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The Circle Is Complete

Start off with a story about the Pedo News Network aka CNN. Then a post about the apparent incompetence of law enforcement. Finally this:

17 months they had this stuff and the guy was walking free and trying to find more kids to molest after they apparently knew about stuff like this involving a 9 year old girl.
The charges that do involve Griffin allege that he watched as the child was made to perform lewd acts with the adoptive mother. After three nights of this alleged activity, the child refused to participate further.


I imagine this dude is going to have a very, very bad time in the slammer. That is the look of someone who is about to have visited upon him horrors that are unimaginable but in his case well deserved.

That doesn’t explain why the FBI let this guy run around for a year and a half trying to molest other girls with the cooperation of their mothers. 
I wonder if this guy being a politically connected CNN producer had anything to do with being allowed to roam free? I am sure that a right-wing figure accused of something like this would get similar leniency, just like the people who were wandering around the Capitol have been treated so leniently and definitely not locked up in solitary confinement and denied bail. 
We can all be glad that the FBI is focused on important crimes like mild vandalism and trespassing instead of little infractions like molesting 9 year old girls.


  1. Anonymous

    it does make a person wonder how sick fucks like this can get away with this shit for so long ?
    we really need to as a country have to start locking up these insane people. and the shit coming from the school boards is a good place to start cleaning house. grooming kids used to be something people got killed over back in the day. now ? seems like they talked about being brave ?
    as for that sick fuck, the best he can hope for is that someone takes him out before he becomes a "pincushion" in the joint. he needs to be in general pop to get the true feeling of pain.

  2. Anonymous

    the FBI has always bein worthless. try and name one thing those stupid fucks got right in the last 50 fucking years ? and if they do manage to find something of a crime it only because someone else pointed it out to them. hell, victims come forth to them all the time it looks like, but they only act when it in THEIR BEST INTEREST, or they need a good PR stunt to make them look good after another fuckup !

  3. Anonymous

    Of all goddamned things, the photo of the pedo's mansion in Norwalk on the Fox News report shows an American flag flying out front. Shouldn't THAT have gotten him canned at CNN? Something something aiding and abetting the enemy.

    Incongruous much, there, Griffy?

  4. Anonymous

    they sat on this shit for 17 months ? let me guess, they where getting off on it as well ?
    everyone who knew about this should be jailed or worse.
    what in the name of god where they waiting for ? about time to disband all the federal fucktards as worthless fucks they are. the whole world is laughing at what this country has become.
    what the fuck?

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