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Why Crime So Much?

Gee, it is hard to imagine why violent crime is setting new records.

Then in early October, police arrested (Warneric) Buckner after he reportedly confessed he was a passenger in the front right seat of the SUV. He admitted he was “armed with a large firearm” and “fired into the crowd but could not recall how many shots he took,” according to an arrest report.

But prosecutors, in a memo on the case, said that after reviewing Buckner’s recorded statement, he “initially invoked his right to counsel, and despite the invocation, homicide investigators with the Miami-Dade Police Department continued to conduct an interrogation.”

In their memo, prosecutors Michael Von Zamft and Chris Flanagan wrote the confession could be “subject to suppression” by a judge, and could be deemed “inadmissible evidence. “Ethically, the State of Florida is constrained from making any argument against suppression where the case law clearly mandates the exclusion of the statement,” they wrote.
Effing genius police work there guys.
They have this asshat dead to rights but screw up the basic interrogation and now he walks. Have these cops never watched a police drama on TV? I am guessing a criminal genius named Warneric wasn’t going to outsmart them, although he does look pretty intelligent….

On the other hand the odds are north of 100% that they get another crack at this guy because he will shoot someone else before too long. Or go back and finish his degree in astrophysics, pretty even odds either way.
The cops are making arrest more infrequently and when they do arrest someone they screw it up. How does this not end in Mad Max-world? 

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