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The Great Uniter

What an uplifting and unifying statement from Jeffrey Zients, “Counselor to the President and Coordinator of the COVID-19 response in the Biden administration”, from the official White House webpage….

If you get sick and die it is your fault if you are unvaccinated but if you get sick and die and are “vaccinated”, it is still the fault of the unvaccinated. Handy how that works.

Whatever you do, don’t look at the early life section of the Wikipedia entry for Jeffrey Zients.
Meanwhile Alex Berenson has an interesting new post up: Stunning data about vaccine failure from Ontario, Canada
Here is the chart he shared….

People who are “full vaccinated” are showing a huge spike in new cases. Almost like the “vaccine” isn’t really working. That is of course not stopping despots from trying to leverage this to further clamp down on basic freedoms.

Weird but I would be even less inclined than before to get the “vaccine” after that bullshit, if you could be less than 0% inclined.


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