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Speaking Of Stomping On The Military

Right on cue this comes out…

The “rise in extremism” is about as robust as a Let’s Go Brandon erection. 
Senior defense officials tell The Associated Press that fewer than 100 military members are known to have been involved in substantiated cases of extremist activity in the past year, but they warn that the number may grow given recent spikes in domestic violent extremism, particularly among veterans….

….Officials said that while the substantiated cases may be small, compared to the size of the military, which includes more than 2 million active duty and reserve troops. The number appears to be an increase over previous years where the totals were in the low two-digits. But they also noted that data has not been consistent so it is difficult to identify trends.
“Fewer than 100” is tiny and pretty vague. One is fewer than 100 and 100 out of a total of over 2 million active and reserve troops? That is like 5/1000th of a percent of the forces (I probably did that wrong but it is so small as to be meaningless). They also clearly are just making this up and have no evidence of any actual problems.
In other words this is another White supremacist phantom menace. There are certainly at least as many black supremacist leaning servicemembers as White supremacists and exponentially more criminals and other actual malcontents in uniform. Still we get a whole new policy…..
So clicking like on a link I post on social media is, in the eyes of the military, the same as advocating for terrorism. That is reasonable, especially considering this…
The new rules do not provide a list of extremist organizations. Instead, it is up to commanders to determine if a service member is actively conducting extremist activities based on the definitions, rather than on a list of groups that may be constantly changing, officials said.
Basically it is at the discretion of individual commanders to declare something “extremist” or not. The whole thing is full of double-speak….
…And they make the distinction, for example, that troops may possess extremist materials, but they can’t attempt to distribute them, and while they can observe an extremist rally, they can’t participate, fund or support one.

The rules, said the officials, focus on behavior not ideology. So service members have whatever political, religious or other beliefs that they want, but their actions and behavior are governed.
Bullshit, it just said that liking or reposting “extremist views on social media” can be a bannable offense. 
This is a handy way for the military to keep purging the ranks of people who might object to a left-wing coup in 2024. It is also creating more and more disgruntled and angry vets who are driven out of the military. That can only be good for /ourside/…..


  1. Anonymous

    I have a friend facing the vaxx mandate in the Air Force. He applied for a religious exemption but no word yet whether it is approved. I'm hearing bad things coming out of the army and navy thought, no sign of any exemptions being approved.

    I have a feeling no religious exemptions are gonna get approved. They don't want such people in the military anyways, they just want obedient minions who do as they're told, regardless of right or wrong.

  2. Anonymous

    After viewing that silly ass US Army recruiting commercial, I'm thoroughly convinced that the current military couldn't beat its way out of a blood drenched douchebag.

  3. Skipperdaddy

    I got out of the Air Force in 82. When I was in all we were interested in was partying and getting laid and staying off of the Top’s radar. From what I have read these days there is a shit load of gang activity type stuff going on. Seems like that is more prevalent than 100 “extremist”. But that aint proper news.

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