal flunkies moving paperwork from one folder to another? 

If D.C. were to suddenly fall victim to some cataclysm and be wiped off the face of the earth, most of us wouldn't notice other than people who receive Social Security benefits. Even SS is simply robbing younger generations to provide for older generations, something we used to do as part of our familial obligations, while D.C. takes a huge bite to facilitate taking money out of Oklahoma before sending it back to Oklahoma. 

Should the same thing happen to the Midwest? It wouldn't take long for people in the coastal urban areas to starve, for the lights to go off, and for goods and services to stop moving. As the Covid "pandemic", winter storms and budget impasses have proved over and over, when you really look at who is essential in this country, it turns out almost none of them are in the lofty elite positions in D.C. or New York. Truck drivers, farmers, plumbers. Those are essential workers. Bankers and bureaucrats, HR staff and community activists? Those jobs are not only not essential, they inhibit the productivity and happiness of normal people. 

One of the most red-pilling things you can do is to realize that you are being farmed for your productivity and then finding a way to side-step the system. How to do that is an entirely different post on it's own but suffice it to say it can be done. Given the societal trajectory we are on, I would say it must be done for your own survival. Their plan is to force you into the cities where you can be controlled more easily. Find your own path outside of their system as much as you can, denying them your productivity and insulating yourself from their plans for The Great Reset. 

Discovering you are in your own Matrix is just the first step, the next is to get yourself and your loved ones out.