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The Largest Medical Experiment Ever Conducted

I don’t say this lightly: this might be the most important video I have ever watched. Nothing ties everything that is going on currently together quite like this.

Being rich gets you a lot of stuff normal people can’t access and being one of the ultra-rich gets you stuff unimaginable to most of us. But in the end the grave claims us all, rich or poor. It is the great unachievable dream for the most elite in any society and cheating death is the stuff of legends and fantasy for all of human history. 
Is that about to change? 
This video at least seems to suggest it might be. By any measure, the response to the Covid-19 “pandemic” has been odd. The roll-out of the “vaccine” was perhaps the weirdest part. The speed at which it appeared and the secrecy surrounding much of the rollout, all speaks to something squirrelly going on, or at the least that there was something going on beyond just the introduction of a new pharmaceutical. 
Is it really possible that this whole thing was designed as or at least utilized Covid as a serendipitous trigger to try out a gene therapy on a massive scale? I don’t think it is more unreasonable than a lot of other suspicions people have. On the other hand, I don’t have the scientific background to know one way or the other, but I do know this: I wouldn’t put anything past the top sliver of society because they have proven over and over their willingness to do whatever they deem necessary, no matter the cost to the rest of us.


  1. Troy Lee Messer

    ….. or at least utilized Covid as a serendipitous trigger to try out a gene therapy on a massive scale? ….

    Yes. I have no doubt that this is a giant experiment being used to gather data. The author makes a good point. Even if this isnt a giant lab experiment, it garnered the pharmiceuticals enough dough to further their transhuman goals and reaearch.
    Aubrey de Grey is the person I most associate with this. IIRC, he broke aging down into about 7 problems. IMHO, aging is a type of entropy. That biology is a just another version of three dimensional computational power God (and mathmetician for sure) has engineered. Computers are a binary for of computational power.
    It always struck me that life is the only thing that fights entropy. It is one of my data points that proves to me there is a creator, and as argued by Albert Schweitzer, life is sacred.
    One of the transhuman goals is to download people into computers. My guess that this will prove impossible because of something akin to the heisenberg uncertainty principle. My guess is the "soul" is a quantum manisfestation that informs your Newtonian brain. since you cant (i hope i aint fucking this up) know both the location and vector of a quantum object.

  2. Jim Wetzel

    Not sure I'd call it an "experiment" or a "trial," since they're doing everything they can to eliminate the control group (i.e., me, among others). More likely, just out-and-out extermination.

  3. Anonymous

    There's another possibility. mRNA is thought by some to encode memories, and experiments of chemical transfer of memory in lower life forms, anecdotal accounts of transfer of memories via organ transplant, etc. tend to back that up (see for example). What if mRNA transfer would allow the elite to better manipulate people? What if the elite think transferring their memories to another, younger person is a route to immortality?

  4. Arthur Sido

    That is above my head a bit but I am sure of one thing: the elites wouldn't be pushing it so hard unless it was bad for us and good for them. No one thinks they are doing this because they care about old people dying.

  5. Anonymous

    I got through about 2/3rd's of it and stopped. The first part was self-contradictory.

    Yes, there are selfish wealthy people, and yes there are people who never want to die.

    But wealth is entirely dependent upon productivity. The richest among us have found ways to channel the wealth of others productivity into their own pockets. Basically, they have controlled a product (for the most part, whether goods, taxes, violence, etc.) and ensured that people will buy it (willingly or not). The greatest "energy source" for this wealth transfer is the middle class. The upper class is not large enough to provide economies of scale or a large enough customer base to build profits, and the lower class does not have the resources to spend much more than a subsistence level of consumerism. So, if they kill the middle class, their profits go away, along with their wealth, as well as a humongous part of the labor force that is educated and skilled enough to produce the luxury and hi-tech products that allow the elites to live better than kings of the past.

    In order for the long-life technologies to garner incredible wealth, they need to be sold to the masses. If the poor do not have the money, and the middle class is miniscule, then the wealthy have to sell it to each other, but there is not enough of them to make a stable market. And, it is the now non-existent middle class that has the skills and education to "manufacture" these long-life technologies. It sure isn't Al Bourla or Dr. Fouci who is in the lab with the chemicals.

    And, living forever as a neo-feudal lord who can't get a decent chardonnay, can't get his appliances fixed, and has to "Lord-it-over" a mass of retarded, smelly proles who can't do the least of complex tasks, yet who easily can be unruly, unpredictable, irrational, and violent does not seem like a paradise to me.

    They may be trying to move in that direction, but we all know they are absolutely out of touch, and in the end, their fantasies are self-defeating. The only question is how much pain can they inflict before reality catches up with them?

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