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The Slaughter Continues

Like an annoying sound in the background, most Americans are trying to tune out the drumbeat of news stories that keep slipping through the censorship. But the noise is getting louder and even the media is forced to recognize it. 

2020 was not an anomaly when it comes to urban gun violence, an aberration brought on by lockdowns. It was just a stepping stone to the increasing chaos in our cities. 

This is hitting pretty close to home. Indianapolis is the capital of our adopted home of Indiana and Toledo, Ohio is the hometown of both my wife and I. Our first three kids were born in the Toledo area. As I often tell people, just a few years ago Indianapolis was rated the most livable big city in America. Now it is a slaughterhouse of blacks shooting other blacks and the occasional White person. As of the 12/8/21, there were a couple of other cities closing in on new records:
Among the major cities on the brink of setting new homicide records are Milwaukee, which has 178 homicides, 12 short of a record set in 2020; and Minneapolis, which has 91 homicides, six shy of a record set in 1995.
When this article came out, Chicago was at 739 homicides but it has blown past that figure.

The all-time record for Chicago was 1970 with 974 homicides so it is unlikely that will be broken in 2021 but 2022 is shaping up to be a muy caliente spicy year without any reason to think the tide will turn. No record is safe. 
More and more cops are retiring and I would bet that the replacements they are able to get are a major step down from the cops who are retiring.
A workforce survey released in June by the Police Executive Research Forum found the retirement rate in police departments nationwide jumped 45% over 2020 and 2021. And another 18% of officers resigned, the survey found, a development which coincided with nationwide social justice protests and calls to defund law enforcement agencies following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers.
Again, why would a young man in 2021 want to pursue a career in law enforcement unless you just want a job where you get the chance to beat people up and maybe get to shoot someone?
When you dig deeper into the bloodbath you start to see the people behind the statistics. In Columbus, Ohio, one of the cities with a new murder record, two young black children were killed in a car along with an adult that I assume was also black.

The two children who were gunned down in front of a Columbus, Ohio apartment building one week ago may have been targeted in a triple homicide, police said Tuesday.

Det. Terry Kelley said the shooting that left Londynn Wall-Neal, 6; Demetrius Wall-Neal, 9; and Charles Wade, 22; dead was a planned attack. He showed a picture as evidence of a Nissan Altima from model years 2010-12 with the rear license plate removed.

During an update Tuesday, Kelley said whoever fired the gunshots knew the two children were inside the car, saying it is unclear if the shooters intended for the children to die, but added it’s clear the shooters didn’t care.
Whether they were intended as the targets or not, it takes a special sort of animal to shoot a 6 year old little girl. Many would call me a “racist” but you won’t find me or people like me shooting little black girls. When I was a student at Ohio State in Columbus there was some property crime, bikes getting stolen and that sort of thing, but almost 200 murders in one year would have been unthinkable. 
In Houston, Texas last Sunday a “celebration of life” event was being held for a a guy nicknamed “L’il Daddy” who had been killed in a different murder a few weeks ago. As often happens at “celebration of life” events, more people got shot. A lot more.
14 people shot but the amount of coverage this is given compared to the White school shooter in Oxford, Michigan is startling if you haven’t been paying attention. As the injured were brought to a local hospital, everyone pulled together and supported each other. Just kidding! 
Once everyone started arriving at the hospital, another incident occurred.

“When everyone got to the hospital, a large fight ensued and we had to contact other agencies to help with that large fight,” said Campbell.
It is completely rational to respond to a mass shooting by getting into a fight at the hospital where the staff is trying to save the lives of people who were just shot. The people at the hospital were what you would expect….

Another city not listed in the first article is also experiencing a crime wave:

The Nov. 15 shooting outside Aurora Central was the first of three mass shootings that injured 13 teenagers in Colorado’s third-largest city in less than two weeks. The shootings ignited peace rallies, emergency community meetings, gun buyback programs and increased school security across Aurora.

The rash of mass violence in November and a year-over-year increase in the number of teens killed and injured in Aurora shootings highlight what some city officials and community leaders described as a lack of attention by the city to the issue of youth violence until last year.
As usual the article is all about needing more “funding” for “violence prevention”. That has worked great at stemming the flood of minority shootings in America. 
The chaos is getting worse, the criminals are becoming bolder. Why wouldn’t they, knowing as they do that the odds of getting arrested are slim and even if you get arrested, your chances of spending any significant time behind bars is low and getting lower.
Libertarians tell us that the “War On Drugs” is the real problem and without that gang violence would go away but as the rash of smash-and-grab robberies shows, there is a part of the population who will never be decent human beings and instead will always find some illicit way of getting money. It isn’t a lack of jobs, it is a lack of character and an inherent inclination to prefer crime and violence over working. The threat of the legal system and jail time helped keep this in check for a long time but now with that threat gone, these criminals are unleashed to live out their base nature. According to Hey Jackass! in Chicago not only is carjacking skyrocketing but the arrest percentage is plummeting.

There are an average of around 5 carjackings per day in Chicago and while as recently as 2016 arrest percentages were in the double digits, over the last couple of years it is below 6%. If you carjack someone you have a better than 94% chance of getting away with it. 
Along with smash-and-grab robberies, carjacking is rampant throughout the country as is an even more troubling type of crime, “follow home robberies”, especially in Los Angeles:

A Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) spokesperson told Fox News last week that follow-home robberies seem to be “popping up everywhere” in the city.

The LAPD announced in mid-November that it is investigating more than 110 robberies involving at least six different street gangs in which the victims were followed home. The LAPD had issued a warning regarding the “follow-home robberies” earlier in November after a series of incidents.
Having your car stolen by a carjacker or a store smashed up is one thing but having these POS follow you home and then force entry into your house is very different. According to CNN, many of the people being robbed are followed home from high end stores.
Investigators found that people were followed from places including like Melrose Avenue, the Jewelry District as well as high-end restaurants and nightclubs from Hollywood and Wilshire area, police said.
In a carjacking they are going to try to get you out of the car and take off as fast as possible but if they get into your home? Things can go from bad to really, really bad in a hurry and these animals know that the odds are strongly against one of their victims being armed and prepared to defend themselves. No way I am giving access to my home and family to a handful of thugs, I will take my chances but anyone living in these areas needs to be constantly on guard. Or better yet, get the hell out of there.
Chaos breeds chaos. With what passes for law and order already breaking down, it is indicative of a broader societal issue. As we are seeing with the smash-and-grab and follow-home robberies, criminal activity is clearly leaking from the inner city and into the nicer areas. The police and the legal system are already proving to not be up to the task of enforcing the law, hampered by both the sheer volume of crime and the general lack of support from the government. 
Our civilization depends on people feeling reasonably secure in their person and property and a reliance on the legal and law enforcement system to reinforce that security. Absent this life will begin to look a lot like South Africa or dystopian movies with people in rural areas making armed fortresses out of their property and people in the more populous areas relying on walls, gates and private armed security. A consumer spending driven economy relies on people being able to go buy stuff or at least having delivery drivers able to safely deliver packages but both of those are threatened by the crime wave. 
The supply chain issues and raging inflation won’t be the big concern when people can’t safely get food and other necessities. Right now most of the violence we read about in stories like these is relegated to the black and brown communities but it is starting to look like that won’t be the case forever. When the ritzy neighborhoods where our elites dwell are invaded by black crime, will we finally start to see it getting the attention it requires?


  1. jl

    "When the ritzy neighborhoods where our elites dwell are invaded by black crime, will we finally start to see it getting the attention it requires?"

    Good question. I don't think that will bring about "change", but it MIGHT start getting the MSM to cut down on the white-washing (oh, is that a rayciss word? Hard to keep up these days with ritespeak) I think the crackdown will come only when it's not somebody just wealthy, but importantly wealthy.

    If the "millionaire-next-door" plumber in the gated community gets capped NOBODY is gonna give a shit, media included. But if say, the Zuckerborg/Chan estate experiences a home invasion? Or Pelosi gets an visit from the welcome wagon in her new FL digs? You can bet that will be front page news for days if not weeks, the "justice must be served" talking heads will be working overtime and no resources restricted to bring the investigation to a prompt conclusion, followed by whatever sleazy politician is most local to demand MOR, BETTERER LAWS!! For the sake of the children, of course. Or to undo systemic whatever. The point being more laws that criminals wont abide by.

    What would turn the tide I suspect would be more news about the would-be criminals getting shot in the commission of their crimes. If you think the odds are stacked against you making it out alive, you MIGHT change your ways. Then again there would need to be at least some thinking involved, so maybe that wouldn't change things all that much…

  2. Anonymous

    I don't think this is going to change until the locals decide to act and clean up the town much the same as the towns people did back in the old days, like after the civil war, james/dalton gang ?
    you know where the locals shot the shit out of them ? this lone wolf one guy thing will not work. it not like the movies. cops will be on him/her like white on rice, but a group of locals ? maybe.
    and you right about the "betters" unless they get gifted by the thugs themselves, they still cry for social change and other dumb shit. if only the cops protecting these assholes "walked away" for a few hours or days so the betters get their fair share of the good things they want, will shit change.

  3. Troy Lee Messer

    …I don't think this is going to change until the locals decide to act and clean up the town much the same as the towns people did back in the old days, like after the civil war, james/dalton gang ?…

    At the beginning of the scamdemic a Meridian, ID pig arrested a mom who took her kids to the park. That pig's home was visited by locals.

    BTW, The cops do not have a legal duty to protect you. The case is Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005). The facts of the case are disturbing. A women lost her three kids and SCOTUS said FYTW. This was decided by a "conservative" court.

    I think county sherriffs are closer to the people. City PD and Highway Patrol, though maybe more professionally educated, are your local einsatzgruppen. In Mohave County, Arizona, the Sheriff deputies would encourage people to arm themselves because the size of the county, help could be literally hours away.

    JackDup's suggestion sounds intriguing. Flood Chicago with gins and ammo and let the pavement apes do the rest. Being a white supremecists is the easiest job in the world because the pavements apes do your work for you. God, that is funny.

  4. Arthur Sido

    That has been the sum of my urban policy proposal for years. Leave preloaded guns and extra preloaded mags on every street corner in every city, along with pallets of malt liquor. Tell the cops to take a week off and get the White people out of the town. Come back after a week with the meat wagon to pick up the bodies. Our urban crime problem would disappear in seven days. Of course it would need to be a week in summer, they tend to hibernate when it is cold out.

  5. Arthur Sido

    Our local mostly rural country sheriff is a decent guy, the deputies are OK too. The bigger the jurisdiction, the more corrupt the cops seem to be. Not related at all to the tendency for those larger departments to have diversity hire leadership.

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