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The State Of America In One Story

(This post is seriously lacking in Christmas cheer. You have been warned.)

There has been a story dominating local news all week and it really captures just how utterly fucked up our society is at this point. A 9 year old boy in Fort Wayne was beaten to death last weekend:

The boy in question is was one Elijah T. Ross….

The story went from awful to really awful pretty fast.
According to a probable cause affidavit released Wednesday, young Elijah’s mother – Jenna Miller – brought him to the hospital. He was “cold and limp” when they arrived, and was pronounced dead just after 2 a.m. Doctors found “multiple bruises” on the boy’s arms and face, “major” bruising to his lower back and buttocks, multiple bruises and swelling and abrasions on his shoulders, and a small cut on his penis.
Egad. Notice the part in red, you will see why in a moment. Then mama was arrested for neglect of a dependent causing death…
If you are good at biology, you might have noticed something. The presence of both a mother and a “step-mother”. Here is the lovely couple….

If you are an especially keen observer, you will note that while young Elijah is dark hued, both mom and “step-mom” are Persons Of Pallor. Huh, what could be going on here? Also while Alesha Miller is clearly an angry, man-hating butch dyke, I doubt she has a penis no matter how much she wishes she did, so there must be a baby daddy around somewhere to have helped create Elijah and his (at least) two siblings. So where is daddy? There is an answer to that as well in this story:
“Estranged” is a nice way of putting it, see Dad has been…previously occupied and unable to be a parent….
Just where Elijah’s biological father was when the Franke Park elementary school third grader died was revealed in more court documents obtained by WANE 15.

Lethaniel Ross, 38, is at the South Bend Community Re-Entry Center with a release date in September, according to the Indiana Department of Correction website. He is serving a sentence for cocaine possession dating to Aug. 21.

Jenna Miller slapped a no-contact order on Ross in January 2019 through the small claims division of Allen Superior Court, claiming she was the victim of domestic violence and stalking. Boxes checked indicated Jenna Miller reported Lethaniel Ross “threatened to cause physical harm to her,” and he “placed me in fear of physical harm.”

The no contact order also lists those present at the time of a June 2018 incident: her wife, Alesha Miller and sons, Jaden Oliver, Xayvion Ross and Elijah.
What a fun little family! Lethaniel has quite the rap sheet and clearly was someone you should get knocked up by multiple times, assuming he was the baby daddy in all of these cases (at least one sibling has a completely different last name). The stories combine to create a picture of a horrific situation where Alesha Miller, apparently referred to as “dad” by Jenna Miller’s kids according to multiple stories, would either beat the shit out of Elijah or, get this, order his older siblings to beat his ass on her behalf. Baby daddy is in the slammer for coke and when he isn’t, is dangerous and stalker-y. One story suggested that cherubic little Elijah would sass at “dad” Alesha by bringing up her brother who apparently committed suicide and this would send Alesha into a rage. Life in that place must have been a laugh a minute. 
This is all supposition but it looks like we have a self-loathing White chick, Jenna Miller, who gets knocked up with a series of kids by at least one black guy who was violent with her. At some point she kicks him down the road and starts to shack up with an angry bull dyke named Alesha and they “get married” but Alesha isn’t down with the whole raising kids thing and really seems to not like men (see above where she took a slice at the little dude’s penis). So she pummels the littlest one at any provocation and he seems to antagonize her on occasion. 
What an absolute shitshow. 
Can I get down with a little real talk for a second? Some unhappy but still true real shit?
There was almost no way that that poor kid was not going to end up either dead from violence or in prison.
Daddy is in jail for being a habitual offender so Elijah’s main male role model is a criminal and absent, instead the kid is growing up with a couple of man hating dykes, at least one a violent bull dyke and the other letting her carpet muncher “wife” beat the piss out of her own damn kid. Mom looks like an imbecile and dad is a black lifelong criminal so likely on the extreme left end of the black IQ bell curve. This kid was 9 years old and had a no-hitter worth of strikes against him. There were some slim chances he would pull out of the tailspin but odds were almost a sure thing that wasn’t going to be the case. Now a couple of lesbians are going to end up in prison, one possibly for life, and his two brothers are going to end up being raised most likely by grandma or even worse by dad if he can stay out of prison for a few minutes.
This story made local headlines because it was a 9 year old kid but little attention nationally because it shines a spotlight on a bunch of issues, from an angry dyke murderer to the common issues of abuse with step-parents to the frequent abuse of White women by black men. 
Something else it highlights is what a disaster the whole family system is in America. This wasn’t the first time that Alesha Miller and/or his brothers had beaten the shit out of Elijah. His own brothers said she would frequently beat the kid:
On Monday, police interviewed two other children. One said that Alesha Miller, who the children called “dad,” “went hard” on Elijah, and would “slam him to the ground” and “whoop him with the paddle” multiple times, the affidavit said. After the abuse, Elijah would “ball up,” the brother said.
But the system is already overwhelmed and often seems to be focused on the wrong situations. Maybe the kid was sassy and disrespectful and needed to get his ass whooped on occasion but that isn’t the same thing as body slamming a kid and beating him with a paddle until he curled up in the fetal position. 
Back over a decade ago now I was a pastor and had a couple with substance abuse problems in the church, she got pregnant and long story short the state got involved. I saw up close just what a mess that system is, how generally discouraged and disengaged so many social workers are and that the system will never be able to deal with broken families. 
Or locally a couple we know is trying to adopt a pair of children they were fostering. Bio-mom is in jail, in and out for who knows how long. They went through something like 5 different dudes who could have been the baby daddy before they found him, and the dude apparently had no idea he was a dad, but now wants to be a parent. I am sure he is an upstanding citizen who just humps every drug addled whore who offers it up. What the hell kind of life are you leading that you get knocked up and can’t narrow down who the dad is to a pool smaller than (at least) five guys? If the couple trying to adopt these kids gets them the children will be raised in a loving, stable home with a stay-at-home mom and will have every chance to become decent, useful adults. But if they end up with either piece of shit mom or piece of shit “Oh hey, I am a dad”? The odds are their own kids will be in foster care in a decade or so.
The family situation of Elijah Ross is repeated countless times all over the country. It isn’t a new phenomena, this is the result of more than half a century of a concerted effort by the Bolshevik Left to destroy the family, from feminism to black Lives Matter to “gay marriage”, at every turn they have been chipping away at the bedrock of Western civilization. For the better part of my lifetime, the majority of black children have been born out of wedlock and for as many decades as I can remember it was around a 75% illegitimacy rate. That has had devastating consequences on a community already dealing with a myriad of issues. As White illegitimacy rates climb, especially among the poorest and least intelligent Whites, coupled with wider spread miscegenation, many of those same ills that were mostly confined to the black community are spreading like cancer in White communities. Being poor but in a stable family is infinitely better than being poor in a broken family with mama bringing in a revolving door of loser boyfriends or girlfriends who often don’t care about the kids at best and at worst actively abuse the single mom’s children.
As the family goes, so goes the nation. We cannot survive as a nation populated by illegitimate kids being raised by angry lesbians. In the To Come Times, we need to remember the central role of the family when we rebuild because what we are dealing with now cannot last.


  1. Anonymous

    My own experience with child services shows some are good but its often used to ignore the kids in the worst situations and go after soft targets. Specifically white families.

    Our rural school was assigned a lesbian principal a decade ago. When she started trying to encourage grade 6 kids to try same sex experiences a group of parents lodged a formal complaint about her actions. Then all the families who complainded wete accused of abusing their kids, the principal sicked social services on families who opposed her groom their kids.

    In the end it worked out and police dragged her kicking and screaming out of the school.


  2. Robert Orians

    Oh Come Oh Come sweet meteor of death ! The current state of FUSA as stated by the late great David Wilkerson . " America's Cup of Abominations is Full " .

  3. Anonymous

    So Rosie O'Donnell and Eminem had three muddy boys to bang around, taking out their unresolved daddy issues on in the name of "stronk, independent wahmen don't need no man!"

    I have no doubt that the dead kid begged for an ass-whupping and a whole lot more, for there are worlds of difference between White 9 year olds and black 9 year olds. But it makes me sick at heart that there are ostensibly White women in this land who disgrace us so completely. I expect stories like this from the black community, as does everyone else. This only makes the news because of the shocking White angle.

  4. Greg

    A principle of ecology that I have recognized for decades is that if human society does not solve its problems, nature will. And Ma Nature's solutions are often not pretty. We are in for a major Darwinian culling of the herd.

  5. Anonymous

    a long time ago, I was working in a x-ray clinic in a small army hospital. called in and had to take care of some guy wife "who fell down" . anyway, I come out of the room into the common area to go to the darkroom, and behold the asshole hitting his kid with his closed fist sending said kid into the wall. well, I kind of lost it, jack him up a bit and then went back to work. got called in the col. office the next day, seems the asshole chain of command wanted to press charges against me. col heard each of us out, looked that the med. report and told the asshole 's guy to fuck off. and that he would have done a lot more than I did. that is the army I remember. times have changed and not for the better. it also the reason why I couldn't be a cop or anything else like that. if I caught some asshole doing shit like this, he might not make to booking.

  6. McNasty

    I read a story a couple weeks ago in the uk about another lesbian couple who killed their kid. Same sort of deal. Apparently it's common.

    As for the people adopting, I would advise against that. The kids are usually messed up. I have a friend who fosters and they adopted and are now having problems with the older kid who has fetal alcohol syndrome. The stories I hear from foster parents are amazing. I could never do that.

    This is one of the reasons I am mixed on abortion. I think it would have been probably better if Elijah was never born. I don't know if he ever had any happy days in his life, but the bad ones were probably numerous. It's hard to say?

  7. Arthur Sido

    For the right kind of people, it is doable. Some friends of ours from northern Michigan adopted kids with a crackhead mom, they were messed up but these people are incredibly patient. I couldn't handle it though.

  8. Anonymous

    In my case she started off by claimibg I had come to the school at 2pm and threatened her. The RCMP called me at 2:20pm to ask me to turn myself in. I laughed and told them i had been no where near the school and could prove it. I told the office i would come to the nearest station in 10 minutes. He though i wastalking the one in our town…. i drove the 10 minutes to the nearest town and turned myself in at a station. Since that was 700km from home and i had been working at the same facility for a week it was impossible i had been at the school at 2. The rcmp didnt arrest me and apologized for the inconvience. By that point she had already told the same story to social services. When they hot involved i had a letter from the police saying the accusation was false.


  9. Troy Lee Messer

    ….What the hell kind of life are you leading that you get knocked up and can't narrow down who the dad is to a pool smaller than (at least) five guys? ….

    I was once an Assistant Attorney General for Arizona doing Child Support cases. The other attorneys in my office did CPS cases. I could tell you lots of stories how the state fucked up families, for example, over marijuana.
    anyway i had this one case where this whore had 4 kids by 4 dads and the stupid cunt was whining to me "How come I aint getting any money?"

    I wasnt allowed to tell her "because you made shitty choices with whom you chose to exercise your right to procreate." I did explain to her: Well Baby daddy# 1 has 2 other child support orders. After taking 1/2 his income to satisfy those whores, leaves no income for the State to withhdold. Baby daddy #2 is in prison for awhile for attempted murder. He makes .35/hour. well below the self support reserve test. Baby daddy #3 is too poor (he was a good guy, if stupid, who worked at fast a fast food place) as Arizona has a self support reserve test (i.e. you couldnt take all his money. you had to leave him with 700.00/month), and baby daddy #4 well, you dont know who he is because you never got his name for that one night stand( you stupid whore). That he is a tall negro(ish) doesnt really help narrow it down much. I cant serve a man I dont have a name for and cant locate.
    And these cunts would always argue that I should take ALL of a mans income to satisfy them. Women really wanted the guys they fucked to be a slave.

    Ladies (and I use that term loosley..not as loose as your hoojaw), many of you, but certainly not all, earned your misogyny….Good and fucking.hard.

  10. Troy Lee Messer

    I never did CPS cases, but I was privy to the evidence the other attorneys had.
    A male might penetrate a 6 month old with his fingers. Women were always more wicked, always. Women would penetrate with a barbed rose stem, for example.
    I also learned as a prosecutor that women/women relationships were more likely to be violent than men/women relationships. And even in man/women relationships the instigator was 50%-50%. And every woman that was being charged would be shocked. "Bu…bu.. but I am a woman " American women really do believe they have a Pussy Pass.

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