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The Power Of The Persecution Myth For Minority Populations

If there is one thing you need to be wrapping your mind around, right now, it is that the people who founded and built America are on the edge of becoming a minority in our own country. A corollary to this reality is another fact: there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop or even delay it. Likely by the end of the 2020s officially, and much sooner unofficially, White people will drop below 50% of the people living within the borders of the United States. You can huff and puff and theory-craft ideas for what should be happening but the path is set toward becoming a minority in America.

We are already starting to see the effect this is having on governance, in both “official” and unofficial capacity. Let’s look at the largest cities in America by order of population:

1. The newly elected mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is a black man, winning 67% of the vote. 

2. The mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Michael Garcetti, has Mexican paternal grandparents and Jewish maternal grandparents. 

3. Chicago is run by Mayor Beetlejuice, Lori Lightfoot, a black lesbian. 

4. The mayor of Houston is Sylvester Turner, a black man.

5. Phoenix, Arizona’s mayor is Kate Gallego, a Jewish woman. 

6. Finally at number 6, Philadelphia, we get our first White man, Mayor Jim Kenney which surprised me because Whites are only around 1/3 of the population of Philly. 

7. San Antonio, TX is next with mayor Ron Nirenberg and he is quite the mixed bag, Jew on his father’s side and “mixed Filipino, Malay, Indian, and British heritage from his mother’s side”. He is like a little melting pot. 

8. Next comes San Diego with mayor Todd Gloria, another mixed race guy that is half Eskimo, a quarter Fillipino and some Dutch and Puerto Rican mixed in. No idea how a half Eskimo guy became mayor of San Diego. 

9. Dallas, TX is 9th and their mayor is Eric Johnson, a black man. 

10. Tenth is San Jose, CA led by mayor Sam Liccardo. Sam is a “Californio” which is a term I hadn’t heard before, designating someone who is “a Hispanic Californian, especially those descended from Spanish and Mexican settlers”, with a little Sicilian and Irish tossed in. 

You get the picture. Of the ten largest cities in America, only one has a White guy as the mayor. Four are run by blacks. Three are at least partially Jewish. The others are mixes of various sorts. 

When you start digging deeper, which I am not going to bore you with, you start to see a ton of non-Whites in critical positions like chief of police and district attorney. Congress is also becoming browners and blacker, and older Whites, especially in the Democrat party, are being squeezed out. It won’t be immediate as so many states and Congressional districts are still majority White but it is happening all over. 

After I started writing this, The Zman posted something similar about minority rule,  American Alawites, and he made an another interesting observation:

With the Cold War over and the borders wide open, the great flood of people into the empire proper is about to change the complexion of the ruling class. You see this with the South Asian takeover of Silicon Valley. The latest example is Twitter, the social media publisher, getting a new boss. Parag Agarwal will succeed Jack Dorsey as the CEO of the company. Vijaya Gadde is the policy, safety lead director and a chief legal officer and general counsel of Twitter.

If we take a quick inventory of the big tech firms, we see that Google is now ruled by Sundar Pichai.  Microsoft is now ruled by a person named Satya Nadella. IBM, once synonymous with American technological innovation, is now ruled by a person called Arvind Krishna. Adobe Systems is ruled by Shantanu Narayen. VMWare, the biggest virtualization firm is ruled by Raghu Raghuram. Silicon Valley is looking like the chamber of commerce of Bangalore.

The new CEO of Twitter is a ridiculous looking desi…. 

…but this weirdo is now one of the most powerful men in America because he controls one of the largest social media platforms. He was born and raised in India and seems to have little regard for minor stuff like the founding culture of the nation he has chosen to live in. Odd since he apparently has no interest in moving back to his home country. Twitter has already announced that it will no longer let you share pictures of “private individuals” without permission, which is a handy way of censoring pictures and videos of Africans looting and rioting. 

How long can the last vestiges of Western civilization hold together when non-Western people are calling the shots? 

I will skip ahead to the end of the book: not for very long.

Individual rights and individual liberty, the rule of law, liberal democracy, free expression and the right to keep and bear arms, these are alien concepts to the people of most of the world or at best are concepts forced on them in to one extent or another when they were under colonial rule. The new “Americans” care nothing for the principles of White people or the rights of the very people who built this country. They are here to loot what our people have built, nothing more.


As a soon-to-be-minority, there is much to be learned from how some minority populations in America have not just survived but thrived in America. I am not talking here about blacks or mestizos, especially not blacks, who have never thrived in America and generally are an enormous anchor holding the country back. Instead I am focused on three groups who were initially not terribly popular in America but now have not only overcome that early adversity, real and often imagined, but now are some of the most affluent and/or influential groups in America:

The Amish, The Jews and The Mormons. 

What we can learn about these groups may prove very useful in the near future


The Amish

I start here because this is the group I have the most current familiarity with thanks to our circle of friends and our small businesses. For those who don’t know, most of our friends are Amish. We are very close with probably 100 Amish, and pretty close with a few hundred more. 

An Anabaptist Christian group originally from Europe, the Amish like virtually all of their fellow Anabaptists fled to the United States in the 18th and 19th century to escape persecution from Catholics and Protestants alike in the seemingly endless wars over which flavor of Christianity was the right one. There are essentially no Anabaptists left in Europe since the end of the 19th century. Numbering somewhere north of 350,000, the Amish are one of the only White subgroups in America that are increasing in numbers thanks to their very high birthrates, modern medical practices and an extraordinary retention rate among children and young adults. We know lots of families with a dozen or more kids, one with 17 at last check. 

As I mentioned, the memory of their persecution in Europe is kept alive in the Amish community. Many families have a copy of a book titled Martyrs’ Mirror from the 17th century that describes in some detail the death of over 800 named Anabaptist martyrs. It is part of the fabric of their tightly knit community.

It didn’t stop when they arrived in America. An Amish man I knew passed away a few weeks ago at the age of 97. For perspective, his grandfather was born in the 1850s, a decade before the Civil War. Being as old as he was, like many older people, he remembered things that happened a long time ago better than what happened last week. He recalled vividly events during the World Wars when Anabaptists like the Amish were threatened and harassed for refusing to serve in the military. In an event well known among Anabaptists, in World War II four Hutterite men (another Anabaptist group) were imprisoned for refusing to serve in the military: Jacob Wipf and Joseph, Michael, and David Hofer. The men were tortured and eventually two of them, Joseph and Michael Hofer, died from their mistreatment in Leavenworth. Here locally there were even what was just short of tar and feather mobs who threatened the Amish but were discouraged by some of the neighbors who, not being Amish, had shotguns. 

That sort of stuff sticks with the people, especially since it is taught to them from an early age, and the message is clear: outsiders, in other words the “English”, cannot be trusted. Not completely. We are very close to some Amish but there is always a something they are holding back because we are not one of them. In return they will go to bat for other Amish even if they don’t really like them. When a barn burns down, the men in the community will stop working on their own jobs and show up to help put it back up, often with a better barn than before. I suspect some of the fires are what my pops used to refer to as Jewish Urban Renewal, a little intentional “accidental” fire when someone wants a new barn but doesn’t have the cash for it. A large group of Amish men went down to Kentucky the week of Christmas with tools and heavy equipment to help the Amish down there in the aftermath of the tornados. 

The Amish around here are as a general rule quite affluent. When they are young, the young men and women start working sometimes as soon as the leave 8th grade but their paychecks are generally turned right over to their parents. I know some Amish youth who have their paychecks made payable to their father. They also live at home until marriage and often young couples will live for a year or two (or more) in the home of the wife’s family, living basically for free. Meanwhile the young men are often making a ton of money in construction or other trades with basically little to no expenses, and families often help their kids out when it comes time to buy a place. It is pretty common to see a young Amish wife in her mid 20s living in a brand new half million dollar house at a time when most English women are still single and living in a crappy little apartment. As their numbers rapidly increase they are buying up all of the available land around here and the wealthier Amish (and there are some top 1% earners in the community) are buying land further and further north of the community so their children and grandchildren will have a place to live. 

They take care of their own because their history taught them that no one else will take care of them.

They always remember the rule: there is Us and there is Them and you always take care of Us first. 

The Mormons

In the 19th century and for much of the 20th century, Mormons were a weird and potentially dangerous cult out West. They practiced a slew of bizarre religious practices that were derived from orthodox Christianity, claimed to be led by a living “prophet” who could override the Bible at will and even the prior proclamations of prior Mormon “prophets” and most notably resurrected the practice of polygamy for the leaders of their religion. They were driven from Ohio to Missouri to Utah, with their founder Joseph Smith killed in a gun battle along the way. They finally landed in the godforsaken wilderness of Utah where they practiced polygamy and occasionally massacred non-Mormon settlers

Eventually the U.S. caught up to Utah and started to clamp down on polygamy, when suddenly God changed His mind about polygamy and told them to knock it off and oh by the way black skin isn’t the curse of Cain anymore, just forget about that. By the 1990s or so Mormonism had gone mainstream in America’s religious landscape. The Republican party has come to rely on the reliable Utah votes of Mormons and in 2012 the Republican nominee for President was uber-Mormon Mitt Romney. 

Along the way the Mormon church has quietly been changing their marketing, deemphasizing how weird and different their beliefs are and instead claiming to be just as Christian as any other denomination, while also playing up their deserved reputation for being clean-cut and nice, people you wouldn’t mind having as neighbors even if they wear weird magical underpants. They have gone from being intentional and proud religious outcasts to religious chameleons who blend in with the surrounding culture. 

The embellished stories of the flight to Utah, from the death of Joseph Smith downplaying that he was shooting at his attackers to a couple of “miracles” involving manna-from-heaven quail and a flock of gulls that later saved their crops from being devoured by insects, all form a tapestry of God’s chosen people being persecuted. This has led to the creation of a bogeyman for Mormons, the nefarious “Anti-Mormon” who is trying to lead Mormons astray by questioning the theology and history of Mormonism. Wonder where the magnificent civilization that supposedly existed in Central or South America disappeared to when the Jewish diaspora was killed off? Anti-Mormon! Question the timing of Joseph Smith’s “revelation” instituting the practice of polygamy right about the time his wife found out he was cheating on her? Anti-Mormon! It is a common practice we will look at for the next group to dismiss all criticisms as being “Anti” your group, which then flips the conversation away from the substance of the question and instead tries to focus on a moral failing of the questioner. 

Just as Amish call all non-Amish “English”, Mormons refer to non-Mormons as “Gentiles”. It creates a sense of bonding for those in the group and an image of otherness for those outside the group. The In-Group and Out-Group distinction is important. This is a little weird because of the missionary zeal of Mormons to convert outsiders but as someone who used to be a Mormon convert I know full well that within Mormonism there is a definite unspoken hierarchy between converts and people with a family history in Mormonism. Those who can date their connection to the religion back to the early pioneer days are definitely seen differently from someone who grew up Catholic and joined Mormonism as an adult. 

Like the Amish, the Mormons take care of their own, making sure that the poor among them are cared for. In return you have the equivalent of a very friendly secret police as every Mormon family is assigned a different Mormon couple to watch over. Everyone is watching everyone else, looking for any sign of straying. It is not a coincidence that in the Mormon religion, the only really bad hell in their eschatology is reserved for “apostates” who leave mormonism. 

The Jews

Like the Amish, the Jews migrated to America to avoid persecution but while the Amish have only been around and persecuted since the 16th century, the Jews have been getting kicked around for more than 2000 years. There is a whole wikipedia page dedicated to the Jews getting booted from one country after another going all the way back to 733 BC: Expulsions and exoduses of Jews A figure often tossed around is 109 countries that have at one time or another expelled the Jewish people. At some point you have to wonder if they are just poor guests. The joke goes, if you go to a bar and get kicked out, maybe the bartender is an asshole. If you go to 109 bars and get kicked out of them all, maybe you are the asshole. 

By any measure the Jews in America have been wildly successful. The references are well known, from media companies to lists of billionaires to various other professions from medical/dental to law to finance that are overwhelmingly disproportionately Jewish. That isn’t to suggest every Jew is rich or good with money but just that as is usually the case there are reasons for the stereotypes. While Jews are just 2.2% of the U.S. population, they play an outsized role in American society for such a small group. Asians as a whole are almost three times the percentage of the population compared to the Jews but have historically not had nearly as much influence over American culture and government. 

Their success is often attributed to their alleged higher average IQ. While there is some truth to that, especially in what is known as verbal IQ, there is more to it than simple raw IQ. Again, Asians in America as a group have a similarly higher than average IQ but while many are affluent, they have not to date achieved anything approaching the social status of Jews. Some of this is also the result of Jews (unlike Asians) being racial chameleons, able to largely pass for White when it suits but then also being able to claim ethnic minority status when it is convenient. 

The greater factor the the success of Jews in the West is their in-group preference. 

Despite being in America in large numbers for more than a century, Jews still see non-Jews as The Other. They might not like one another but they recognize each other as part of the same group.

While most American Jews have a pretty tenuous connection to Judaism as a religious faith, they do have a deep cultural connection with Judaism as it pertains to their history of persecution. During the Passover seder meal it is tradition to say “לשנה הבאה בירושלים” which translates to “next year in Jerusalem”, a spoken desire of the Jews to celebrate Passover in Jerusalem, something they were unable to do for nearly 2000 years after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD and the expulsion of the Jews from Israel. I don’t think very many Jews are interested in the re-creation of a theocratic state, temple worship and the Mosaic laws but they do see their shared religious and ethnic heritage as a shield against the persecution, real and imagined, that they have experienced for centuries. This is often exhibited through helping each other out to the detriment of non-Jews. Jews get prestigious jobs for other Jews.

A great example of this is the pedo-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was kind of a loser early on, dropping out of a couple of colleges before landing a gig teaching physics and calculus at a private high school in Manhattan. One of his students was the son of fellow Jew Alan Greenberg who happened to be the chairman of Bear Stearns. Suddenly a college dropout who was teaching high school in 1975 was working as an options trader at Bear Stearns in 1976. Four years in 1980 later he was a partner at Bear Stearns at the age of 27. Two years after that he was managing a billion dollars at his private firm before this 30th birthday. The rest is history, including Epstein not killing himself. How did a college dropout high school math teacher become a partner at Bear Stearns and then a private money manager before he turned 30? Because of connections within the Jewish community. 

There is also the powerful tool developed by Jews to shield any criticism of any Jew by declaring it to be inherently antisemitic. This is why so many “conservatives” step gingerly around people like George Soros, as a Jew he is off limits for criticism unless you are willing to withstand the charges of being antisemitic. Many groups do this, like the Mormons as mentioned but also some Catholics will throw out charges of being “anti-Catholic” but none are as good at it or as consistent as the Jews in America. If normiecons are afraid of being called “racist”, they are far more terrified of being called “antisemitic” thanks to the influence of bogus teachings on Israel in Christian churches. Hell, if you are not willing to send unlimited billions to Israel, not only are you antisemitic but also being a bad Christian. Pretty smooth way to keep the funds flowing and the criticism buried. 

Critical to their in-group preference is seeing outsiders as something to be, if not always feared, then at least always viewed with suspicion. 

Like the Amish with “English” and the Mormons with “Gentiles”, Jews also have their slang for non-Jews: “Goyim”. The difference is that goyim is laced with anger, resentment and hatred along with signifying an “Otherness”. Goyim is a word said with a sneer and/or a snarl, loaded with generations of anger at the treatment of Jews by the goyim, whether real, exaggerated or imaginary. 

Jews not only take care of each other, they use their history coupled with the antisemitic bogeyman, to create a world where everyone else is hostile toward them. 


What these three groups share in common is a mythos of persecution that is two-fold:

1. A very powerful in-group preference

2. A distrust or even hatred of The Other

They have developed these two traits over the years as a self-defense mechanism and a justification for treating non-members of their group differently than they do their own people. 

Through this persecution mythology, all three of these groups have in their own ways carved out a place in the broader American society that is based on a White, European, mainstream (more or less) orthodox cultural Christianity and been very successful. The formula is mostly the same:

Always side with your own people and never really trust The Other. 


When you hear the word “myth” it is often assumed that a myth is inherently not true in any sense but that isn’t the case.

A myth is often something that is based in the truth but has been enhanced or embellished along the way for the purposes of explaining or reinforcing something important to a group. Just as critical to understand, the myth for those in the group is something taken very seriously if not literally. 

Jews embody this better than the other two groups. While Mormons have their faith-affirming stories and lots of apocryphal anecdotal tales, the Jews have thousands of years of myths to lean on. From the Exodus to the Holocaust, their mythology reinforces their sense of otherness and persecution. Please note carefully, I am not saying the Holocaust didn’t happen, but simply pointing out that to so much as question an accepted detail of the events surrounding the Jews in World War II is to invite frothing-at-the-mouth fury and accusations of hating Jews and being anti-Semitic. Such is the power of the mythos of Jewish persecution. Not only do they not question it internally but they respond viciously if someone outside of their group questions it. For the Jews their entire existence as God’s Chosen People™ is replete with persecution. One group after another conquered them and then treated them poorly, from slavery in Egypt to the Roman destruction of the Temple and the resulting diaspora, to the Inquisition to Hitler. Even today in America 2021 when Jews are untouchable (except by blacks) there are entire organizations dedicated to sniffing out any whiff of “anti-Semitism” and using it to raise funds to pay for them to keep looking for Neo-Nazis under the couch cushions. 

As Whites in America, our traditional mythos is almost entirely positive. We were taught about the pilgrims and the colonies, our valiant struggle to cast off the yoke of English rule, the war we fought internally to free the slaves and preserve the Union, our freedoms and liberties, Westward expansion and the U.S. coming to rescue Europe from tyranny before staring down and defeating the Soviets. Notions like “the melting pot” and “the land of opportunity”, which never were intended to be a blanket invitation for the detritus of the world to permanently resettle in our country, formed the basis of America as a nation of ideas, instead of a people. In general we aren’t a people who were keen on whining or feeling sorry for ourselves. Don’t like where you are? Get off your ass, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and make something of yourself. 

That was fine when we were 85% of the population and the largest minority group was mostly under control. Now? It is time for us to start to rewrite the story of our people to include what I call The Great Betrayal and The Great Lie, the subject of future posts, but suffice it to say that the story of the American people, defined as it only can be as the descendants of European colonists, settlers and immigrants who came to America over the course of some 300 years, is approaching a new epoch marked by betrayal and treason where the people who built this country are being forcible replaced by alien invaders who contributed next to nothing to this nation. This change in our situation demands we start to think differently about ourselves as a people and that in turn we change our stories to reflect this new reality. 

The mythology of a people are the stories they tell one another and their children to frame their place in the world. The story of White people has mostly been one of naivety and misplaced altruism. By framing our story without a strong sense of group identity, we have been at a disadvantage compared to other groups that are now threatening to swamp our people. We need to change our own mythos to reflect  the new reality. The story of our people must include The Great Betrayal and The Great Lie that has us at the precipice of becoming a minority in our own country. Our children must learn that what they see happening is something done to us, without our consent and often without our knowledge. 

Stories are powerful and we have failed to change our stories to respond to the changing situation. That needs to be fixed right now. Tell your children the stories of bravery and valor of our past but also about the world that we live in now and how we got here.

There is no place for “We” in a majority-minority America with no single supermajority race. There is “Us” and there is “Them”. Those who forget this or refuse to accept it will suffer the consequences. That doesn’t mean you have to be shitty to “Them” or visit violence upon them, simply that you always remember to put “Us” first, all day, every day. That is how the Amish, the Mormons and the Jews have survived and thrived as an alien minority in a country that in a lot of ways didn’t really want them around for a long time. Those of us from heritage White American stock need to learn these lessons and embrace them if we are to survive. 


  1. Old Al

    Many words have been written bemoaning the situation we find ourselves in. Few if any provide useful solutions. Thank you for your keen observations and wise advise providing a way forward.

  2. David

    I'm a Jewish guy (contrary to what you say above — I know, I know, NAXALT — *all*, not just most, of my friends are non-Jewish, and same for both of my wives (sequential, not simultaneous)), and this essay was absolutely brilliant! Fantastic job, but now comes the hard work of how to get from here to there.

  3. Anonymous

    Your post got me to thinking about something germane to the whole racial reckoning/replacement holocaust currently underway. We all like to chuckle or even openly mock the repeated claims of blacks to having had a superior culture way back in time ("We was kangs, yo!") The obvious question being, If ya'll was so technologically advanced, with flying pyramids powered by cold fusion in Wakanda days, how in hell did your superior culture become subjugated and ultimately erased without leaving a trace by barbaric White savages armed only with sticks?

    A fair question, of course. And seems to actually answer itself, i.e. there never WAS any such advanced black culture.

    But take a look around now. Are we and our undeniably superior, technologically advanced White culture not being actively subjugated by modern-day primitives and savages, armed with nothing more formidable than a guilt-YT stick? They aren't conquering us; we are subjugating ourselves in some sort of perverse, self-loathing penance.

    Maybe a thousand years from now historians will marvel that such an advanced civilization as ours was indeed brought to its knees by its most primitive and unevolved elements.

  4. Anonymous

    If I set up shop in Silicon Valley and change my name to In-a-gadda-da-vida, can I have a CEO position, too? I promise I won't overstay my H1-B visa (much).

  5. Arthur Sido

    If you haven't you should read up on the Nation Of Islam belief system, that is where a lot of the "we wuz kangz" stuff comes from. It is incredibly bizarre and hilarious but they really believe it.

  6. Arthur Sido

    I try to avoid the extremes because most Jews I have met were OK people, a little eccentric perhaps, but decent folks. There is a big difference between "Hey there seems to be a lot of Jews in positions of power" and "EVERYTHING IS RUN BY THE JOOZ!"

  7. Anonymous

    "The greatest enemy of truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic………….."

    President John F. Kennedy
    Yale University Commencement Address
    June 11, 1962

    I remember this and it was about the same time JFK made his famous man on the moon speech which on July 20, 1969, became realty. Talk about accomplishments! By the way, I remember it all too well, back to the late 1950's. It was great time to be alive in spite of the Cold War. As far as 2021, no way!

  8. Anonymous

    It's amazing that they can recall the name and details of the evil black scientist (Yakub) who created the race of White debbils, yet there is no shred of evidence for the existence of genius blacks anywhere in all of recorded history. One would almost be tempted to dismiss it as an infantile fairy tale.

    Somehow, I can't say "black scientist" without laughing.

  9. Anonymous

    The greatest weakness of the Amish, in my view, is their rejection of self defense. It seems to put them in a vulnerable position going forward, despite their wealth.

  10. Anonymous

    Sam Liccardo and his La Raza police chief allowed ANTIFA and others to abuse the hell out of Trump supporters attending a rally in San Jose in 2016 while the police stood back and watched. I don't recall Trump saying one word about it. And when he became president, nether Trump or Jeff Sessions did anything. Do you think Obama and Eric Holder would have let it slide if a Republican mayor had allowed a similar attack by right wing groups on Obama's supporters?

  11. jl

    I completely agree that we need to look out for our own, tho it gets tricky when there are plenty of ytfolk that are, IMHO, irredeemable. Hell, I've got half a dozen from my own family tree that I wouldn't cross the street to piss on if they were on fire.

    Maybe it's just a recurring sense of hopelessness, but I most often feel the best thing /ourside/ could do for US and OURS is to "drop out" and lie low for a generation or two.
    Let the trains run off the tracks, let the bridges collapse, let the planes fall from the sky, let the water treatment plants crash from lack of maintenance. Let the feral kill each other off and the slovenly die from lack of proper medical care. If "we" don't provide for "them", the racial/SJW/LGBTXYZLMNOP problems will largely take care of themselves. I've been running huge construction projects and maintaining giant commercial buildings for nearly 3 decades- I could just as easily work as a night janitor or a dishwasher and leave all the "thinking" to others until the wheels fall completely off.
    The ones left standing can rebuild from the ashes. Our forefathers built this land from nothing, if we can't rebuild from the scraps with all the generations of knowledge accumulated over the last 2 centuries, then we don't deserve it.
    The trick will be avoiding the stew pot while things come unglued.

  12. Anonymous

    There are some lessons to be learned from the mormons…

    They have one of the largest hedge funds in the country, and that is saying something. They own hundreds of thousands of acres of farm, timber and cattle producing land. They have vast stores of provisions, both in the church larders, and also in the cellars of their members. Their network is very strong.

    They have a very informative and helpful website that anyone can review regarding home food storage.

  13. Wyomarine

    My father was a WW2 German Fallschirmjager, sitting in a US POW camp in France as Germany collapsed. His entire family perished in the war, both brothers died on the Ostfront, my grandmother basically dying from gang rape at the hands of Soviet soldiers in East Prussia. Germany rebuilt itself into what it is today, still a leading world power in technology and precison instruments. It's people are as brainwashed as we are here, but they suffer under the same media as we do also.
    The USA will survive this, it's what comes out on the other side that will determine where white culture goes from there. Right now things don't look so good, with the whites all striving to be ghetto monkeys, but that may change in a decade or 3 after fighting for every day survival against the browns and blacks. It just depends how many white genes want to survive.

  14. Wyomarine

    I was married to a recovering Mormon woman 30 yrs ago, she went back to the church after being henpecked half to death by her mother.
    I still run in the company of a few of them, and can tell you first hand, the younger generations are as fuk'd up as any of their gentile peers. They spend every moment on their cell phones, lazy as all getout, getting knocked up by blacks at college, and don't know how to cook or sew as their grandmothers did. I consider them lost too. They're nobody special, in spite of them thinking they're also the Chosen Ones of America.

  15. NorthGunner


    Happy Yule and Winter Solstice brother!

    Here's something that one would think that jewtube's Susan Wojcicki would NEVER allow
    (and doubly surprising that Felix Rex/BPS HASN'T been shoa'ed off jewtube for speaking
    on this):

    The FINAL TABOO of World War II: The [bolshevist] Plunder of Berlin

    Of course the current iteration of zionists/bolshevists won't even
    express any courtesy to acknowledging the Holodomor..not surprised..
    so why would they ever come clean about what happened to female family
    members of yours whether in East Prussia or elsewhere?

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It's OWN Defense!

  16. Troy Lee Messer

    This is a necessary,.brave, perspicasious, sound essay.

    …It just depends how many white genes want to survive…

    Best summation.

    Tl;dr word vomit version

    ….The new "Americans" care nothing for the principles of White people or the rights of the very people who built this country…..

    They see whites as prey, as chumps because we have things like due process, rule of law. Blacks are using jury nulification to let fellow blacks get away with crime. I admire/despise that they exploit our concepts that they may secure their in group preferences. This is why only, say, white males who own a Business or land or have so many kids should be allowed on jury.

    …They have gone from being intentional and proud religious outcasts to religious chameleons who blend in with the surrounding culture….

    Perspicasious observation. And in 2021, very cucked. I've had a fellow law school grad …ahem…. suggest that it would me to get into a firm in S. Idaho because I wasnt in the club. I always thought of Mormonism was a con by con artist that got out of control. Like Scientilogy and Dianetics.

    …..If you go to 109 bars and get kicked out of them all, maybe you are the asshole….

    Kek. .It is prima facie anti-semitic that you recognize trends in observational data. /s. Oh, and Hey American Evangelicals….Here's some new kneepads, the smegma is getting thick.

    …..If normiecons are afraid of being called "racist", they are far more terrified of being called "antisemitic" thanks to the influence of bogus teachings on Israel in Christian churches…..

    I wish I had stock in the Holocaust®, Inc., Id be rich. So what of the tens of millions that died in WWII that werent Jews? Do they get any share of shelf space in the library? When do the Ukranians get thier share of endless parades of pity parties for the Holodomor? The Ukranians dont because all mens' lives are equal, but Jew lives are more equal. Is says it right here in this Excel spreadnsheet.
    Another thing your are not allowed to notice about Jews: If you were to draw a venn diagram of the cultural rot of of this decaying Empire and one of Jewish influence (i.e. Ron Jeremy, Epstien, Harvey Weinstien, the pedo midget Saint Rittenhouse terminated, financiers, usurers etc), you would notice that the Jews punch above their weight class. No Jews dont run everything. But Youll never see, for example, a.Jewish janitor.
    You know, thank God for Israel. Instead of stupid "final solutions" (thanks hitler, you idiot), we can ferry them out of C-5s.

    This is a great essay. We whites are very atomised. Im the worst. But I am an optimist. Hopefully the ADE will cut off a.lot of the white chaff. Sure this will leave much fewer. But the surviviors wont will be stronger because they wont have dead weight to pull around.

    A good portion of the cuts we are bleeding from.are self imposed because whites wont accept the truths this essay. And because we are fat and lazy and love consumerism more than Jesus. Yuri Bezmenov was spot on. We have been demoralised. And Mr. Sido is right. We need new stories because said stories inspire. Stories are glue that mitigate atomisation.

    I know we are brave. That we are atomised only means no guy wants to be the first guy over the wall. We are not afraid to die, but we dont want to die alone. But someone who has had enough (maybe a trucker on I-70, right now) will. And when the dam breaks, and the cascade preferences starts, we few will change the course of history like an earthquake reversing the Mississippi. We dont want them dead, we want them gone. But if push comes to shove….we will have our range cards ready.

  17. Arthur Sido

    The ranks of barely still mormon are pretty large, not many people on the membership rolls are actually engaged at all. They do have lots of good resources but the downside of being in a cult isn't worth it.

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