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Things That Makes Sense In 2021

If you own a calendar, you might notice that next Saturday is Christmas. Traditionally what this means is that this weekend is one of the biggest shopping periods of the year as people scramble to purchase last minute Chinese made crap for friends and family. When I worked in retail this was a weekend to dread because every place was going to be packed with customers and many of those customers are rude/idiots. For corporate, this is a weekend of massive sales volume on stuff that is mostly high margin. The profits are enormous.

So for something like this to happen is unheard of….
This is the closest Wal-Mart to us. I don’t shop there, like ever, unless I have some Amish who want to go. They are not just shutting down for a few hours….

From 2 PM on Friday afternoon to 6 AM on Sunday, meaning they are losing the entire afternoon and evening on Friday and all day on Saturday. The sales they are losing are enormous. Good news for the Meijer across the street as shoppers show up at Wal-Mart and are turned away, many will just cross the road and shop at the competition. The reason has something to do with the Chinese bioweapon Covid-19 and I assume a certain threshold of employees getting positive tests or something. 

What struck me as odd is that Wal-Mart is infamous for a customer base that is obese and unhealthy under the best of circumstances. There is a reason there is a whole genre of photos and memes devoted to the people of Wal-Mart.
At least she will be safe from coronavirus!
If Wal-Mart really wants to protect the health of their customers, might I suggest they stop carrying soft drinks and candy? That would do far more for the average Wal-Mart shopper than spritzing the entire store with disinfectant. 
These are the news stories that apparently make sense to a lot of people in 2021 and not enough people are questioning this insanity.


  1. Anonymous

    I read this on WOWO (dot) com and was surprised at the length of closure. I thought maybe a spill of some sort or someone projectile vomiting, etc.

    Maysville Road is closest to me, too.

    Blue Tile Spook

  2. Anonymous

    My 96 year dad always says this on occasion. If you want to see how far this country has gone down the crapper, visit your local Wal-Mart. By the way, we still can get WOWO, 1190 on the AM dial down here in south central Ohio. Gloomy looking day in this part of the Buckeye State. Warmer, lots of rain & the Ohio River is up 3 feet but no flooding yet.

  3. LGC

    but but but, walmart is essential……..

    how to stop the "pandemic".

    stop testing. problem solved.

    So ridiculous can't believe they are really doing this even in your mostly sane area.

  4. Anonymous

    I had to run to a walmart today for bread as the grocery store was out of the brand we like.

    It was a mad house, no cart or basket to be had. People with cheap toys filling carts, obese women screaching at each other and a good quarter of the vehicles in the lot double parked. Other than likely needing to grab milk on thursday from the grocery store i have no interest in visiting any store this week.


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